Ricoh Offers Full-Featured 360-Degree Video Tours For Estate Agents

Estate agents are always on the look out for new ways to draw in clients. With virtual reality (VR) becoming increasingly popular and easier to access, a number of firms have begun offering ways to let real estate agents and their clients get a look at properties in a new way. The latest is Ricoh, who are offering a complete 360-degree virtual real estate tour.

Ricoh Tours has been created by Ricoh Innovations Corporation, a subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd to be a complete and affordable 360-degree real estate tour service, complete with active immersive tours, a tour creation app, shareable links and visitor analytics.

Ricoh Tours

The Richo Tours service boasts that it doesn’t require technical or photographical expertise, as the process is all done using a mobile app on iOS or Android smartphone and a 360-degree camera for capturing the images.

To get started, users will need a subscription to Ricoh Tours, which costs $45 (USD) per month, and a Ricoh Theta 360-degree camera. Ricoh has also announced a Ricoh Tours 360 kit, available for agents as an option to add to the subscription. This kit includes a Ricoh Theta V camera and TM- camera stand for a launch price of $419.

“At the EZ Referral Network/ EZ Sales Team we are always looking for the newest technology to make our listings stand out and to equip our agents to be successful,” said Adam Williams, Marketing Director of the EZ Referral Network/EZ Sales Team, the #1 real estate team in Ohio, and #4 team in all of Keller Williams. “We were very pleased with the intuitiveness of RICOH Tours agent app and the quality of the finished virtual tour that was produced. This will be a great tool for any agent to use in their listing to enhance the buyers’ experiences while shopping for a home!”

Richo Thete Camera

Further information about Ricoh Tours can be found on the official website. As always, VRFocus will continue to provide coverage of new VR products and services.