Kickstarter Funded VR Adventure Now Out on Gear VR

Last year, independent developers RiseAngle launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund a virtual reality (VR) adventure with the aim of creating a story-driven, episodic VR title. That videogame, titles Saving Princess Maya, is now available for Samsung Gear VR.

The developers say that Saving Princess Maya episode 1 is just the start of their ambitions for immersive videogames in VR and augmented reality (AR). The company have just released the title for Samsung Gear VR on to the Oculus Store, and are planning to port the title to other platforms such as Google Daydream, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Saving Princess Maya currently features roughly five hours of gameplay which features an in-depth storyline, various NPCs with their own background and assorted puzzles to solve in order to progress. The basic premise is that Princess Maya has been kidnapped, and the loyal servant of the Princess, Gelayon is on a quest to recue her. To do so, he must navigate the twisting paths of the Dark Mazes.

The plot takes some turns as it is revealed that your actions are part of a greater prophecy that will determine the outcome for the residents of the land around you. Each area that players advance through has its own environment and style, each of which is populated by NPCs and littered with various items that need to be collected and combined in order to progress further.

According to the developers: “RiseAngle, Inc. is committed to creating fun VR games with engaging stories that connect with players on a deep emotional level. Empathy and compassion are sadly lacking from many games of today. RiseAngle is dedicated to creating games with a purpose and the VR medium is uniquely suited for accomplishing that.”

Saving Princess Maya Episode 1 is available now on the Oculus Store for Samsung Gear VR, priced at £4.49 (GBP). Further news on new and upcoming VR titles will be right here on VRFocus.

Episodic VR Adventure Saving Princess Maya Looks to Kickstarter for Funding

It’s not often that VRFocus sees a videogame Kickstarter that’s solely focused on Samsung Gear VR – generally they’re always on Oculus Rift or HTC Vive – but that’s exactly what’s arrived in the form of episodic adventure Saving Princess Maya  from RiseAngle, Inc.

As the name suggests, Princess Maya has been kidnapped, and her loyal servant, Gelayon, has been thrown in the dark mazes. Players are trapped in the same environment, needing to locate and join forces with Gelayon to succeed.

Saving Princess Maya

For the first episode there are two mazes to complete inside the World of Mazes large sub-section of Dark Mazes, each with its own unique environment, residents, and rules. The only way to go from one maze to another is through teleport gates that change destination weekly, so if you enter the world of mazes, there is no guarantee you will ever be able to find your way out. The two mazes created so far are Aztyle and Grezorth, with the former being the smaller of the two and where players meet Gelayon. The latter is a big maze that’s been battered by countless meteor showers.

To begin with RiseAngle, Inc. is looking to raise $10,000 USD to fund the project (at time of writing the campaign had already hit $4,000). The studio has already outlined several stretch goals that its hoping to achieve, starting at $40,000 to bring Saving Princess Maya Ep.1 to Oculus Rift in June 2018. At $80,000 there will be Google Daydream support, HTC Vive support will come in at £120,000, while PlayStation VR will get a version should $180,000 be achieved. Lastly, at $250,000 a non-VR version would be made.

Funding tiers start from $5 but if you plan on backing the campaign you’ll want to pledge at least a tenner to ensure you get a Gear VR key. Of course there are plenty of extras should you wish to pledge more.

“We are almost done with 80% of the game development for the Gear VR version,” states the team on Kickstarter. “Your support will help us complete the game successfully, test and fine-tune it enough, and make sure we don’t cut some of the awesomeness because of budget limits. It will also help us be faster in the game development process, hire game testers we need, and release the game ASAP.”

As the campaign continues VRFocus will report back on the latest updates.