F1 22 Developers: ‘No Plans’ For PSVR Support

In an interview with TechRadar, the developers of F1 22 stated they have “no plans at this time” to bring PSVR support to the game on PS5.

Back in April, developer Codemasters announced that F1 22, the upcoming title in the annual F1 game franchise, would release with full optional VR support on PC. The game is also set to release on other platforms, including PS5, so we remained hopeful that we might see PSVR 2 support down the line.

However, with PSVR 2 now unlikely to launch this year, we might have to wait for the next annual installment for that to eventuate. In an interview with TechRadar, F1 22’s Senior Creative Director Lee Mather stated there was “no plans at this time” for PSVR support, with the VR mode staying exclusive to the PC release for now.

“We’ve been investigating VR for some time and we want to bring it to our F1 game without compromise,” Mather told TechRadar. “We have partnered with a team who has worked on other Codemasters’ titles and it has taken several years to get us to this point where we know we can deliver a premium experience for our players.”

We got our first look at PC VR gameplay of F1 22, and it’s a shame that it won’t be coming to PSVR 2 in any capacity just yet. That being said, even if the developers intended to add PSVR 2 support for F1 22, by the time the headset actually releases, we’ll likely be closer to the release of F1 23. Here’s hoping that something is being planned for that release, at the very least.

If nothing else, we’re still  holding out for eventual PSVR 2 support for Gran Turismo 7 later down the line.

You can read more about PC VR support for F1 22 here and check out some gameplay here.

Sony, Ubisoft Bringing PSVR-Supported Titles To Expanded PS Plus Service

Sony today revealed the first games to feature in its expanded PlayStation Plus service, with some small inclusions on the PSVR front.

Starting later this month in Asia and rolling into June for the US and EU, PlayStation Plus will be moving to a three-tier system that retains the core experience and replaces Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming service. The most basic tier is labeled ‘Essential’ and features everything you get with Plus now, including online multiplayer and free games every month.

But it’s the ‘Extra’ and ‘Deluxe’ tiers that will catch the interest of PSVR owners. These tiers both include access to a wider catalog of PS4 and PS5 games. From Sony’s own output, games with optional VR modes like Concrete Genie and Wipeout Omega Collection are included. Currently, however, none of Sony’s PSVR-exclusive titles like Blood & Truth or Astro Bot Rescue Mission are featured in the line-up.

Interestingly, though, Ubisoft also confirmed it could feature some of its own older titles in this new line-up. Included amongst them are VR-exclusive games like Eagle Flight, Werewolves Within and Space Junkies as well as more VR optional titles like Transference, Trackmania Turbo and Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

It’s not exactly a robust offering for VR users, then, but in fairness Sony never explicitly confirmed PSVR games as part of the new Plus line-up. It will be interesting, though, to see how the company’s strategy around this content develops as we move closer to the launch of its PSVR 2 headset, which is rumored for a Q1 2023 release.

First Contact Entertainment Working On Unannounced PSVR 2 Title

A LinkedIn page of a First Contact Entertainment employee confirms that the studio is currently working on an unannounced PSVR 2 title.

The confirmation, first spotted by @FaizShaikh7681 on Twitter, comes from Damoun Shabestari’s LinkedIn profile. Shabestari is a Game Director at First Contact, having previously worked on Firewall Zero Hour and Solaris: Offworld Combat.

On his LinkedIn page under experience, Shabestari lists the aforementioned games and then also lists an ‘Unannounced Title (PSVR 2)’.

Firewall: Zero Hour launched in 2018, exclusive to PSVR, and was one of the most successful and popular multiplayer titles on the platform. After Firewall, the studio released Solaris: Offworld Combat in 2021 for Quest, PSVR and PC VR titles.

It’s now been over a year since the release of Solaris. The wording on the LinkedIn page implies that the next unannounced title could be exclusive (either fully or at least at launch) to PSVR 2. Given this, could the studio be working on a sequel to Firewall as an exclusive for PSVR 2? Or if not a Firewall sequel, perhaps the title is simply a new IP for the headset, available at launch or soon after?

With this news, First Contact joins a growing list of developers confirmed to be working on titles for PSVR 2, such as nDreams, Coatsink and Cyan. Plus, we also know that there are PSVR 2 projects in development using Unreal Engine 5.

To catch up on everything else we know about PSVR 2, check out this article. There’s no confirmed release date just yet, but recent reports indicate delays from 2022 to 2023 for both Sony and Apple.

Lindsey Stirling Music Pack Launches Today For Synth Riders

A new music pack is available today for Synth Riders, bringing five songs from the catalogue of violinist Lindsey Stirling.

Stirling is known for her choreographed violin videos, posted mainly to YouTube, which have steadily built her a following over the last two decades. The Synth Riders music pack will feature five paid DLC tracks from across Stirling’s career, with one including a unique visual experience as well.

The five tracks are ‘Underground’ (featuring the visual experience, inspired by the music video), ‘Shatter Me (feat. Lzzy Hale)’, ‘First Light’, ‘Mirage (feat. Raja Kumari)’ and ‘Shadows’. The pack is launching across all platforms, including Meta Quest, Steam, PSVR and Viveport. Songs cost $1.99 individually or you can pick them up as a bundle with a 20% discount for $7.99 total.

lindsey stirling synth riders

The release trailer for the pack, embedded above, also features Stirling herself, playing levels featuring her music.

The Stirling music pack is the latest in a string of new content for Synth Riders, which has seen an increasing amount of high-profile collaborations, such as the Muse pack last year. No doubt the Synth Riders team are aiming to remain competitive with Beat Saber, the king of high-profile rhythm game DLC collaborations. Late last month the game added a Fall Out Boy track.

The Lindsey Stirling music pack is available now for Synth Riders on all platforms. Are you going to be trying out the pack? Let us know in the comments below.

Puzzling Places Introduces Monthly & Premium DLC Pack Structure

The developers behind photogrammetry-based puzzle game Puzzling Places revealed a new plan for future DLC packs, split into monthly and premium packs.

Since launch, Puzzling Places has received a few DLC releases with new puzzles that expand the selection from the base game. There was the Mars Desert Research Station pack in October, alongside two variety packs, the most recent of which launched last month and included “cultural heritage objects from India, England, Nepal, and Poland.”

However, the Puzzling Places developers say that the overwhelmingly feedback they’ve received is simply that players want more and more puzzles. As an answer to this, the devs are introducing a new DLC structure.

Monthly Puzzle Packs will release — you guessed it — once a month, featuring 6 puzzles per pack for $5 USD, with some puzzles limited to 200 pieces and others 400, depending on the scan quality. These will be variety packs featuring “a wide range of puzzles” that may or may not be thematic, with simple audio soundscape templates (such as city noises, natural ambient sound, mechanical sounds etc) that are re-used each month where appropriate.

This will allow the team to release DLC more frequently, while also focusing on other DLC packs that “push the boundaries of Puzzling Places.”

These Premium Puzzle Packs will release roughly every 2-3 months, featuring ~4 puzzles per pack for $5 USD, all with a 400 max piece limit. Premium Packs will be “centered around a main theme or location, with storytelling being a central focus” and will include premium audio with custom soundscapes specific to each region or puzzle.

Every puzzle released so far for the game since launch will be marked and considered a “premium” puzzle going forward, as they include custom soundscapes and a max 400 piece option.

The first monthly puzzle pack will be announced and released this week. You can read more about the changes over on the Puzzling Places blog here.

Sony Is Showing PSVR 2 To Developers At GDC

It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a full PSVR 2 reveal at GDC 2022 this week, but Sony is definitely showing the new headset to developers.

That much was confirmed when StrayBombay CEO and former Valve VR figurehead Chet Faliszek tweeted about seeing the device, noting the experience was, in his words “Sooooo good.”

Faliszek’s other tweets confirm he’s at GDC and, just in case there was any doubt, Sony’s own Shuhei Yoshida thanked the developer for coming to try the kit.

We had hoped that Sony would host a much more public-facing event for PSVR 2 at GDC this year, as it had done in the build up to the launch of the original PSVR. But with the world still facing a problematic component shortage that’s hampering sales of even the PS5 console, there’s speculation that the headset’s release might miss a 2022 window and arrive sometime in 2023.

We previously reported that Sony was shipping out thousands of developer kits to studios, which is likely to be PSVR 2 headsets and controllers reaching teams making games for the new platform.

There will be at least some more PSVR 2 talk at GDC this week, though. Unity is hosting a session talking about development of the headset later today. But with so much still unknown about the headset, it’s not clear when we could hear more official release details. For now, you can keep up with everything we know about the device right here.

Unity Hosting PSVR 2 Development Talk At GDC This Week

Engine maker Unity will be holding a talk about making titles for Sony’s PSVR 2 headset this week.

The company will host the session, titled ‘Building Next-Gen Games for PlayStation VR2 with Unity‘ at the event in San Francisco on Thursday March 24. The talk promises to explore PSVR 2’s “improved graphics performance and cutting-edge hardware”. The session will also include other VR headset advice but is largely specific to Sony’s upcoming headset.

Unity PSVR 2 Talk Revealed

This talk’s reveal raises questions as to if Sony will give us a better look at PSVR 2 itself over the course of GDC week. The company has already revealed the headset’s specs and design, along with its first official game, but we’re still yet to see a dedicated presentation for the new device that includes reveals of yet more games as well information on pricing and release window.

With that said, GDC is a developer-focused event and Sony may instead be using the show to simply showcase the headset to studios behind closed doors. Nothing about the event listing suggests Sony itself is involved in any official capacity. If we do hear anything new about the device then we’ll of course bring you those updates as soon as we get them.

Despite Sony showing off new details about PSVR 2 on two separate occasions so far this year, there’s speculation that the ongoing component shortage — which has led PS5 sales to fall behind those of the PS4 — could push the device into 2023.

Are you hoping we see more of PSVR 2 this week? Let us know in the comments below!

Job Listings Confirm Supernatural Is Coming To PSVR

A new job listing for VR workout app Supernatural confirms that the team is looking to bring the fitness title across to PSVR on both PS4 and PS5.

Spotted on Twitter by @Zuby_Tech, job listings on Supernatural’s LinkedIn page are advertising for a number of positions, including a Senior Software Engingeer for VR on PlayStation platforms.

The part of the description that specifically mentions PlayStation platforms reads as follows:

Supernatural is seeking a Senior Software Engineer with expertise working on Playstation consoles (Playstation 4™, Playstation 5™) to lead development and support as we seek to expand the ecosystem footprint of Supernatural onto PSVR. You will be a force-multiplier working across a wide spectrum of VR client-side concerns helping to refine our architecture and best practices to ensure a correct level of platform abstraction where appropriate, and Playstation-specific approaches where required.

Given the mention of both PS4 and PS5, it’s possible the team is planning to bring the title to both the original PSVR headset and the upcoming PSVR 2. You can see the full listing description here on LinkedIn.

What’s most intriguing about this news is that last October, Supernatural developers Within were acquired by Meta. This suggested that the app might stay exclusive to Meta-owned platforms, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. The acquisition is also reportedly under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as part of an anti-trust probe, as of last December.

Before this, there was no inkling that Supernatural would move to any other platform besides Quest, let alone PSVR. The app isn’t even available on Meta’s PC VR platform for Rift.

It’s unknown whether the reported anti-trust probe may have influenced Meta’s plans for Supernatural, or whether the app was always set to make its way to PSVR regardless.

Either way, it’s an interesting precedent that suggests not all of Meta’s acquisitions will result in platform exclusivity for associated apps. Beat Saber, Popluation: One and other Meta-owned games are available on other platforms, but those versions already existed before their respective acquisitions.

Stay tuned for more info on Supernatural on PSVR in the future. In the meantime, check out other fitness and exercise apps available on the Quest platform and our verdict on the best PSVR apps available right now.

Firmament Is Your Next Confirmed PSVR 2 Game, But PSVR Version Canned

Your next confirmed PSVR 2 game is Firmament, the newest title from the developer of Myst.

You might have heard of Firmament already. It was actually announced all the way back in 2018 (and we even played it back then). In 2019, the game launched a Kickstarter campaign, where it raised just shy of $1.5 million. It is developer Cyan Worlds’ latest expansion of the adventure formula it helped shape with 1993’s Myst and subsequent follow-ups including Obduction and 2020’s Myst remake. Last we heard, the game had been delayed to 2022 but expanded in scope.

Firmament PSVR 2 Version Confirmed

But, in an update today (first spotted by Distrito XR), Cyan confirmed the game is now coming to PS5 and will have support for PSVR 2 to boot. The PS5 version will release this year but PSVR 2 support may arrive later down the line depending on when Sony’s headset actually ends up launching. This makes Firmament one of only a handful of officially confirmed PSVR 2 games, including the recently-revealed Horizon Call of the Mountain. Keep track of every confirmed and rumored game for the platform right here.

Firmament actually passed a stretch goal for PSVR support during the original campaign but, while the game is still planned for PS4, Cyan also confirmed that PSVR 1 integration was no longer possible. In its stead, anyone that backed the PlayStation tier for the campaign will be given both the PS4 and PS5 version, meaning they’ll eventually get PSVR 2 support instead.

The game’s also coming to PC, where it will support more headsets. Given the project started before the launch of the original Quest, and the fact that the PSVR version has been canceled, we wouldn’t expect a release on Meta’s standalone headset either.

Will you still be looking to play Firmament on PSVR 2? Let us know in the comments below.