Quest Summer Sale Offers Up To 40% Off Select Titles

The Meta Quest Summer Sale has begun, offering discounted bundles of games and sale prices for popular individual titles as well.

As usual, there are a couple of bundled packs that give you a discount off multiple games (and will usually adjust the discount to exclude any games you might already own too).

The Sports Starter Park offers a 33% discount three games — Golf+, The Thrill of the Fight and Eleven Table Tennis, bringing the total price down to $36 from $54. Then there’s the Battle It Out pack, offer 28% off Superhot, Gorn and The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners, them down to $56 from $78.

The Multiplayer Favorites pack gives you 9% off A Township Tale, Demeo and Walkabout Mini Golf, down to $35 from $38.50. As is tradition now, there’s also a Vader Immortal pack that gives you all three episodes for $21 — down 29% from $30.

There are also discounts on individual games, ranging from 20% off up to 40%. Here are some of the highlights:

– Unplugged for $14.99, down 40% from $24.99

– Myst for $17.99, down 40% from $29.99

– Ragnarock for $14.99, down 40% from $24.99

– Virtuoso for $14.99, down 25% from $19.99

– Ultrawings 2 for $17.99, down 28% from $24.99

– Jurassic World Aftermath Part One for $17.99, down 28% from $24.99

– Jurassic World Aftermath Part Two for $10.99, down 26% from $14.99

– Stride for $10.99, down 26% from $14.99

– A Township Tale for $6.99, down 30% from $9.99

– After the Fall for $27.99, down 30% from $27.99

– Demeo for $20.99, down 30% from $29.99

– Walkabout Mini Golf for $10.49, down 30% from 14.99

– Eleven Table Tennis for $13.99, down 30% from $19.99

You can view the full list of discounts here, with the sale running for a week, until June 26. There’s also a new daily deal every day, available for just 24 hours, which you’ll have to check back for each day.

It’s not the only VR sale coming up this week either, the Steam Summer Sale begins in just two days. We hope to see some decent deals there as well — stay tuned.

Indie Developers Offer Half-Price App Lab Quest Bundles Until August 24

The indie developers behind VR Collection, which offers bundles of discounted App Lab games, are running a promotion that lets Quest users buy a selection of three to six App Lab games at half-price until August 24.

The deal has been dubbed the ‘Return of the Quest’ special promotion, leading up to (and available until) August 24 — the day that Oculus Quest 2 headsets return to shelves and are available to purchase once more. Facebook paused sales of Quest 2 late last month, as 4 million facial interfaces were recalled, with the headset scheduled to return to retailers this coming Tuesday with an upgraded 128GB storage capacity for the same price as the original 64GB model.

While waiting for the Quest’s return, the App Lab bundle service VR Collection’s promotion gives users the opportunity top buy an bundle of indie App Lab games for a significant discount. Usually, VR Collection sells blind bundles that include between three and six surprise App Lab titles bundled together at 50% off. Users can also use a collector ID on the site to purchase multiple blind bundles without worrying about duplicates.

If you want to know what you’re getting before you buy, you can also reveal the games in the bundle before purchasing. Normally, this would reduce the total discount down to 15% — the idea being that players are encouraged to try something new, discover new genres and support indie developers. However, until August 24, you can purchase a revealed bundle of games for the same 50% discount applied to a blind bundle.

This means that users can essentially keep reloading the page until they find a selection of games they’re interested in and purchase them in a half-price bundle.

The deal is available now on the VR Collection site until August 24. You can read more about the initiative in our recent guest editorial about how indie developers are using bundles like VR Collection to market their games without Quest store promotion.


Oculus Quest Flash Sale: Viele VR-Spiele reduziert

Tower Tag auf Steam

Heute Abend um 23:59 Uhr startet Oculus das Gaming Showcase. Bei diesem Event möchte Oculus neue Spiele und Inhalte für die Oculus Quest und Oculus Rift vorstellen. Um auf das Event einzustimmen, hat Oculus einen Flash Sale für Inhalte für die Oculus Quest und Oculus Quest 2 gestartet, welcher nur 24 Stunden verfügbar ist.

Oculus Quest Flash Sale: Viele VR-Spiele reduziert

Im Oculus Flash Sale warten heute einige spannende Angebote auf euch. So erhaltet ihr beispielsweise Until You Fall, Myst, In Death: Unchained oder Contractors mit einem Rabatt von bis zu 35%.

Hier findet ihr alle Spiele im Flash Sale

Heute Nacht wird Oculus einige neue Inhalte für bestehenden Titel und komplett neue Spiele präsentieren. Wenn ihr auf das verlinkte Youtube-Video klickt, kommt ihr direkt zum Livestream, welcher um 23:59 Uhr starten soll.

Die Oculus Quest 2 ist bisher der größte Erfolg für Oculus und hat Virtual Reality in viele Haushalte gebracht. In Deutschland wird die Quest 2 jedoch nicht offiziell verkauft. Ihr könnt die Brille aber über Amazon Frankreich bestellen. Wie die Bestellung im Detail funktioniert, erfahrt ihr hier. Hier findet ihr unseren Langzeittest zur Oculus Quest 2.

Der Beitrag Oculus Quest Flash Sale: Viele VR-Spiele reduziert zuerst gesehen auf VR∙Nerds. VR·Nerds am Werk!

Get 25% Off An Oculus Quest Game With This Code

A mobile code on the Oculus app drops 25 percent off Oculus Quest games.

We don’t know how long this code will work so if there’s a game you’ve been wanting that was priced just a little out of your range, maybe don’t wait to use this code.

Mobile25 is the promo code you can enter in the Oculus app on a mobile phone for a 25 percent discount. You enter it on the purchase screen for an Oculus Quest app after you’ve put it in your shopping cart. It appears to be a one-time use code so you should be able to get one game discounted with this promo.

We tried it on the iPhone Oculus app with a couple games and it applied a discount to the game in the cart at the time. If you have an Android phone, please let us know in the comments below if the code works for you in the Oculus app on that device. And if you discover this code doesn’t work with a particular game or app, please also share that in the comments as well.

This is the first time we’ve seen such a discount code used for Oculus Quest games. Facebook frequently tests out an assortment of ideas with its products so we’ll be curious to see how long this sticks around. The company has been pretty consistent with pricing for Oculus Quest software, though there have been a few sales and limited time discounts offered since the original headset launched in 2019. That makes this promo code a pretty rare chance to get a Quest game at a discounted price. We spotted the code shared in an Oculus Quest 2 Facebook group.

Massive ‘Sh*t Just Got Real’ Sale At Green Man Gaming Discounts Tons Of PC VR Games

A massive Sh*t Just Got Real sale went live on Green Man Gaming with tons of PC VR game discounts including The Walking Dead, Superhot, LA Noire, and more.

Note: They can and will run out of keys and not every deal lasts as long as others. For example, as of the time of this writing at 12PM PT, the deal for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners only has six hours remaining and Star Trek: Bridge Crew is currently out of stock despite being on sale, but may become available again eventually.

You can find every game in the sale here or the ‘Top Picks’ from Green Man Gaming here. In total there are 63 games discounted including some deep price cuts as low as over 80% off. When you buy a game on Green Man Gaming it’s not a shady key reselling site, it’s just a storefront for Steam keys provided to GMG. It works like the Humble Store. After buying a game on GMG, you get a Steam key and access the game just like you had bought it on Steam directly.

Here are some recommended picks based on the sale price relative to the game’s value, in my opinion:


The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (-40%, $24)
Store Link | Our Review


Borderlands 2 VR (-66%, $17)
Store Link | Our Review


A Fisherman’s Tale (-40%, $9)
Store Link | Our Review


Zero Caliber (-46%, $13)
Store Link | Our Coverage


LA Noire: The VR Case Files (-58%, $13)
Store Link | Our Review


Superhot VR (-52%, $12)
Store Link | Our Review


The Survios Collection (-82%, $28)
Raw Data, Sprint Vector, Electronauts, CREED, Battlewake
Store Link | Reviews Linked Above

Do you plan on picking anything up in this big PC VR sale? Let us know if so down in the comments below!

Quest, PC VR Games Discounted In Lunar New Year Sales

Several Oculus Quest and PC VR games are discounted this weekend on Steam and the Oculus Store.

Both the Steam and Oculus sales are here to celebrate the Lunar New Year, with PC VR titles available on the former and Quest titles on the latter.

As is standard for Quest sales, some items are available as part of a discounted bundle of games, while some individual titles have discounts as well. Here are a few of the Quest titles and bundles on sale:

Casual Sports with Friends Bundle including Topgolf with Pro Putt and Racket: Nx ($29.99, 24% off)

Modern Arcade Favorites Bundle including Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs, Blaston and Mini Motor Racing X ($39.99, 19% off)

Explore, Fight and Compete! Bundle including Moss, Space Pirate Trainer, Wander, Walkabout Mini Golf ($49.99, 15% off)

In Death: Unchained ($23.99, 20% off)

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted ($22.49, 25% off)

Cook-Out ($15.99, 20% off)

You can see the rest of the Quest sales over on the Oculus Store.

Here’s some of the PC VR games available as part of the sale on Steam:

Phasmophobia ($12.59, 10% off)

Boneworks ($23.99, 10% off)

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners ($31.99, 20% off)

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality ($7.49, 75% off)

Pistol Whip ($19.99, 20% off)

Arizona Sunshine ($14.79, 63% off)

Moss ($13.49, 55% off)

Pavlov VR ($17.49, 30% off)

Superhot VR ($14.99, 40% off)

Skyrim VR ($19.79, 67% off)

The Room VR: A Dark Matter ($20.09, 33% off)

Eleven: Table Tennis VR ($9.99, 50% off)

You can view the full list of Steam Lunar New Year sales for both VR and non-VR content here. There doesn’t appear to be a full category specifically for VR titles on sale, so just have to search around for yourself to see what’s discounted.

Indie VR Devs Create $19 ‘Waiting For App Lab’ Bundle For Quest

Until February 16th you can grab nearly $100 worth of Oculus Quest VR games for $19 in this DRM-free collection of 12 indie games that are currently awaiting approval on the new Oculus App Lab portal. The ‘Waiting For App Lab’ bundle is out now!

waiting on app lab oculus quest bundle thumbnail

If you buy the bundle you will of course get immediate access to all 12 games via You’ll need to use SideQuest to sideload them onto your Quest to play, but that’s an easy process. Or if you don’t mind waiting, once these games are on App Lab, everyone that buys this bundle will also get an Oculus key for their support.

Here is the full list of 12 VR games for Quest included in the ‘Waiting for App Lab’ bundle that are all submitted to App Lab, pending approval. If you bought all 12 of these games right now it would cost you $93, but they’re collected in this bundle for just $19:

Waiting for App Lab Quest VR Games Bundle

Crazy Kung Fu, from Field of Vision (typically $10)

Disc Benders: Ace Run, from GamerBoyAdvanced (typically $10)

Evryway Visualiser, from Evryway (typically $4.20)

Jigsaw 360, from JumbliVR (typically $2)

Peco Peco, from Bentham Realities (typically $9)

Perpetuum Mobile, from Petrus-Games (typically $3, with a free demo)

Realms of Eternity, from VRKemono (typically $10)

Sep’s Diner, from Scale-1 Portal (typically $9)

Song Beat: Quite My Tempo!, from Playito (typically $15)

SpaceWalk VR Experience, from ForthInteract (typically $7)

The Final Overs, from Mixeal (typically $10)

Speed Cube XR, from A1igator (typically $5)

You’ll be getting Early Access to them right now and then also getting access to the App Lab versions once they’re available. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

New Year’s Sale Offers 30% Select Oculus Quest Game Bundles

Following on from the Christmas sale just over a week ago, Facebook are running a New Year’s Sale offering discounts on bundles of Oculus Quest and Quest 2 games.

The sale isn’t as comprehensive as the Christmas sale, nor does it feature any sales on individual titles. All of the discounts available are for bundles or collections of two or more games, unlike the previous sale which featured a large list of discounts on individual games.

There are three New Year’s Packs — the 2021 Starter, the Fitness Essentials and the Action Essentials pack.

The 2021 Starter bundle includes Walkabout Mini Golf, Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale, Real VR Fishing and Richie’s Plank Experience for $49.99, down 30% from $69.96.

The Fitness Essentials bundle includes Racket: Nx, Synth Riders, and Pro Putt by Topgolf for $44.99, down 30% from $64.97.

The Action Essentials bundle includes In Death: Unchained, Space Pirate Trainer, and Golf Club VR also for $44.99, down 30%  from $64.97

There’s also a separate Chronos Duo Pack that includes Tokyo Chronos and Altdeus: Beyond Chronos for $59.99, down from $79.98.

There’s some great games in these packs, some of which were even featured in our 2020 VR Awards. Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale won our 2020 Best Co-Op Multiplayer award, with Real Fishing VR coming in close as a nomination in the same category. In Death: Unchained was one of my favorite VR games of 2020 and was also nominated for our Best Quest Game award.

If you’re a new Quest 2 owner who received a headset for Christmas, be sure to check out our list of the best 25 games available on Oculus Quest. Alternatively, we also have a list of the 11 best free games and experiences for Quest 2, if you’re looking to save a bit of money after the holiday period.

Oculus Quest 2 Sold Out Through The End Of 2020 (Update)

Update 12/14/20: Facebook responded with a statement explaining that online shipping estimate dates are “dynamic” and change often, so make sure and check back in frequently since Oculus continues to ship new batches to retail outlets and for Additionally, brick & mortar locations may still have stock this holiday season.

Original 12/12/20: If you’re in the United States and you’ve been trying to get your hands on Oculus Quest 2, you’ll probably have to wait until 2021.

The standalone headset won’t arrive until January if you buy it from Amazon or Facebook’s own Oculus website. The $299 device is sold out at Best Buy as well. As of Saturday night, you could still order the device from Walmart’s app for delivery before Christmas but it would be coming from a third-party charging $160 above Facebook’s asking price.

While it is possible the headset can be found elsewhere, Facebook’s own website is usually a pretty good indication of the overall supply and demand for the device. As of this writing, Facebook warns on its website that new orders for either the 64 GB ($299) or 256 GB ($399) version of Quest 2 are estimated for delivery on January 11, 2021.

Last year the original Quest sold out in a similar manner.

Some new-to-VR buyers looking for Quest 2 might be confused by the final days of Rift S. The latter PC-only headset recently saw a price drop to $299 because Facebook is clearing out stock before pulling it from store shelves entirely. While both headsets are “Oculus” VR devices, Oculus Quest 2 represents the future of Facebook’s VR efforts and works wirelessly as a completely all-in-one experience. To be perfectly clear to any confused people out there, we cannot recommend anyone buy an Oculus Rift S for a number of reasons. We can, however, say that Quest 2 is the new king of VR, as long as you don’t mind Facebook.

For those of you still looking for Quest 2, there is a Chrome extension you can install that can help you find when the device is back in stock at its suggested retail price.

Oculus Black Friday Sale Includes Huge Discounts For Quest And Rift Games

Black Friday discounts are live in the Oculus Store with short-term deals and bundles offering big discounts on some of the best Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift games.

The “Must-Haves Pack” includes Onward, Job Simulator, In Death: Unchained, Tetris Effect, Space Pirate Trainer, and I Expect You To Die for $89.99. That’s a discount of 40% off the typical price of those games individually.

The “Premium Pack” with Superhot VR, Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted, Vacation Simulator, Arizona Sunshine, The Room VR, Red Matter, Espire 1: VR Operative, Moss, Gun Club VR, and Space Pirate Trainer sells for $164.99. That’s more than $100 off the price of these games typically and, while that’s a lot of cash to drop on games all at once, this lineup should entertain you and your family for a long time.

The three episodes of Vader Immortal are also selling together for $19.99. That’s $10 off the normal price.

All the Oculus Quest store bundle discounts mentioned above end November 27th at 11:59 pm Pacific.

The Fitness Pack includes FitXR, Creed Rise To Glory, and Sports Scramble for $59.99 while the Action Pack includes Pistol Whip, Phantom: Covert Ops, and Trover Saves the Universe for $59.99. The Oculus Quest store bundle discounts mentioned in this paragraph end November 29th at 9 pm Pacific.

Individual Discounted Oculus Quest Games & Apps

  • Discount pricing for this list ends November 29th at 9 pm Pacific
  • A Fisherman’s Tale, $10.49
  • Acron: Attack of the Squirrels! $13.99
  • Apex Construct, $12.99
  • Arizona Sunshine,$27.99
  • AUDICA, $20.09
  • Audio Trip, $13.99
  • Dance Central, $20.09
  • Death Horizon: Reloaded, $13.99
  • Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, $12.99
  • Down the Rabbit Hole, $13.99
  • Drunkn Bar Fight, $11.89
  • Eleven Table Tennis, $15.99
  • Fruit Ninja, $10.04
  • HouseFlipper VR, $11.24
  • In Death: Unchained, $23.99
  • Ironlights, $13.99
  • Journey of the Gods, $20.99
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, $11.99
  • Lies Beneath, $20.99
  • Mini Motor Racing X, $17.49
  • Ninja Legends, $12.99
  • OhShape, $14.99
  • OrbusVR: Reborn, $14.99
  • Pixel Ripped 1995, $13.99
  • “Please, Don’t Touch Anything”, $7.49
  • Premium Bowling, $14.99
  • Pro Putt by Topgolf, $14.99
  • Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR, $14.99
  • Racket: Nx, $13.99
  • Real VR Fishing, $13.99
  • Robo Recall: Unplugged, $20.99
  • RUSH, $12.99
  • Sairento VR : Untethered, $12.99
  • Shooty Skies Overdrive, $7.49
  • SUPERHOT VR, $17.49
  • SWORDS of GARGANTUA, $18.74
  • Synth Riders, $17.49
  • The Climb, $20.09
  • The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, $10.49
  • The Thrill of the Fight, $7.99
  • Tilt Brush, $15.99
  • Tokyo Chronos, $23.99
  • Tribe XR: DJ in VR, $20.99
  • Vacation Simulator, $23.99
  • Virtual Desktop, $15.99
  • Virtual Virtual Reality, $11.99
  • Wander, $7.99

Individual Discounted Oculus Rift Games & Apps

  • Note discounted pricing for this list ends November 29th at 11:59 pm Pacific
  • 2MD: VR Football Unleashed, $11.99
  • 51 Aliens TV, $4.99
  • A Story of Distress, $3.99
  • AIRA VR, $5.99
  • AVOlight.Space (Multiple Video Players), $19.99
  • Agent of Chernobyl, $5.00
  • Another Dawn, $4.99
  • Anti Air, $9.74
  • Apophis, $2.00
  • Arena Blood On the Sand, $1.49
  • Arrows, $6.69
  • ArtPulse, $3.99
  • BARDO, $5.00
  • BIONIC HUNTER, $1.00
  • BOX THE BEAT VR, $9.74
  • Ballooning Adventures VR, $2.99
  • Banana Invaders, $1.49
  • Bartender VR Simulator, $15.99
  • Battle for the Mountain Throne, $1.49
  • Battlewake, $7.49
  • Beats Fever, $5.99
  • Big Breezy Boat, $4.99
  • Bike Rush, $4.49
  • Bizarre Barber, $5.99
  • Bloody Zombies, $5.99
  • Boba Pop, $1.00
  • Boiling Steel, $4.49
  • Bonfire, $2.00
  • Brass Tactics, $14.99
  • Brood, $2.00
  • CLIMB FOR YOUR LIFE!!!44!, $0.49
  • CYBER SKY, $2.49
  • Carly and the Reaperman: Escape from the Underworld, $9.99
  • CastleStorm VR, $4.49
  • Cave Digger, $13.99
  • Cinderella VR Game, $3.99
  • Clash of Chefs VR, $9.99
  • Coaster, $1.49
  • Color Invader, $1.49
  • Contagion VR: Outbreak, $9.99
  • Creed: Rise to Glory™, $20.99
  • Cube Smash, $2.00
  • Dance Collider, $5.99
  • Dead Moon – Revenge on Phobos, $9.74
  • Defector, $9.99
  • Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR Edition, $7.49
  • Descending, $5.00
  • Detached, $5.99
  • Dimensional, $1.00
  • Discontinue, $4.95
  • Doors of Silence – the prologue, $7.00
  • Down the Rabbit Hole, $13.99
  • Désert Inn, $3.34
  • ENIGMA SPHERE, $10.00
  • Eagle Flight, $4.99
  • Edge of Nowhere, $5.00
  • Electronauts, $9.99
  • End Space, $3.75
  • Escape Legacy, $3.99
  • Escape Room VR: Inner Voices, $7.49
  • Escape Room VR: Stories, $8.99
  • Escape Treasure Island, $5.59
  • Escape: The Forest, $4.95
  • Esper: The Collection, $4.99
  • Evasion, $10.00
  • FREEDIVER: Triton Down, $4.49
  • Feral Rites, $5.00
  • Fighting Clans, $4.95
  • FigureOut VR, $0.99
  • Final Goalie: Football simulator, $5.99
  • First Person Tennis – The Real Tennis Simulator, $19.99
  • Fly. Die. Repeat., $0.49
  • Flying Aces: Navy Pilot Simulator, $10.00
  • Forklift Simulator, $2.00
  • Frog & Froggie, $3.49
  • Gamelan Hit VR Rindik, $0.49
  • Ghostbusters is Hiring: Firehouse, $4.99
  • Ghostbusters is Hiring: Showdown, $4.99
  • Gloomy Eyes, $3.99
  • Gravity Lab, $10.49
  • Gravity Pro, $3.99
  • Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son, $7.49
  • Guns And Notes, $7.99
  • Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR, $3.00
  • Horror Nights Story, $1.49
  • Hyposphere VR, $0.49
  • InMind, $0.49
  • Instacalm VR, $2.00
  • Jigsaw 360, $0.99
  • KOBOLD: Chapter I, $2.99
  • Keep Defending, $1.49
  • Killing Floor: Incursion, $10.00
  • Konrad the Kitten, $5.35
  • KryptCrawler, $1.00
  • Labyrinth Trap, $1.99
  • Last Labyrinth, $25.49
  • Last Line VR: A Zombie Defense Game, $6.69
  • Lone Echo, $19.99
  • Lunatic Classic Music VR, $1.00
  • LyraVR, $11.99
  • Magic Guardian, $3.99
  • Marble Land, $7.49
  • Master Bladesmith, $23.99
  • Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams, $8.99
  • Moon Bird, $2.49
  • Mortal Blitz, $9.99
  • Moss, $14.99
  • Mr. Lowell’s Place – Escape Room, $2.99
  • Neverout, $1.00
  • OVERVIEW: a Walk Through the Universe, $5.00
  • Ocean Wonder, $1.99
  • Omega Test, $0.49
  • Onward, $18.74
  • Operation Warcade, $5.99
  • Operencia: The Stolen Sun, $17.99
  • Orbatron, $3.75
  • PAGAN PEAK VR, $2.99
  • PROZE: Enlightenment, $5.99
  • Pangman, $3.99
  • Paper Beast, $13.99
  • Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, $5.99
  • Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 80’s, $6.99
  • Passengers: Awakening, $4.99
  • Path of the Warrior, $9.99
  • Perfect, $3.99
  • Perpetuum Mobile, $0.49
  • Phantom: Covert Ops, $20.99
  • Ping Pong Hero, $2.49
  • Pixel Ripped 1989, $7.49
  • Pixel Ripped 1995, $13.99
  • Plumber, $1.49
  • Premium Bowling, $14.99
  • Project LUX, $14.99
  • Puzzle Time, $1.99
  • Qimeng VR Video Player, $7.49
  • Raccoon Lagoon, $7.49
  • Range Day VR, $10.99
  • Raw Data, $10.00
  • Red Matter, $14.99
  • Rest In Pieces, $5.59
  • Revolver Widow, $0.99
  • SILICON RISING, $13.99
  • SUPERHOT VR, $12.49
  • SWORDS of GARGANTUA, $18.74
  • Santa’s Loot Shoot, $1.49
  • Shadow Legend VR, $12.49
  • Shadow Point, $9.99
  • Shoottris, $3.00
  • Shooty Fruity, $9.99
  • Sky Sanctuary, $6.79
  • SkydiVeR, $2.49
  • Snowman, $4.99
  • Song Beater: Quite My Tempo!, $9.74
  • Space Junkies, $4.99
  • Space Maze, $2.49
  • Space Merchants: Arena VR, $1.49
  • Space Turret Gunner, $3.00
  • Spice & Wolf VR, $14.99
  • Sprint Vector, $10.49
  • Spuds Unearthed, $3.99
  • Spunky Dungeon, $2.49
  • Stardust VR, $0.99
  • Stoire, $1.49
  • Stormland, $19.99
  • Stranded, $7.99
  • Sushi Master VR, $1.00
  • Synth Riders, $17.49
  • Syon Bolt, $1.49
  • TRACE of us, $1.00
  • Target Nook, $2.99
  • Telefrag VR, $5.00
  • TetrotronVR, $4.49
  • The American Dream, $5.99
  • The Assembly, $12.00
  • The Elevator Ritual, $1.00
  • The Fight, $2.49
  • The Hospital: Allison’s Diary, $2.99
  • The Line, $3.49
  • The Morrigan, $11.99
  • The Station VR, $4.99
  • The Steadfast VR Challenge, $3.00
  • The Unspoken, $9.99
  • The Walking Dead Onslaught, $17.99
  • There is a Thief in my House, $4.95
  • Thumper, $9.99
  • Time Travelling Navy Seal Ninja Warrior, $2.67
  • Touring Karts, $5.99
  • Transference, $4.99
  • Tranzient, $13.99
  • Tribe XR | DJ in VR, $20.99
  • TripeaksDreamland VR, $0.99
  • Trover Saves the Universe, $17.99
  • Urban Basketball VR, $3.99
  • VR Furballs – Demolition, $4.95
  • VR Regatta – The Sailing Game, $14.99
  • VR TOON Help Me (살려주세요), $2.00
  • VRobot, $3.99
  • Voronium – Locust Sols, $3.00
  • Voxel Fly, $2.99
  • Wands, $8.99
  • Warped Chapter One, $3.00
  • Werewolves Within, $4.99
  • Wilson’s Heart, $8.99
  • Witchblood, $3.99
  • Word Blaster, $2.49
  • XING: The Land Beyond, $9.99
  • Yupitergrad, $12.74
  • Zooma: Deluxe Edition, $7.49
  • pleXus, $4.99