Fit For Purpose – The AR Body Scanning App For Clothing Sizes

Finding clothing that fits properly is not an easy task. It’s not always possible to try on an outfit, and of course it is impossible for those doing their shopping online. SevenTablets and Rebel Athletic think augmented reality (AR) is the answer, and to prove it they are releasing Fit Freedom, a body scanning app designed specifically for getting the right clothing size.

Software and technology company SevenTablets and athletic clothing company Rebel Athletic have joined forces in an effort to tackle this common problem, which costs customers and retailers time and money.

The product, called Fit Freedom, utilises a smartphone camera to provide fast and simple set of body measurements, which are accurate to within half and inch. The app was originally developed for use with large groups such as sports teams or for ordering employee uniforms, but has been adapted for personal use.

Karen Noseff Aldridge, founder and president of Rebel Athletic, said “We are on the cusp of a future where any smartphone will scan a person’s body and convert that scan into accurate measurements to determine the person’s sizes, including length adjustments, across multiple product lines. Utilizing a complex algorithm, we are completely solving traditional, recurring issues that face every clothing sales business with technology that measures more accurately than a real-life tailor.”

On release, the app will include advanced feature recognition and machine learning that can take into account details such as the hip to leg width ratios, shoulder to wrist length and other important data. The app allows sales teams to easily upload measurements for team or individual orders.

Shane Long, president of SevenTablets, said “Fit Freedom solves a business problem that the world’s largest retailers have been trying to address for decades… How to reduce the volume of returns along with increase customer satisfaction. This sales enablement tool caters to an increasingly selective customer and empowers organizations and individual buyers to get the perfect fit every time either in-person or online.”

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