Oculus Quest: Resolution Games kündigt Entwicklung mehrerer VR-Titeln an

Werbung für Virtual Reality Hygiene

Nach Fast Travel Games (bekannt für Apex Construct) bekennt sich nun ein weiteres Entwicklerstudio zur Arbeit an VR-Titeln für die kommende Oculus Quest. Resolution Games verkündete per Twitter die Entwicklung mehrerer VR-Spiele für die neue Plattform. Der Tweet wurde mittlerweile allerdings gelöscht.

Oculus Quest – Resolution Games kündigt Entwicklung mehrerer VR-Titel an

Entwicklerstudio Resolution Games ist bekannt für eine Vielzahl von VR-Titeln für verschiedene Plattformen und konnte sich besonders im Mobile-VR-Markt einen Namen machen. Das Angelspiel Bait! für Google Daydream und Gear VR zählt zu den erfolgreichsten Veröffentlichungen und zählt mittlerweile über zwei Millionen Downloads. Zu den weiteren Spielen aus der Spieleschmiede zählen das Piratenstrategiespiel Narrows, Wonderglade sowie das kürzlich erschienene Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs für Oculus Rift und HTC Vive.

Narrows von Resolution Games

Per Twitter verkündeten die Entwickler nun die Arbeit an mehreren VR-Spielen für die Oculus Quest. So tweeten die Devs:

In letzter Zeit war es etwas still um uns. Das hat einen Grund, denn wir arbeiten derzeit hart an der Entwicklung einiger Spiele für die Oculus Quest. Wir können kaum darauf warten, sie euch vorzustellen. Bleibt gespannt!”

Einige Stunden später wurde der offizielle Post jedoch wieder gelöscht.

Um welche VR-Titel es sich dabei handelt, ist bisher unbekannt. Eine Portierung des kürzlich veröffentlichten Angry Birds VR ist naheliegend. Ob es sich bei den weiteren Ankündigungen um Ports oder sogar neue Spiele handelt, bleibt zunächst abzuwarten.

Spätestens auf der GDC 2019 im März erhalten wir Gewissheit über die Spiele. Zahlreiche Studios und Oculus selbst stellen vor Ort diverse Showcases aus und kündigen bereits einige Überraschungen an. Zum Release der Oculus Quest sollen zeitgleich 50 VR-Titel erscheinen.

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The Best Samsung Gear VR Games of 2018

Samsung’s Gear VR headset was once the dominant mobile head-mounted display (HMD), it featured everywhere, in Samsung’s Unpacked events, standard videogame conferences, and institutions the world over as they looked to entertain visitors with new technology. But that position and stature have slowly faded, Samsung isn’t bundling the device with smartphones as it did and with the arrival of Oculus Go, VR enthusiasts can now go mobile with even more ease. That being said, there are a lot of Gear VR owners out there, and developers are still supporting the HMD. So here are VRFocus’ ten favourite videogames from the latest twelve months.

The Best Samsung Gear VR Games of 2018

Slightly Heroes

Slightly Heroes – Hatrabbit Entertainment

Whilst this isn’t a dedicated Gear VR title that’s no bad thing. In fact that works to Slightly Heroes advantage as the videogame is a one vs one online multiplayer, with cross-platform support, enabling you to battle those on Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, Windows Mixed Reality, Lenovo Mirage Solo, and the non-VR Android app. This should ensure there’s always someone to match against. If not there’s always AI enemies to dispatch.

Arca's Path

Arca’s Path VR – Dream Reality Entertainment

Arca’s Path VR takes the gameplay style of classics like Marble Madness and updates it for VR headsets. Featuring a dark storyline where you play a girl tricked by an evil witch, you’ve been turned into a ball and must navigate 25 labyrinthine levels in a bid to free yourself and return home. To do this, Dream Reality Interactive has employed a gaze-based control mechanism, meaning you just need to look where you want to go.


Narrows – Resolution Games

Narrows lets you take to the high seas, heading to the Caribbean during the golden age of piracy to make your fortune. Combining real-time crew-management with ship-to-ship combat, there are plenty of customization options to tweak your cannons and crew for battle, plus rogue-like replayability. Gameplay also includes swashbuckling sword fights, charting your own course, and making sure your crew of misfits are healthy and fed.

Covert – White Elk

Covert features asymmetrical gameplay that lets two players work together to pull off a high-profile heist, whether they’re inside or outside of VR. This works by the VR player having to pull off the heist while their mate acts as the hacker accomplice on a mobile device, feeding them vital information. Being the multiplayer title that it is, make sure the mobile device is compatible with the app, Android 7.0 or iOS 6 and above.

Eclipse: Edge of Light – White Elk

Eclipse: Edge of Light’s story finds you crash landing on a sentient planet. Upon discovering the ruins of an ancient civilization, you then come across a device known as The Artifact, allowing you to interact with their technology whilst bestowing seemingly magical powers upon you. In order to uncover the secrets of the planet and this long-lost civilization, eventually hoping to escape, players must recover the pieces of The Artifact that have been scattered across the landscape.

Virtual Virtual Reality

Virtual Virtual Reality – Tender Claws

Virtual Virtual Reality is a narrative-driven comedy adventure about VR and AI. Players use virtual VR headsets to explore over 50 unique virtual realities, delving into the story behind AI service Activitude. As bizarre as this all sounds, Tender Claws’ VR experience is a great introduction to VR.


Catan VR – Experiment 7

Mixing traditional boardgame gameplay with the immersive online gaming that only VR can provide, Experiment 7’s Catan VR is a polished example of the genre. Featuring both single-player and multiplayer online modes, up to four people can play against one another in cross-platform gameplay, with players taking the role of settlers who need to establish colonies on the islands of Catan, acquiring resources to build infrastructure and roads whilst engaging in trade with other players.

Racket Fury - PSVR

Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR – 10Ants Hill

For those who enjoy a bit of sport, Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR offers a single-player campaign with four Cups to play through. Each of the 16 opponents have their own temper and unique style of play meaing players will have to think on their feet and adjust their strategy with each new opponent they face.

Astraeus Screenshot5

Astraeus – E McNeill

Like E McNeill’s three previous VR videogames, Darknet, Tacteraand SkylightAstraeus is another deviously simple looking real-time strategy (RTS) experience that becomes a lot more complex the longer you play. Astraeus is a VR asteroid mining title where you need to build a mining network from dozens of bases and watch as hundreds of ships swarm around you. Your job is to control these swarms of mining drones, create the bases, and outpace the competition in Campaign, Skirmish, and asynchronous multiplayer modes.

The Wizards: Trials of Meliora

The Wizards: Trials of Meliora – Carbon Studio

The Wizards: Trials of Meliora is the next step in Carbon Studio’s spellbinding adventure. Designed specifically for mobile devices, the videogame enables players to wield powerful spells as they defend the realm. There are five levels to complete with four gesture-based spells to master. You’ll also be able to upgrade the spells to inflict greater damage and cause more chaos. One for those who enjoy a good magical fight.

Resolution Games’ Narrows Lands On Oculus Go And Gear VR

Resolution Games’ Narrows Lands On Oculus Go And Gear VR

Resolution Games’ most recent VR adventure, Narrows, is making the jump from Daydream to Oculus Go and Gear VR.

Narrows is a swashbuckling pirate game fitted with several minigames. You’ll take on enemy ships with the command of canons, stop rival fiends coming aboard with your sword and plot a course across the seas with a giant map. As you gather loot you’ll be able to customize your ship in an effort to become the true scourge of the seas. The game originally launched on Daydream earlier this year. We’ve always thought it was pretty neat.

The news comes shortly after Resolution Games announced that it has raised $7.5 million in a recent round of funding. The company is set to use the money to expand its efforts in both VR and AR, which include the recently-released Angry Birds game on Magic Leap and the popular VR fishing game, Bait!.

Narrows, meanwhile, costs a modest $8.99.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the studio cooks up next.

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Enjoy a Pirates Life as Narrows Sails onto Oculus Go & Gear VR

Resolution Games is an avid supporter of mobile virtual reality (VR) headsets, having supported Samsung Gear VR in the early days with Bait! and then most recently the Lenovo Mirage Solo with Narrows. Now the studio has revealed that the pirate adventure will be accessible to even more players, with it being rolled out to Oculus Go and Gear VR.

Narrows Swordfighting

Narrows lets you take to the high seas, heading to the Caribbean during the golden age of piracy to make your fortune. Combining real-time crew-management with ship-to-ship combat, there are plenty of customization options to tweak your cannons and crew for battle, plus rogue-like replayability. Gameplay also includes swashbuckling sword fights, charting your own course, and making sure your crew of misfits are healthy and fed. Additionally, every time you start a new adventure  Narrows will offer up a fresh set of maps and choices so players will never have the same experience twice.

“This holiday season is the perfect time to bring Narrows to more platforms for players to experience what we believe is one of our most exciting titles to date,” said Tommy Palm, Resolution Games co-founder and CEO in a statement. “We hope Narrows’ rich character interactions and abundant gameplay options will get everyone hooked on sailing the virtual high seas.”

You can buy Narrows now for Oculus Go and Gear VR from the Oculus Store for $8.99 USD/£6.99 GBP.


As it’s sales season, Resolution Games is offering Narrows and Bait! with a 50 percent off in the Google Play Store for the Lenovo Mirage Solo and Daydream View headsets, until 28th November.

Alongside its VR titles, the studio has now ventured into augmented reality (AR), partnering with Rovio to bring Angry Birds to Magic Leap. Resolution Games most recently closed a $7.5 million series B round of funding to help expand development of its VR and AR projects. For further updates from the studio, keep reading VRFocus.

Hands-On: Narrows Is A Pirate Adventure With Roguelike Elements

Hands-On: Narrows Is A Pirate Adventure With Roguelike Elements

We haven’t written about a whole lot of Google Daydream exclusive titles lately. That’s not for a lack of interest — the Pixel and Pixel 2 are excellent smartphones and the Daydream is a very intuitive platform — but it’s just due to a lack of new, exciting software coming out lately.

Narrows from Resolution Games (the same team behind Bait!) released last week however and actually does deliver on the promise of a game with some real meat on its bones, even if it still very much “feels” like a mobile VR title, as expected.

When you first start up Narrows you take on the role of the captain of a highly-successful crew of pirates. You embark into battle against a mysterious ghost ship that somehow resurrects itself after you destroy it and takes you out on the open seas. This is the catalyst for the game as a whole as you’re sent back to a starter ship to try and go from rags to riches.

The main menu is abreast with about a dozen different silhouetted vessels, each growing in size as you move from left to right, but they all cost a specific resource that I’ve got zero of at the moment. The starter ship aptly named “Wreck” it is, then.

When you’re in the game the overworld map lays before you on a tabletop and that’s when the roguelike elements become apparent. You’ve got resources like cannonballs, food, and gold to manage and you can move around the map from point-to-point resolving various types of encounters as you go.

One node could have an enemy ship to fight while another could have a sunken ship full of loot and treasure. There are also merchants and trader ships at which you can buy more food or cannonballs and even equip upgrades to your ship’s layout.

When you’re actually in a fight you view your ship from the side with the walls shaved off, similar to Fallout Shelter, and use the Daydream controller to select crewmembers and assign them duties. When your ship is hit, for example, rooms could catch fire in which case you’d assign the water-bucket-pouring-person to go attend to the catastrophe while other mates may be manning the canons.

Actually shooting the canons is a bit wonky since the Daydream controller only recognizes where you’re pointing and isn’t positionally tracked, but basically you arc your shot in an attempt to hit the enemy ship as it’s moving around in real-time. Eventually you’ll even have to fend off enemy pirates that try to board your ship too.

And that’s the whole gameplay loop more or less. You progress across the map, find loot, upgrade your ship, buy new ships, and try not to fail miserably. Since it has roguelike elements though, chances are you will die more often than you’d like — and that’s okay.

Narrows is now avaialble for Google Daydream for $9.99 on the Google Play Store. If you decide to check it out, let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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Update: Piratenstrategiespiel Narrows für Oculus Go und Gear VR erschienen


Narrows ist ab sofort für 8,99 Euro auch im Oculus Store für Oculus Go und Gear VR erhältlich.

[Originalartikel vom 16. Februar 2018]:

Das schwedische Entwicklerstudio Resolution Games (bekannt für Bait! und Wonderglade) veröffentlichte ihren neuen mobilen VR-Titel Narrows für Google Daydream. Das Piratenabenteuer vereint strategische Schiffskämpfe, actionreiches Säbelrasseln und Management der eigenen Piratencrew im karibischen Piratenzeitalter. Zusätzlich bietet es Roguelike-Spielelemente, die zu erneutem Spielbeginn einladen.

Narrows – Werdet zum Schrecken der virtuellen Weltmeere

Mit Narrows veröffentlicht Resolution Games ein neues ambitioniertes VR-Projekt, das an den Erfolg ihrer bisherigen mobilen VR-Titel anknüpfen soll. Das Strategiespiel im Piratensetting versetzt euch in die Karibik, um als Freibeuter auf Schatzjagd zu gehen. Als Kapitän eures eigenen Schiffs müsst ihr eure Crew kommandieren, um das Schiff in Schuss zu halten. Eine klare Aufgabenverteilung steht dabei an der Tagesordnung.


Dabei bleibt euch stets offen, was als nächstes geschehen soll: egal ob Schatzsuche, Rettung schiffsbrüchiger Seeleute oder Gefechtssituation mit anderen Piratenschiffen oder der Marine – ihr bestimmt euren Weg zum ruhmreichen Piraten. Mit euren Schiffskanonen könnt ihr feindliche Schiffe versenken oder mit dem virtuellen Säbel zum Entern ansetzen. Dank Roguelike-Spielelementen wird dabei der Wiederspielwert erhöht, da bei jedem Neubeginn ein anderes Spielerlebnis generiert wird.


Der CEO des Entwicklerstudios Tommy Palm erklärte in einem Interview mit VR Focus, dass er schon immer ein großer Freund von Piratenspielen war. Bereits in den 80ern fesselte ihn Sid Meiers Pirates! so sehr, dass er selbst mit dem Programmieren begann.

Zur Veröffentlichung des VR-Titels fand er ambitionierte Worte: „Wir sind unglaublich stolz auf unsere bisherigen Spieleveröffentlichungen und versuchen, jetzt mit Narrows die Grenzen der mobilen VR-Spiele zu erweitern. Mit zahlreichen Inhalten wie freischaltbaren Schiffen, zu entdeckenden Inseln sowie Beutezügen gibt es unzählige verschiedene Möglichkeiten, ein individuelles Piratenabenteuer zu bestimmen. Narrows bietet mehr Inhalte als jeder anderer unserer mobilen Titel und sollte  Teil einer jeden virtuellen Schatzsammlung an VR-Spielen werden.

Narrows ist für 9,49 Euro für Daydream im Google Play Store erhältlich.

(Quellen:VR Focus | Video: Resolution Games Youtube)

Der Beitrag Update: Piratenstrategiespiel Narrows für Oculus Go und Gear VR erschienen zuerst gesehen auf VR∙Nerds. VR·Nerds am Werk!

Pirate Adventure Game Narrows Hits Daydream This February

Pirate Adventure Game Narrows Hits Daydream This February

Prep YAR Daydream headsets because pirate-themed adventure game, Narrows, by Resolution Games (Bait! and Wonderglade) is dropping its anchor next month on February 15th. Described as “a roguelike strategy game that’s a little bit FTL, a little bit Sid Meier’s Pirates,” Narrows will cost $9.99 at launch.

Resolution has quickly made a name for itself as one of the strongest mobile VR game developers and Narrows certainly looks like it will be up to that same standard.

Judging from the trailer above, it definitely seems like there is a nice diversity of gameplay types from a top-down strategy element with map movement, to ship battles, and even melee combat against enemies trying to board your ship.

With the game’s launch just about two weeks away it won’t be long before we can put it through its paces and see how it stacks up on the high seas.

Let us know your thoughts on it down in the comments below!

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Resolution Games Announce VR Pirate Adventure: Narrows

Resolution Games has today revealed the details of the studio’s next virtual reality (VR) project, Narrows, a videogame of swashbuckling pirate adventure. Coming soon on Google Daydream, Narrows will follow the studio’s wildly successful VR fishing title Bait!, the carnival-themed mini-game collection Wonderglade, and the VR interpretation of classic card game Solitaire Jester.

Narrrows logo“We’ve been ecstatic about how our first games have been received, but Narrows will be our biggest game yet,” said Tommy Palm, co-founder and CEO of Resolution Games. “Pirate adventures have long been a part of our culture, from literature classics like Treasure Island to historical villains like Blackbeard and his contemporaries, the golden age of piracy is rife with legend and lore.”

Narrows will offer players a unique view of a pirate’s life, while allowing players to explore numerous voyages on the sea, creating their own mariner myths in the process.

“While the idea of action and adventure may skew to a slightly different audience than our earlier games, we’re confident that the intuitive controls and welcoming design will make Narrows an experience that the whole family can enjoy,” added Palm. “With Bait! and Wonderglade, we managed to create fun and accessible games that appeal to the widest possible audience. In that same vein, Narrows is very much a product of the Resolution Games design philosophy. We’re making VR games for everyone.”

In 2015, Resolution Games announced the raising of $6 million (USD) in order to develop mobile VR videogames and experiences. Investors included Google Ventures, Creandum, Initial Capital, Bonnier Growth Media, and Partech Ventures. At the time, the studio claimed to have seven prototype experiences in the works, a few of which have since been released in the forms of Wonderglade  and Bait!.

Bait! has been Resolution Games’ biggest success story in immersive media to date, having revealed more than two million players had played the videogame. The company recently announced a spin-off from the title, Bait! Arctic Open, is in development for Facebook Spaces, the Oculus Rift social VR application designed to leverage the Facebook community.

While Resolution Games continues to support Bait!, the development of Narrows is expected to be finalised with a planned 2018 launch. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Narrows and other forthcoming VR titles from Resolution Games.