Sniper Elite VR Update Adds Custom Difficultly, Quality Of Life Options

A new update is available for Sniper Elite VR on all platforms, adding custom difficulty options and many quality of life improvements based off feedback from the community.

Sniper Elite VR released two months ago for PC VR, Quest and PSVR and while this latest patch doesn’t bring any specific new content, it does offer a bunch of new options across the board on all platforms.

The biggest new option is the custom difficulty feature, which developers Rebellion say is “just like Sniper Elite 4” in a video detailing the changes. This option will allow you to adjust the overall difficulty and then go further and adjust the aim assist, bullet drop and bullet wind options individually. Playing on a custom difficulty setting will give you more play options, but it also will prevent you from earning leaderboard ranks online, so keep that in mind.

custom difficulty sniper elite

There’s also new vignette options, allowing the effect to be completely or individually turned off for sprinting, kill cams and explosions. You can also now physically crouch to activate stealth mode, in addition to the existing button press option. There’s new settings to help with adjusting tracking and aim smoothing as well, along with other small options for things like vibration, movement and weapon alignment.

PC VR players now have access to extra graphics options added specifically for the platform, allowing players to adjust settings such as FXAA, MSAA, SSAA and lens flare. Rebellion warns these options are intended for higher-end PCs only and adjusting them will have an impact on FPS.

Rebellion also added support for the bHaptics Tacsuit on PC VR in this update, as well as support for gunstocks by ProTubeVR.

You can read the full patch notes here.

Sniper Elite VR Update Supports Gun Stocks And HP Reverb G2

Sniper Elite VR developers issued an update with a long list of improvements for PC VR and PlayStation VR.

Among the changes is official support for the HP Reverb G2 and the support of gun stocks in “Beta standard” which you can enable in the options screen.

We reviewed the stealthy title as “great” with “perfectly streamlined authenticity” but it carries mixed reviews on Steam at the time of this writing with a range of negative feedback, including refunds requested due to issues with Reverb G2 compatibility. The patch notes say players with Reverb G2 “will need to ensure they have Windows 10: version 1903/1909 (KB4577062 or later) or 2004 (KB4577063 or later) installed.”

You can check out our video review above and a graphics comparison of Sniper Elite VR played on PSVR, PC VR and Quest 2 in the video below.

We’ve pasted the full patch notes below which includes changes affecting Valve Index players, PS VR Players and more generally SteamVR changes:

  • Windows language selection will now look at the system language rather than the users region setting.
  • Booting game with controllers off would cause them to become unresponsive when turned on.
  • Gun stocks are now supported to Beta standard. Please enable ‘Controller Stock Grip’ from the options screen.
  • The HP Reverb G2 VR headset is now officially supported.
    • When using the HP Reverb G2 VR headset the controller vibration would be too strong when interacting with objects/prompts.
    • The HP Reverb G2 VR controllers are now displayed correctly in game.
    • When using the HP Reverb G2 VR headset the weapon alignment is now correctly positioned to the player hand.
    • G2 support players will need to ensure they have Windows 10: version 1903/1909 (KB4577062 or later) or 2004 (KB4577063 or later) installed.
  • Players will now be able to move against objects and look directly down without triggering the out of bounds functionality.
  • Players will no longer enter out of bounds on holding the option button to re-center tracking while standing close to the wall of small room present in front of SMG range.
  • ‘Out of bounds’ error will no longer flash on the screen when the player rotates to its fixed position at the initial spawn point.
  • The ‘Seed of ones own destruction’ achievement will now unlock correctly.
  • We have now revised the tutorial for usage of Aim Focus and have added tutorial pages for pistols, SMGs and non-gun items.
  • Pistol reload tutorial prompt failed to disappear on continuously pressing the ‘B’ button on the controller.
  • The ‘Squeeze trigger to fire’ text failed to appear in the scope if the player holds the rifle in the left hand during tutorial.
  • The Rotation Analog stick and the pause button will no longer fail to function when the movement mode is changed to free movement. This occurred after the game was paused, while the player was about to move using the teleport mode.
  • After putting the headset back on, the results screen score counter sound effect no longer continues to play after pressing continue.
  • The Scrapbook buttons failed to highlight or function when the standing position is reset via Steam VR menu while loading into the Farmhouse.
  • On Index, the default binding for the pause button on the Knuckle controllers is now correctly mapped.
  • On PlayStation VR, the one-handed controls now supports the teleport rewind function.
  • On Steam VR, the teleport Rewind button is now mapped to the controllers.
  • The Teleport rewind feature will no longer trap players forcing them to reset the stage.
  • Hand will not prioritise the magazine when swapping hands with the pistol.
  • Virtual Left hand no longer disappears when player holds a loaded M30 Drilling in right hand and picks up ammo from pouch using left hand.
  • Virtual hand no longer remains invisible until user releases the ‘Hold’ button or moves away while interacting with the lever of the control panel.
  • A gap on the Springfield scope lens has now been fixed
  • Scope lens is no longer removed when the grab point is placed in front of it.
  • Scope no longer cut-off while reloading the ‘Lee-Enfield No. 4’ and ‘M1903 Springfield’ rifles during gameplay
  • Active areas on the belt have now been expanded and separated. Changes to the belt positioning and stow colliders have also now improved the user’s interactions with the belt.
  • Active areas on the weapons have now been expanded and separated. Adjusted grab points have been applied to the De Lisle, Gewehr, Drilling & Fnab weapons. Fixed break action hand offset now correctly calculates position.
  • Chest area stow point should now be clearer to the player.
  • On occasion, the belt would sometimes get twisted. A new system has now been implemented for estimating belt position based on head transform.
  • Weapon UI no longer gets stuck in mid-air after tilting the gun using one hand and holding the weapon bolt with the other.
  • The Colour blind options now have correct names.
  • Significant improvements have been applied to the visual quality by addressing multiple art issues relating to texture & LOD popping, collision and environment occlusion.
  • General AI and gameplay improvements.
  • Enemy detection is fast, cool down is slow; AI adjustments have been made most to help with stealth situations.
  • Player failed to climb the ladders by the left movement stick after setting the Primary hand to ‘Left’
  • Playing the game in stealth was reported as being too difficult for some new players. AI adjustments, Welrod adjustments and stealth tutorial pages have now been added to rectify this.
  • Enemies on The Last Drop would sometimes not leave the areas they spawn, resulting in a progression blocker.
  • Mission failed screen would appear instantly after loading the save created immediately when a grenade explodes.
  • General audio improvements.
  • Improvements to the quality of the localisation.
  • General bug fixing and quality of life improvements.

‘Sniper Elite VR’ Gets New Gameplay Trailer & Details Ahead of July 8th Release

Sniper Elite VR is ramping up for release on all major VR headsets on July 8th, and we’re steadily getting a closer look at the game from developer Rebellion. In the last week the studio has dropped a new gameplay trailer and a breakdown offering fresh details about the game.

Rather than a port, Sniper Elite VR is a brand new made-for-VR title based on Rebellion’s long-running Sniper Elite franchise. In a recently released breakdown video, the studio confirmed that players won’t be playing as the series’ usual protagonist, Karl Fairburne, but instead will be stepping into the shoes of an Italian soldier who is recounting his harrowing war stories.

The video further explains that the game will have 18 missions, and the studio is promising replayability as players will be able to decide if they want to be stealthy or go in guns ablazin’. On that note, beyond being able to use sniper rifles, SMGs, pistols, shotguns, and explosives, it looks like melee will be a possibility too, as long as you can find a hammer to crack skulls.

What do you know—a perfect transition to talk about the game’s famous skull-shattering X-ray kill cam, which will indeed be included in Sniper Elite VR, albeit in a more comfort-friendly way. While non-VR versions of the game would have the camera follow the bullet all the way to the target, it looks like the VR version will use some smart cuts to make the transition less jarring while still giving you a close-up of the gruesome destruction.

Image courtesy Rebellion

Rebellion is also promising a range of locomotion options including smooth movement and teleport.

The studio also recently revealed another fresh, but brief, glimpse of Sniper Elite VR gameplay, but it’s an age-restricted video so you’ll have to go directly to YouTube to check it out.

Sniper Elite VR is set for a July 8th release date on all major headsets: Oculus Quest/Rift, PSVR (with Aim support), and SteamVR.

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‘Sniper Elite VR’ to Release on All Major VR Headsets July 8th

Rebellion, developer of the Sniper Elite franchise, announced its bringing Sniper Elite VR to all supported platforms on July 8th, 2021.

The game, which puts you into the shoes of an Italian anti-fascist resistance fighter in WWII, is simultaneously launching on Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, SteamVR headsets and PSVR.

The single-player game focuses on first-person action, and takes you across a linear campaign with 18 missions as you rid Sicily of the Nazi U-Boot menace. In addition to the franchise’s iconic x-ray kill cam, the game also offers free movement locomotion for greater immersion, and of course a host of WWII weaponry besides your trusty sniper rifle.

We’ve seen a fair bit of gameplay since its unveiling in March 2019. Although from trailers it feels like Sniper Elite VR is shaping up to focus heavily on brute force action and seemingly less on the quiet, pensive shooting experience Sniper Elite players might be familiar with, it’s actually said to include a number of the standard mechanics that put clear focus on stealthy shooting.

You’ll be able to shoot during timed explosions so you don’t give your position away, and toggle the breath-holding button so you can get a better bead on enemies. We still haven’t had a chance to go hands-on, so we’ll just have to wait and see how true it is to the overall franchise.

Justifiably so, the new trailer is listed as inappropriate for kids. You can watch it direct on YouTube.

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‘Sniper Elite VR’ Confirmed for Oculus Quest, Gameplay Trailer Here

Rebellion announced today at Facebook Connect that Sniper Elite VR is officially headed to all major VR headsets, including SteamVR headsets, PSVR, and now Oculus Quest too.

Sniper Elite VR for Quest is being developed by Rebellion in collaboration with Coatsink and Just Add Water. The studio says Sniper Elite VR is headed to Quest “soon.”

In Sniper Elite VR you’re tasked with fighting for the Italian Resistance in an all-new mission to rid WWII-era Sicily of the Nazi U-boat menace.

The single-player game is said to include first-person action, an explosive campaign and immersive motion controls. Yes, there’s also going to be the iconic x-ray kill cam.

Rebellion mentioned at the E3 2019 gameplay reveal that the game’s weaponry will not only include the obligatory sniper rifles, but also a host of other weapons such as various SMGs, pistols, grenades, and a tactical ‘Welrod’ suppressed pistol for stealthy kills.

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Hands-On: Sniper Elite VR Takes Aim At Nazis With Deadly Accuracy

Last month at PAX East we had the chance to check out a preview build of Sniper Elite VR from Rebellion on PSVR using the PS Aim Controller, similar to the demo we played from E3 2019.

The Sniper Elite series has earned a strong reputation as of late with its easy-to-play format and iconic “bullet time” deaths introducing players to a new way to take down Nazis during WWII conflicts. With a handful of sequels and plenty of material to work with, the team at Rebellion has now set their sights on virtual reality with Sniper Elite VR. Let’s see just how it stacks up against its non-VR brethren. 

Because Rebellion is no stranger to VR after having worked on Battlezone and Arca’s Path, they’ve included a variety of ways to play Sniper Elite VR. During my time with the demo, I had the option to play with either the traditional teleportation method of movement, or a smoother approach with the PS Aim Controller’s analog sticks. 

Calibrating your gun on the fly is a breeze too, and should definitely come in handy. Unfortunately, the demo units available at PAX East suffered from some very poor tracking, which was explained away as the bad lighting in the convention center. It’ll be something to watch out for when the game launches later this year, but did seem more like a PAX East specific issue, thankfully. We didn’t have those problems when trying the game at E3 2019.

The level that I got to play at PAX East was a simple one, placing me on a rooftop that was under siege from various Nazi soldiers. In typical Sniper Elite fashion, I had to make my way around the level, taking out enemies until everything was clear. While you’re able to use either the DualShock 4 or the PS Move controllers to play, the demo at PAX East came equipped with a PlayStation Aim Controller, and it seems like the best way to play on PSVR.

sniper elite city shot

When given the option of using the PS Aim Controller, that’s usually the case. It just helps make things feel way more natural. Instead of simply running around and using a controller to aim, you handle the gun in every way including when it comes time to set up a shot on an enemy. Bringing up the gun and staring down the scope isn’t a revolutionary thing in VR, but it does help to further immerse you into the game, and there didn’t seem to be any problems in quickly getting off multiple shots.

The Sniper Elite series has become well-known for its ability to focus in when aiming, allowing players to get a much more accurate shot and also watch exactly how the bullet enters an enemy, with an x-ray style killcam showing just how much damage you do. This function also shows up in Sniper Elite VR, and is incredibly useful, as it helps slow down the action and emphasize the big impacts. The aforementioned x-ray killcam returns, too, but doesn’t have any sort of VR functionality. Instead, it’s just like a watching a quick flat 2D clip of bones and internal organs exploding.

sniper elite vr title image

While many might play Sniper Elite simply to take down some Nazis in different ways, there is a storyline that runs through each game. For Sniper Elite VR, there will be a campaign as well, although the exact details of it have yet to be revealed. For those who just want to have fun with the game, though, you’ll be able to replay the missions in order to try and get a better score at the end. Because many of Sniper Elite’s maps are so big as well, you’ll have plenty of time to try and become the best sniper you possibly can be. 

Sniper Elite VR will also be launching on PC VR headsets too, although we only got to try it on PSVR at PAX East. If you’ve ever had the chance to check out a more conventional FPS in VR, you’re likely ready to take on Sniper Elite VR when it launches later this year.  

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E3 2019: Sniper Elite VR Turned Me Into A Deadly Sharpshooter

E3 2019: Sniper Elite VR Turned Me Into A Deadly Sharpshooter

Rebellion, the same company behind VR games like Battlezone and Arca’s Path, are back with a VR take on their popular non-VR shooter franchise in the form of Sniper Elite VR. As the name suggests in the Sniper Elite games you play as a sniper that’s armed with a long-range scoped rifle and you must take out enemies from a distance.

Sniper Elite VR was my very first demo appointment of E3 2019 and the team at Rebellion told me that I was the first person outside of the company to ever try the game. Luckily I put on a good show completing the demo level without dying and hitting on 80% of my shots — not too bad!

You can watch the interview above for more insight into the game’s development. My demo was played on a PSVR using the PS Aim Controller, but we’ve been told that the game will be perfectly playable on DualShock 4 or with the PS Move controllers as well. Plus it’s not a PS4 exclusive so it’ll be coming out on Oculus Home, Viveport, and SteamVR as well.

Using the PS Aim Controller in Sniper Elite VR felt great. Actually cradling the back of the peripheral in my shoulder as I aimed down the sights was natural and translated to the game extremely well. All those hours of playing Farpoint and Firewall Zero Hour are starting to pay off.

While the concept of building an entire game around being a sniper could sound a bit boring, that’s not the case at all here. For starters, Rebellion drops you into large maps that encourage you to explore and move around to various vantage points. Sniper Elite VR will offer both smooth stick movement or teleportation if needed, as well as other comfort options. Plus, there’s the iconic slow-motion x-ray vision death cam that the series has become so well-known for.

Sometimes when you get a killshot on an enemy the game will slow down, teleport your view over to the enemy, and show the x-ray vision view of what the bullet looks like entering the body. You can see blood splattering everyone, bones and organs exploding, and just some of the most gruesome visuals that feel incredibly realistic. It might make some people a bit queasy in a VR headset though, so that feature can be turned off if you’d prefer.

I only got to see one short level during my demo since this is an early build, but they’re designing Sniper Elite VR to be a strictly single player experience. Stats at the end were detailed with a ranking system so leaderboards seem likely, as does replayability on missions to get better ratings. It would be nice to see specific secondary challenge objectives as well on each mission, similar to Robo Recall.

Since my demo was only on PSVR I can’t speak to what it feels like to play the game on other platforms, but if you’ve ever held a two-handed gun in a VR game before then you know what to expect here too basically.

As of now there is no release date set for Sniper Elite VR, but it will be coming to PSVR, Rift, Vive, and Windows VR headsets for sure. When prompted, Assistant Head of Design Steve Bristow said a Quest version is being considered for the future as well.

Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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Rebellion Unveils ‘Sniper Elite VR’ Gameplay Footage, PC VR & PSVR Confirmed

At E3 today, Rebellion unveiled some fresh gameplay footage and revealed more details behind Sniper Elite VR, the critically acclaimed shooter’s first VR game. The studio also confirmed that PS Aim support is definitely coming to the PSVR version of the game in addition to support for PC VR headsets.

Created in partnership with UK-based studio Just Add Water, Sniper Elite VR takes place in World War II Italy, set prior to the events of Rebellion’s latest entry in the series, Sniper Elite 4 (2017). Unlike previous Sniper Elite titles, the VR game is delivered in the first-person.

Image courtesy Rebellion, Just Add Water

With a brand new story written by Tony Schumacher, author of the John Rossett novels, Sniper Elite VR embeds you in the Italian resistance fighting against the Nazis where you’ll be able to explore an array of maps including villages, airfields, and underground bunkers as you fight back to rid Sicily of the U-Boat menace.

Weaponry is said to include sniper rifles (of course), SMGs, pistols, and the tactical ‘Welrod’ suppressed pistol to name a few.

Hands-on: 'Phantom: Covert Ops' Boasts Smart VR Design and Big Potential

Moreover, Rebellion says Sniper Elite VR will feature free movement, which in the video appears to include teleportation as a locomotion method at least on PSVR. The studio hasn’t mentioned its full list of supported locomotion methods, so we hope to find out more here at E3.

What’s particularly interesting is how Rebellion managed to include the series’ patented X-Ray Kill Cam. According to the video, the game whisks you on an on-rails flight following the path of your bullet, where you then get an up close and personal look at the bone-shattering results of a well placed shot.


Rebellion says they’re supporting PS Aim, Move controllers, as well as DualShock 4 gamepad on PSVR.

Sniper Elite VR is set to arrive on the PlayStation Store for PSVR, and for PC VR headsets via the Oculus Store, Steam, and Viveport. There’s still no launch date on the books, so we’ll just have to wait and see for now.

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Rebellion’s Brutal ‘Sniper Elite’ Series is Getting Its First Made-for-VR Game

Sniper Elite is coming to VR. The gritty sniper-focused shooter developed by Rebellion Developments is known for its brutal depictions of long range sniper combat and stealthy action. Now the studio says it’s working on a standalone made-for-VR title for the series in partnership with developer Just Add Water.

The Sniper Elite franchise kicked off in 2005 and now spans eight titles, with the latest, Sniper Elite 4, released in 2017. Today developer and publisher Rebellion Developments announced that four new Sniper Elite projects are in the works including, for the first time, a made-for-VR game.

The studio confirmed development on Sniper Elite V2 Remastered, Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition for Switch, and the “next major title in the Sniper Elite series,” as well as “a new, standalone Sniper Elite game for VR devices.”

‘Sniper Elite V2 (2012)’ | Image courtesy Rebellion Developments

Details are thin on the ground, but Rebellon says that the Sniper Elite VR game is being developed in partnership with studio Just Add Water, known for their work on Gravity Crash (2009) and the Oddworld series.

Rebellion promises “a full reveal” of the new Sniper Elite VR game later this year, but hasn’t said when the game might launch or what platforms it will be on. With significant PlayStation experience under the belts of both studios, PSVR seems like a likely bet, but with Just Add Water’s expertise in mobile development for PlayStation Vita, Oculus Quest could be a smart play too. There’s a good chance the game will reach PC VR headsets too, as Rebellion’s other VR projects have all made their way to PC VR platforms.

‘Sniper Elite’ games often toe the line between long range precision shooting and stealthy up-close action. | ‘Sniper Elite 3 (2014)’, Image courtesy Rebellion Developments

Rebellion released the fully VR compatible hover-tank shooter Battlezone as a launch title on PSVR back in 2016, and brought the title to PC VR headsets in 2017. The studio also launched Arca’s Path (2018), a VR third-person platformer-puzzler for PSVR, PC VR, and Oculus mobile headsets.

Sniper Elite however is a totally different beast from the cockpit-based Battlezone and third-person Arca’s Path. The game title will need to take a completely new approach to VR game design, now incorporating motion input, first person embodiment/movement, and item interactions.

The Sniper Elite series is well known for its signature slow motion depictions of bullets blasting through the skulls of bad guys, often slinging the camera hundreds of meters across the landscape to see the action up close.

Exactly how (or if) this kind of visualization mechanic makes it into the Sniper Elite VR game is unclear, but if they can figure it out, the immersiveness of VR would surely make it a sight to behold.

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