Payday 2 VR Developers Reveal Details On The Title In Livestream Q&A

Developer Overkill Software and Starbreeze Studios recent held a livestream for the virtual reality (VR) version of their popular heist videogame Payday 2 to play the title and ask questions.

Payday 2 VR screenshot

During the livestream a number of questions were asked towards Tobias,one of the producers on Payday 2 and Payday 2 VR which, when answered, gave some interesting insight into the development of the VR title and what might be coming in the future.

For those who are unaware of Payday 2 VR, this version of the title allows for players to experience the title like never before in a fully immersive way. Once more, the VR version is crossplay with other players on PC even if they are not using VR themselves. This means that friends can get together to pull of heist and play with their preferred method of control, VR or keyboard and mouse. Recently the developers made Payday 2 VR available within the main section of the title and it is available to all who own the videogame, completely free of charge.

One of the main questions that was asked was around the weapons within the title, more so the missing crossbows and bows. The team said: “At the moment the crossbows and bows are not available in VR, we are still looking into the development process there because they need to be handled slightly different then regular weapons because of how a bow actually works so we wanted to take a little extra time with those.” When a viewer raised if they could handle like a throw-able item in VR, Tobias responded by saying: “We are looking into making bows work like proper bows so pull the arrow and shoot like a bow but like i said, we are still developing this and we’re still looking into it.”

Payday 2 VR screenshot

This lead onto a question about the possible addition of a new frying pan melee weapon: “I don’t know, we have so many cooking utensils already, with the BBQ pack we got psycho killing knife, spatula, I think we have half a kitchen as melee weapons already. I don’t think we are looking into a frying pan melee weapon at the moment.” Tobias explained.

On a more technical note the viewers asked how Payday VR handled aim assist and if it was different from the non-VR version of the title. “It has a similar system to PC, because it is the same game right. We’re not trying to give a clutch to VR we’re just bringing the systems over with a few tweaks here and there.” This was followed by the question over which of the currently available head-mounted displays (HMDs), HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, were best for the title

“That is going to be very much to your prefer,” Tobias said, “I wouldn’t say that one is better than the other. The ones that we use in house are the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, so those are the ones we are officially supporting. The development has been on both of these, to make them work to the benefits of how the players usually play on the different headset as that does change. Vive is out of the box room scale, so a Vive player has more tendency to use the dash system where as Oculus plays tend to prefer the joystick movement. So we try to make these feel as functional and balanced as possible.”

One other interesting question that was answered by the team was the if they had any plans to add support for text chat within Payday 2 VR to allow players to respond to their team. Tobias explained: “This is again something we are looking into on how to solve. We have a few different ideas that we want to try for how to solve text chat, at the moment on the tablet you have on your arm, you can swipe to see text chat but there is no way to interact. We are looking into how we can give the VR players some ability to communicate. That is of course a little bit more tricky as a PC plays has a full keyboard in front of them so we will have to look into a solve for how that could work.”

This is only a taste of the content from the full stream which is over an hour long. You can watch it in full over on Starbreeze’s Twitch channel here.

For more on PayDay 2 VR in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

‘Payday 2 VR’ Exits Beta, Now Available as Free DLC to Main Game

Payday 2 (2013), Overkill’s 4-player bank heist co-op shooter, has offered a VR mode in beta for the past few months, but now it’s off the beta branch and pushed out as a free DLC to the main game.

Payday 2 VR offers users with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive access to the entire game including its bustling userbase – decidedly making it one of the most-populated VR-accessible games out there thanks to its cross-platform support.

Before, owners of Payday 2 had to install the beta branch of the game to give them access to the VR features.

If you don’t already own the game, the only way to get it currently is through one of the Payday 2: Ultimate Edition bundle, which includes a number of previous DLCs bundled into one. If you already have it (or pulled the trigger on the $45 bundle), you simply need to download the Payday 2 VR DLC here.

While the specs say users should at least have a 1GB GPU, this is likely referring to the main game, as the beta suggested at very least a GTX 980 or better to play.

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Payday 2 VR Update Revamps Sight Aiming, Adds New Levels and More

Overkill has added a whole heap of new content to Payday 2 in time for the holiday season, but more importantly comes another new update for Payday 2 VR. Currently undergoing a beta testing phase, Payday 2 VR has clearly taken inspiration from the recent Fallout 4 VR discussions, improving the aim-down-sight system as well as adding more fresh content.

Payday 2 VR art

A new heist added to the core Payday 2 experience asks players to mask up and get their guns out to join Locke in wreaking some havoc in the streets of New York. This first ever Christmas heist was contracted by Bain, and now Locke is bringing players some soft presents to put on when you heist on Alaskan Deal.

For Payday 2 VR however, the latest update is much more mechanical. The biggest change comes to the aforementioned aim-down-sight system, which now triggers automatically when moving the gun sights within your line of sight.

“We have improved the Aim down sight system. From now on it will trigger when you hold the gun up in front of your eyes with either one or two hands,” reads the latest update from Overkill.

The full changelog for Payday 2 VR Beta follows below, verbatim from Overkill, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the videogame.

Update VR Beta 1.5 Changelog

Update sizes:

Beta 1.4 – Beta 1.5 – 487,4MB
Main Branch to Beta 1.5 – 97,4MB


• Improved the ladder climbing system
• Fixed an issue where bags were thrown from the chest of clients instead of the hand
• Fixed an issue where you could grab a magazine with manual reload even if there was no bullets in the magazine
• Fixed an issue where the manual reload would display a full clip reload even when the player does not have enough ammo for it
• Improved the Aim Down sight system and removed two-handed trigger for ADS skills
• Removed the movement speed penalty while ADS is triggered
• Fixed issue where the player could interact and move at the same time with the direct movement system
• Fixed an issue where warp functionality was not interrupted by interactions
• Improved the wall check system for automatic weapon
• Disabled belt while being tased
• Disabled belt while being cuffed
• Prevented controller input during in the pause menu to affect gameplay
• Fixed so ingame vissual effects and waypoints won’t appear in the pause menu


• Added the Ksp 58
• Added the RPK
• Added the KSP
• Added the Brenner 21
• Added the Buzzsaw 42
• Added the Vulcan Minigun


• Added the Brooklyn Bank
• Added the Brooklyn 10-10
• Added the White Xmas
• Added the Jewelry Store
• Added the Ukrainian Job
• Added the Murky Station

Payday 2 VR Beta Update Brings New Levels, Smooth Locomotion

Payday 2 VR had been riding high on many virtual reality (VR) gamers’ most wanted lists since its announcement back in May. The eventual launch of a beta testing phase for the videogame was warmly received, so too was the development team’s willingness to listen to community feedback; a passion for the audience that has now resulted in smooth locomotion being added to the videogame.

Payday 2 VR screenshot

The first major update to Payday 2 VR’s beta resulted in the addition of Oculus Rift compatibility, complete with in-game representations of the Oculus Touch motion-controllers. Now, the development team are continuing to listen to community feedback as is evident with the launch of the beta 1.4 update.

“We are really happy to see how well our latest addition to CrimeNet, the Reservoir Dogs Heist, has been received. We saw a few issues reported on the forums and we quickly got to work on ironing out the wrinkles,” reads the latest update from Overkill, developers of Payday 2 VR. “We also bring an update to the VR Beta today. Jump in and have a blast with some grenade launchers and a few new levels. We are adding the new level here as well so that you can do some classical heisting with modern tech. Finally we are also including some updated animations for grenade launchers, shotguns and revolvers.”

In addition to this new content, Overkill has brought smooth locomotion, dubbed ‘direct movement’ by the development team, to Payday 2 VR. Players can now choose to play with either ‘Dash + Direct’ movement or ‘Dash’ only.

Payday 2 VR screenshot

The full changelog for the update follows below, verbatim from publisher Starbreeze Studios, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Payday 2 VR.


Update VR Beta 1.4 Changelog

Update sizes:

  • Beta 1.31 – Beta 1.4 – 1,2Gb
  • Main Branch to Beta 1.4 – 94,9Mb


  • Added Dash + Direct movement system for HTC vive and oculus
  • Fixed and issue where the hands and weapons would lag behind when dashing


  • Added The Basics – Stealth
  • Added The Basics – Loud
  • Added the Reservoir Dogs Heist
  • Added the Watchdogs job
  • Added the Prison Nightmare job
  • Added the Nightclub


  • Added the China Puff 40mm
  • Added the GL40
  • Added the Piglet


  • Added reload animations for Shotguns
  • Added reload animations for Revolvers
  • Added reload animations for Grenade Launchers
  • Added visual shotgun shells for the manual reload system
  • Added visual grenades for grenade launchers for the manual reload system
  • Added visual bullets for revolvers for the manual reload system

Overkill Launch Beta 1.3 for Payday 2 VR

The development team at Overkill have not been content to sit on their laurels since the launch of the Beta of Payday 2 VR earlier this month. Only a few days after the release of Beta 1.2, Overkill has launched Beta 1.3.

The development team have been working closely with the Steam community during the development of the virtual reality (VR) version of Payday 2 since it was originally announced in May, 2017.

One of the first updates the team introduced was support for the Oculus Rift as well as the HTC Vive, beginning with adding recognition for Oculus Touch controllers. The new Beta 1.3 extends this support by bringing in updates to the Oculus movement system, introducing the ability to rotate, improving the experience for Oculus Rift users playing at room-scale. Oculus Rift users will also get improved dash controls that allows the user to place a finger on the joystick to activate a targeting line and push it forward to activate the dash.

Another improvement introduced in the update is a change to the weapon grip functionality so users can now choose if they wish to turn it on or off and don’t need to hold the grip buttons in order to have a two-handed grip on a weapon. The team has also adjusted some weapons to make it easier for left-handed players to use those weapons.

The development team have also introduced a number of gameplay balance tweaks, changing some aspects of the weapons, Perk Deck and heists in order to improve the experience for players. The Halloween-themed heists, Safe House Nightmare and Cursed Kill Room, are now being integrated into the title permanently.


The upgrade from Beta 1.3 will be introduced alongside the regular update. The patch notes are as follows:


  • Improved the ladder control system

  • Fixed a graphical issue with Flashbang distortions

  • Improved the visuals of the menu laser


  • Added the ability to use the Saws

  • Adjusted grip points for left handed player

  • Added a grip toggle system for holding weapons in two hands


  • Improved dash controls for Oculus Touch controllers

  • Added rotate player buttons for Oculus Touch controllers

VRFocus will bring you further news on Payday 2 VR as it becomes available.

Payday 2 VR Beta Update Improves Your Crime Spree Capabilities

Last week Starbreeze Studios released the long awaited beta for its highly popular crime spree videogame Payday 2, giving HTC Vive owners the chance to pull off heists, have shootouts with police and more. Today, the studio has rolled out a second update for players, adding content whilst ironing out some issues.

The update doesn’t feature anything too major, with some added transports, a couple of characters and a new melee weapon. It’s mainly an issue fix patch more than anything, improving the gameplay for a smoother experience.

If you missed the first update last week that had one big addition, Oculus Touch support so the Payday 2 VR beta recognises the motion  controllers.

Check out the full Payday 2 VR Beta 1.2 update changelog below. For any further announcements, keep reading VRFocus.

  • Content
  • Added Transport: Crossroads
  • Added Transport: Downtown
  • Added Transport: Harbor
  • Added Transport: Park
  • Added Transport: Underpass
  • Added Big Oil
  • Added Mallcrasher
  • Added Ethan and Hila
  • Added the Tag Team Perk Deck
  • Added the Great Ruler Melee WeaponGeneral
  • Fixed a “divide by 0” crash that caused some players to not be able to every start the game
  • Fixed an issue where the stop hand icon and interaction circles was not visible through walls
  • Tweaked the controls to climb ladders
  • Changed the adaptive quality setting, it will now default to 140% of supersampling quality level when turned off
  • Increased resolution of the game image in the pause menu and custody screenMenu
  • Fixed an issue where laser pointer was not disabled properly when switching hand in the menu
  • Fixed an issue where the belt did not switch sides when choosing a different weapon hand during game play
  • Fixed an issue where the reload system did not change when choosing a different setting during game play
  • Fixed an issue where Dallas would spawn in the main menu before the players chosen character would appear
  • Implement name labels in the VR lobby
  • Moved the characters in the VR lobby slightly closer to the playerWeapons
  • Fixed tased state so it properly shoots from the weapon, and fires both weapons when using akimbo
  • Added a small amount of damage to weapon butt hits
  • Fixed an issue where switching weapons would use the wrong grip settings

Payday 2 VR Developers Confirm Working On Oculus Rift Support

For people who want to see what it’s like to rob a bank without the inconvenience of being shot at or arrested, Payday 2 VR is about as close as you can get to the real thing with current technology, for HTC Vive users, at least. Oculus Rift owners are facing a few roadblocks to enjoying the title.

The open beta for Payday 2 VR was recently launched via Steam, with the virtual reality (VR) version being made available for free to anyone who owns a copy of Payday 2 on PC. However, VR users who have an Oculus Rift are facing significant issues to enjoying daring bank heists in VR – namely that the Oculus Touch controllers do not work.

Developers OVERKILL have posted a pinned topic on the Payday 2 Steam forums, advising users that while the ability to play with Oculus Rift has not been tampered with or removed, it is not currently officially supported, so users who choose to play with Oculus Rift instead of HTC Vive, the officially supported platform, will likely face issues.

The development team have confirmed that they will be ‘looking into’ Oculus Support over the Beta period, and as a way to begin the process, have introduced a Hotfix update that allows Payday 2 VR to recognised controllers with touchpads, thus allowing the Oculus touch controllers to function. Another addition will allow controllers with joysticks to work with the VR version.

The developers have emphasised that Oculus Rift support is not yet completely implemented, and further works needs to be done. The latest update also points out that Payday 2 VR is designed for room-scale, so Oculus Rift users will need to ensure they have at least three sensors set up to play as intended.

Payday-2-VR---1It is not currently known if and when fully official support for Oculus Rift will be introduced. Further information and updates can be found on the Steam page.

Be sure to check out the hands-on preview of Payday 2 VR. VRFocus will bring you further news on Payday 2 VR as it becomes available.

Preview: Payday 2 VR – The Right Kind of Daylight Robbery

Starbreeze Studios aren’t exactly newcomers to the field of virtual reality (VR), having collaborated on VR titles like John Wick Chronicles as well as developing its own head-mounted display, StarVR. Even so, it still came as a surprise when the studio announced back in May that it was working on a VR version of its 2013 smash hit, Payday 2, and that the VR version would be a free update. A month later the studio then made the gaming community even happier by making five million copies of Payday 2 available for free.

Payday 2 VR is a four-player co-op first-person shooter (FPS) that revolves around your crack team of criminals pulling off various heists, bank jobs, and other nefarious activities, earning loot and gaining experience to buy better equipment to pull off even more outlandish raids.


Having such a strong community following Starbreeze Studios hasn’t rushed to implement Payday 2 VR into the main PC videogame just yet, starting proceedings off in beta to gauge reactions to the VR version. That being said, the studio hasn’t watered down the original title in any way to make it suitable for VR, merely used what it has already learnt to adapt the popular title for immersive headsets – which is very popular at the moment, just look at The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR for example.

This has and hasn’t quite worked on several fronts. Firstly movement, this is always a major consideration in VR over standard videogames because of what players find comfortable. Starbreeze has gone for the tried and tested – albeit safe option – of teleportation, giving you a marker on the floor which extends to a reasonable distance. Unfortunately, at this time this is the only option available to players, there’s no smooth locomotion options in the menu. Whilst this is understandable, when a robbery goes awry and all hell breaks loose, with cops attacking from all angles, trying to teleport about quickly becomes haphazard, jarring, and most importantly not that fun.

There are times when you want to quickly strafe behind cover or move backwards down a hallway with the loot providing covering fire. Yes, having roomscale allows you to physically duck behind cover but if the teleport doesn’t quite reach – or worse puts you on top of a counter or table – you can then become a sitting duck. So hopefully Payday 2 VR will see more movement options as development continues.

PayDay 2 VR

Also the belt around your waist is a series of panels which need to be highlighted before they can be used, switching between guns, selecting your fist and other options. This does feel somewhat tacked on, easy to use when it’s calm, slightly more finicky when in the middle of a gunfight.

All that being said, for a beta title that’s free-to-play you shouldn’t miss out on playing Payday 2 VR because it still captures what made the original so great. There’s a wealth of content available, tons of missions and customisation options. While you can try and plan your heists, even trying to be stealthy, unless you’re an elite Payday 2 veteran most missions will tend to end in an all-out massacre, running around trying to complete objectives whilst a relentless swarm of police descend upon you.

As you may expect there are still bugs and glitches to be found – trying to grab loot can sometimes be awkward – yet these aren’t gameplay breaking. Among the endless wave shooters that litter content libraries what Payday 2 VR offers VR gamers is variety, the ability to get involved, making split second decisions that can make or break a heist, offering a challenge that doesn’t just involve being able to shoot someone in the head. Payday 2 VR is the type of experience VR needs, hopefully Starbreeze Studios can shape it into one of the best.

‘Payday 2’ VR Beta Now Available, Supporting Cross-play with Desktop Players

Payday 2 (2013), the popular FPS with four-player co-op, has now updated to include access to the VR beta for HTC Vive. The beta is free, and will see updates in discrete phases, the first of which is now available for owners of the game.

The goal behind the beta is to give players on PC and VR access to the same Payday 2 content. For now though, some weapons aren’t available for VR players, something that will hopefully change in successive beta phases.

Although technically running through SteamVR, the game currently only officially supports Vive, and only renders Vive controllers. Some users have reported that Windows VR headsets work fine as well. Oculus Rift users will have to do an extra step to emulate the Vive’s controller and remap Touch’s buttons however. Reddit user ‘ElectrickMedic’ put together a handy guide on how to install the OpenVR Input Emulator to get the beta working for Rift.

image courtesy Overkill Software

Since June 2017, the game has only been available in its ‘Ultimate Edition’, which includes all the DLC for a total of $45. At the time of this writing, the base game sans DLC doesn’t appear to be available anywhere.

To get access to the VR beta, you’ll have to opt into the beta branch on Steam:

Find PAYDAY 2 in your Steam library and right-click – select Properties. In the Properties window – select the tab called “BETAS”. In the drop down menu in the BETAS tab – select “open_vr_beta” and close the window. This will automatically push the beta branch update. You can opt out at any time by reverting back to the stable branch.

Overkill recommends playing on window 8 or higher and with a
GTX 980 or better.

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Payday 2 VR Beta Coming Next Month; Full Game Free to Payday 2 Owners

Earlier today, VRFocus reported on an official ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) being hosted by Payday 2 developers, Overkill, regarding the forthcoming virtual reality (VR) edition of the videogame. A few interesting tidbits were revealed in the AMA, including the launch date for the beta testing phase.

Originally revealed back in May of this year, Payday 2 VR will be free to all current owners of Payday 2, including those five million copies that were given away free in June.

“Yes, the [Payday 2 VR] will be free to all owners of the base game or the Ultimate Edition, no update will be required to gain access to VR,” stated Payday 2 VR producer, Tobias Remmers, known in the AMA as ‘OVERKILL_Tobias’.

Furthermore, Remmers confirmed that Payday 2 VR will allow for VR and non-VR crossplay:

“[Payday 2 VR] is developed for PC and it will be fully compatible with between desktop players and VR players. During the beta however all players will need to be on the beta branch.

“The VR and Desktop players will have acsess to the same content. They will be able to play together on all heists. [sic]”

Remmers and his team are obviously aware of the balancing implications allowing VR and non-VR players to play together will incur, especially in a fast-paced first-person shooter such as Payday 2. Further discussing the cross-compatibility, Remmers stated that a period of the forthcoming beta will be devoted to addressing just that.

“There will be a beta period devoted to game balance. There will be difference between a VR player and a Desktop player. However our approach is not to match the VR player exactly to the PC player but rather giving them a different way to play that will be let you have the same survivability.

“You can shoot around corners this is one of the ways the VR players can reach the same survivability as a desktop player. Our approach is not to match the VR player exactly to the PC player but rather giving them a different way to play that will be let you have the same survivability.”

That beta edition of Payday 2 VR will officially begin on 16th November 2017, and will arrive in different ‘phases’. According to Remmers, each period of the beta will add content and focus on different aspects.

Payday-2-VR---3Moving on to the specifics of control in Payday 2 VR, Remmers confirmed that only a ‘system similar to a teleport’ has currently been developed and will be available during the beta. However, he later stated that the team would be open to a free locomotion option given the player demand.

“We are using a system similar to a teleport where the player dashes to the location rather than an instant teleport with a screen fade. We try to make the movement as easy and fast as possible without being disorianting. In 3rd person this will look like you are running. [sic]

“The development has focused on using the dash system.We can look into a trackpad system once the beta has been released.We are not against the idea since a lot of people have request this.No changes will be made until launch of the beta. [sic]”

Remmers suggested that ‘more info about the control scheme’ will come ‘closer to the release of the beta’. He also offered some information on the weaponry and skills that will be available in the beta version of Payday 2 VR.

Overkill are clearly intent on recreating as much of the original Payday 2 content appear natural and balanced in Payday 2 VR. As such, there will be modifications to many aspects. For example, in Payday 2 VR melee weapons will inflict more damage, and akimbo weapons can be fired in different directions.

“There will be changes to skills for VR. There are some skills that will not be working as intended in VR. There will be addressed during one of the beta periods. The actual dash range and cooldown will be subject to balance changes during the beta. We welcome you all to try it out when it’s out to give us your feedback. The guards can see you mid dash so there is no way to teleport past a guard. Stealth is one reason why we used a dash system rather than a true teleport.

“The ambition is that all weapons should be supported. For the first beta period not all weapons will be available. For example the bows will not be released in the first beta period.”

Rounding up the selection of new information offered today, Remmers stated that Payday 2 VR is currently only in development for HTC Vive, but when questioned suggested that Overkill may look into Oculus Rift support after the beta testing period. However, there was no mention of PlayStation VR support.

“The game is developed for the Vive. If there is a big interest in the Oculus is we can look into it later in the beta period or post release.

“For the beta the focus has been the Vive and this room scale system. Oculus is something we can look into in the beta or post release.”

Payday-2-VR---2The Payday 2 VR beta testing phase will begin on 16th November 2017, and will be available to all current and future owners of either Payday 2 or the Payday 2 Ultimate Edition at no extra charge. You can read the full AMA with Overkill here, and check out the official Payday 2 VR website. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Payday 2 VR as the launch date of the beta approaches