5 VR Games We’re Most Excited for From Quest Gaming Showcase

Meta dumped an avalanche of VR news today in its hour-long Quest Gaming Showcase livestream, revealing trailers and info on more than a dozen new games coming to Quest 2, Quest Pro, and probably also the newly unveiled Quest 3 headset.

Here’s what we’re most excited about:

Asgard’s Wrath 2

Image courtesy Sanzaru Games

That’s right, the sequel to hit Rift title Asgard’s Wrath (2019) is coming to Quest this winter, bringing with it a ton of new places to explore and a cast of new companions and puzzles. Meta’s Sanzaru Games says we should expect phsyics-based melee and a more intuitive combat system altogether, not to mention a brand-new realm to explore which will bring us to a reimagined Ancient Egypt. Catch the full announce here. Also, check out the trailer on YouTube (age-restricted).

I Expect You To Die 3: Cog in the Machine

We’ve known about the upcoming sequel to the hit spy-flavored puzzle game I Expect You To Die, but it seems every new trailer that pops up is just another opportunity to salivate at the Bond-style escape room’s ingenious puzzles and patently dastardly villains. It’s coming to the Quest platform and PSVR 2 “soon,” developers Schell Games says. Catch the full announce here.

Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable

The trailer for Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable is admittedly not gameplay, although it’s easy to see where it’s headed, as Japanese studio UNIVRS seems to be heavily suggesting gameplay elements here. It’s bringing both single player and co-op modes to the Titan-killing, swing-tastic game, letting you play in Japanese or English, subs included. It’s coming to Quest platform in winter 2023, which is a little later than the promised summer 2023 launch window previously announced, but better late than never. Catch the full announce here.

Dungeons of Eternity

Although it’s hard to get super excited about a roguelike dungeon crawler—there are a few really great ones out there already—Dungeons of Eternity is coming to the Quest platform this year from a studio called Othergate, which was founded by a bunch of ex-Oculus Studios game designers. The 1-3 player co-op dungeon crawling RPG also incorporates physics-based combat, which is pretty refreshing to see since it focuses on melee as well as archery and magic. Catch the full announce here.

Stranger Things VR

TV show game tie-ins are pretty hit and miss (mostly miss), but we can actually vouch for the studio developing this Stranger Things VR game, coming to Quest this fall from VR pioneers Tender Claws. You may know Tender Claws for its games Virtual Virtual Reality 1 and 2 and The Under Presents, three spectacular titles that really just get what makes VR great. Be the bad guy, Vecna. Do bad shit. Catch the full announce here.

– – — – –

Assassin’s Creed: Nexus VR

Image courtesy Ubisoft

Ok, just one more, but it’s definitely outside of our lineup since we didn’t exactly get an eye-full of Ubisoft’s upcoming Assassin’s Creed game today like we hoped, which is now confirmed to be officially called Assassin’s Creed: Nexus VR (the only real news about AC from the showcase).

The actual reveal is said to come during Ubisoft’s Forward livestream event taking place on June 12th though, so we’re closer than ever to learning whether Ubisoft is set to faithfully translate the franchise’s high-flying, time-tripping assassin into VR. Catch the full announce here.

There were a ton of games announced today. Which one are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Meta Exclusive ‘Asgard’s Wrath 2’ Coming to Quest 3 in December

During Meta’s Connect 2023 developer conference today the company revealed the hotly awaited sequel to Asgard’s Wrath, the single-player adventure which launched on Rift in 2019, is coming to Quest 2 and the fully unveiled Quest 3 on December 15th.

Update (September 27th, 2023): Now we know precisely when to set our calendars for the release of Asgard’s Wrath 2: December 15th, 2023.

Additionally, Meta announced that users who buy Quest 3, either the 128GB variant for $500 or the 512GB for $650, is getting Asgard’s Wrath 2 for free, which will be otherwise priced at $60. The original article announcing Asgard’s Wrath 2 follows below:

Original Article (June 1st, 2023): Called Asgard’s Wrath 2, the game is slated to launch on Quest 2 and Quest Pro in Winter 2023. Picking up where it last left off, the sequel suddenly thrusts you into a battle with a creature from an Ancient Egypt-inspired realm. There, you encounter the ‘Weavers of Fate’ who set you on a mission to find and stop a certain trickster god.

Check out the reveal trailer, which is only available on YouTube due to its age rating.

Meta-owned studio Sanzaru Games says the sequel includes a host of new realms to explore, including Asgardian realms in addition to vast desert expanses of ancient Egypt. You’ll be able to battle and puzzle your way through temples, caves, and dungeons, where you’re encounter monsters, main quests, sidequests, crafting resources, mini-games and more.

Like the first, you’ll have access to a cast of warrior-followers to help you solve puzzles and help you take on enemies. God-scale perspective

Asgard’s Wrath 2 includes an updated combat system that departs from the last, which previously required you to block and parry hits, destroy shields and armor, then kill the enemy itself. Now you’ll be able to hack away at defenses naturally in addition to parrying for opportune melee windows. It also includes elemental types and a wider variety of enemies in addition to physics-based melee. Upgradeable abilities and weapons extend beyond the player, as companions also have their own skill trees.

Enemies are said to scale to user level and ability, giving them access to better moves and defensive measures. In addition to the main game, there’s also set to be an infinite dungeon crawling mode to help you bone up on tactics.

Pre-orders for Agard’s Wrath 2 are available today, with a Quest launch scheduled for winter 2023. In the meantime, learn a little more about the game in this nine-minute developer walkthrough, again, only on YouTube.

‘Assassin’s Creed VR’ Full Reveal Coming July 12th at Ubisoft Forward

Although we didn’t get a first look at Ubisoft’s VR take on Assassin’s Creed during Meta’s big Quest Gaming Showcase today, the studio says we should watch out next week for the full reveal.

Meanwhile, today’s announcement (of an announcement) confirmed for the first time that a previous leak was true, claiming the game would indeed be called ‘Nexus’, or rather Assassin’s Creed: Nexus VR.

The leak, which was from April 2022, included a host of unconfirmed information including a video of a mission menu and initial impressions of the work-in-progress game.

The leaked video included a number of mission-related texts which could point to the game being set in a smorgasbord of iconic eras visited across the franchise. Here’s some text pulled from the leaked video in question which talks about Ezio, the Florentine nobleman from Rennaissance-era Italy:

“Ezio makes a surprise return to the family estate at Monteriggioni at the behest of his sister (and fellow assassin) Claudia. Claudia, it seems, has been trying to rebuild the ruins of Monteriggioni, and things have been going very slowly. She’s got her suspicions as to why this is so, what isn’t read to act yet. Instead, Claudia suggest Ezio fins out what’s going on, then leaves him with word that she’s hidden a knickknack of his that he loved as a child somewhere in [illegible] that sports a puzzle.”

Ubisoft is set to release more info about Assassin’s Creed: Nexus VR at its annual Ubisoft Forward livestream on June 12th.

Will it feature the high-flying action the franchise is known for? We won’t know until the full reveal, which we’re hoping comes with a solid gameplay trailer and a release date for its target platforms, which include Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

‘Bulletstorm’ to Bring Skillshot Carnage in Standalone VR Version, Gameplay Trailer Here

Among Meta’s avalanche of Quest gaming news today, the company revealed that Bulletstorm, the co-op shooter first launched on flatscreen in 2011, is coming to VR for the first time.

The game is currently under development by Incuvo, known for Green Hell VR, and the game’s original developers People Can Fly.

If you haven’t played the original, or the remastered version Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (2017) on flatscreen, Bulletstorm sets itself apart from other shooters by emphasizing skill points, which you earn by creatively dispatching the enemy.

Here’s how Incuvo describes the VR version:

Back in 2011, Bulletstorm introduced the world to the “Skillshot.” Kick an enemy into a cactus? Skillshot. Crush one under a hot dog cart? Skillshot. Grab one with your Energy Leash and fling ‘em into a burner? Definitely a skill shot. Today, People Can Fly and Incuvo (developer of Green Hell VR) announced they’re bringing Bulletstorm to the Meta Quest Store. Skillshots new and old, as well as the action-packed story—all of it recreated from the ground up to take advantage of VR.

Today’s announcement of the co-op shooter also arrived with a gameplay trailer, showing off the game’s skill-based carnage, fast-paced locomotion, and massive monsters.

It’s not clear when we’ll see Bulletstorm on Quest 2, or what other platforms it might arrive on in the future. In the meantime, take a look at the trailer below:

‘Attack on Titan VR’ Coming to Quest This Winter, New Trailer Here

Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable was first announced by Japan-based studio UNIVRS late last year, promising to bring the anime’s high-flying action to VR for the first time. It’s coming a little later than advertised, as the game was originally slated to arrive on Quest in Summer 2023; at today’s Quest Gaming Showcase the studio says it’s now targeting a Winter 2023 release.

As recompense, the studio showed off a pretty slick trailer which includes pre-rendered animations, but no actual gameplay.

Still, much of the rope-swinging action seen in the video, courtesy of the franchise’s iconic omni-directional mobility gear, is undoubtedly doable from a VR locomotion standpoint considering we’ve seen the same movement scheme across a number of VR games, such as Windlands, Yupitergrad, and Jet Island to name a few. It’s possible much of the action seen here could translate directly to gameplay, save a bunch of the smooth lighting effects.

UNIVRS says Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable is set to feature both single player and co-op modes, and will be available in both Japanese and English, dubbed and subbed.

Here’s how the studio describes the action:

In Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable, players are tasked with taking on unique missions as members of the Scout Regiment. They will need to combine entirely free three-dimensional movement through use of their Omni-directional Mobility (ODM) Gear with cross-range combat in order to defend themselves against killer titans. As players progress, the battle difficulty will increase, so only those with determination and skills critical to making it through to the final battle will survive.

Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable is coming to Quest 2 and Quest Pro. It’s uncertain whether it’s also targeting other headsets at this time, such as PSVR 2 or SteamVR headsets.

‘Stranger Things VR’ to Release on Major VR Headsets This Fall, New Gameplay Trailer Here

Things are about to get a little stranger later this year as Meta’s Quest Gaming Showcase today included a new look at Stranger Things VRthe upcoming psychological horror title coming to major VR headsets. It’s also coming a little earlier than the Winter 2023 release date previously mentioned at last year’s debut.

Stranger Things VR is being developed and published by Tender Claws, the studio behind VR titles Virtual Virtual Reality and The Under Presents.

Here’s how the studio describes the upcoming single player horror-action game:

Experience the world of Stranger Things from the never-before-seen perspective of Vecna as he explores unknown realities, forms the hive mind, and enacts his plan for revenge against Eleven and Hawkins. Players will invade the dreams and memories of fan-favorite characters and harness telekinetic powers to possess minds and battle creatures, as Henry Creel’s transformation into Vecna and his influence on the events of prior seasons is revealed.

● Grab, crush and throw your opponents using telekinesis

● Relive memories from Henry’s time at Hawkins Lab with Dr. Brenner as you explore an otherworldly, interconnected hive mind

● Inhabit the dreams and memories of fan-favorite characters like Will Byers and Billy Hargrove as you manipulate them to do your bidding

● Wielding powers that subvert and defy Vecna’s own, make a final stand to save your friends in a climactic finale

● Open and close portals between worlds and realities… at your peril

The studio says it’s bringing the game to Quest 2 and Quest Pro at some point this Fall, although it’s also hitting “major VR platforms” too, which nowadays typically means PSVR 2, Pico, and SteamVR headsets.

Stranger Things VR was previously projected to arrive in Winter 2023, so it seems to be anticipating a glut of other games announced today which are slated to launch this winter.

Stranger Things VR is set to cost $30. While we wait on a more precise launch date, you can wishlist the game here.

Classic 90s Adventure ‘The 7th Guest’ Remake Coming to VR in October

Vertigo Games, the VR pioneers behind the Arizona Sunshine franchise and After the Fall, announced that the VR remake of The 7th Guest finally has a release date.

Update (August 23rd, 2023): Vertigo Games revealed The 7th Guest is set to arrive on Steam, Quest, and PSVR 2 on October 19th, 2023. You can wishlist it on each platform following the relevant links.

Additionally, the studio threw out a new trailer, which we linked below this update. The original article announcing The 7th Guest follows below:

Original (June 16th, 2023): Called The 7th Guest, the single player VR adventure is actually based on the classic ’90s CD-ROM title that tosses you into a haunted mansion for puzzles and full-motion video (FMV) characters spirits who bring the early adventure game to life.

Instead of flat video though, the new 7th Guest is being built with volumetric video capture alongside a complete overhaul of everything, top to bottom. Here’s how the studio describes it:

The team is using volumetric video capture to recreate the FMV (full-motion video) storytelling of the original game, bringing the classic adventure to life like never before. And for the first time ever, the iconic mansion is being recreated in full 3D—though don’t be surprised if it starts shifting around you. After all, it’s haunted. Spooky but never gory, The 7th Guest is like a thrilling amusement park ride you can experience at home, packed with puzzles that pay homage to the original point-and-click adventure while taking full advantage of VR.

The 7th Guest is being developed by Vertigo Studios Rotterdam, a division of Vertigo Games based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

There’s no exact release date yet, however the studio says it’s coming to Quest 2 and Quest Pro sometime this year.

Co-op Dungeon Crawler ‘Dungeons of Eternity’ Unveiled From Studio Founded by Oculus Veterans

Othergate, a studio founded by former Oculus Studios game designers, announced their first VR game during Meta’s Quest Gaming Showcase today, revealing a co-op dungeon crawler for Quest 2 called Dungeons of Eternity.

Dungeons of Eternity is a 1-3 player co-op dungeon crawling RPG which incorporates physics-based combat and randomized dungeons.

The studio says its dungeons are constructed from “hundreds of different Chambers,” which will take you to dark crypts, ruined castles, and deep caverns where you’ll solve puzzles and avoid deadly traps.

Physics-based interactions are a big focus it seems, as the reveal trailer shows off a fair bit of melee combat along with archery and magic. Randomly-generated weapons drops and a streamlined progression system are also said to attract players back for endless replayability.

Founded in 2021, the studio’s four founding members Ryan Rutherford, Andrew Welch, Fabio Brasiliense, and Pärtel Lang have worked on numerous games over their 30+ combines years of VR game development. The team was responsible for creating both the Herobound and Dead and Buried franchises, in addition to the Dead and Buried Arena location-based game demo shown at Oculus Connect 6 and the Tiny Castles hand-tracking demo.

There’s no definite release date for now, although Othergate says it’s coming at some point this year. You can wishlist the game on the Quest Store here.

World of Darkness VR Game ‘Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice’ Revealed, Coming to Quest in Late 2023

During Meta’s Quest Gaming Showcase today VR pioneers Fast Travel Games unveiled a new VR game set in the ‘World of Darkness’ universe called Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice.

Billed as a single player adventure RPG, Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice puts you in the role of a vampire who must strike from the shadows and drink the blood of both mortal and vampire prey.

Fast Travel Games, which is also known for its other ‘World of Darkness’ VR game Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife (2021), says its new title features a “gritty main narrative that includes several side missions and dialogue options,” all of which is set in a dark and mysterious Venice.

Here’s how Fast Travel describes some features of Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice:

BE A STEALTHY VAMPIRE: Hide from the guilty in plain sight with Cloak of Shadows, boil the insides of your victims with Cauldron of Blood, or place a Shadow Trap to drag them into Oblivion. Drink the blood of mortals and other vampires to keep your Hunger at bay. The crossbow attached to your arm can be used for both puzzle solving and combat.
BECOME THE APEX PREDATOR: You start off as a strong vampire, but can grow even more powerful by upgrading and purchasing new disciplines in skill trees for stealth, combat, and high speed traversal. Explore, complete missions and optional objectives to gain XP and become the ultimate arbiter of Justice.
A DARK & MYSTERIOUS VENICE: Uncover a conspiracy in a Venice you don’t see in the tourist guides… Explore dark alleyways, blood-soaked canals, forgotten catacombs, and opulent palazzos in your quest to bring your sire’s murderer to justice. Play a gritty main narrative with several side missions, where your dialogues with NPCs and choices you make bring you closer to the truth.

You can wishlist the game on Quest here. When it launches at some point in late 2023, it will be priced at $30. Notably, the trailer says it’s targeting Quest 2 and Quest 3, one of the first games to officially say so; that could mean Fast Travel is working closely with Meta.

To boot, there’s no word on whether it’s coming to other headsets, such as PSVR 2 or SteamVR, however we’ll be keeping an eye on Fast Travel’s Twitter in the meantime.

VR Sport ‘Racket Club’ Action Revealed in New Trailer, Created by ‘Demeo’ & ‘Blaston’ Studio

Resolution Games, the studio behind Blaston (2020) and Demeo (2021), showed off its upcoming VR sports game Racket Club for the first time during Meta’s Quest Gaming Showcase.

Taking inspiration from many of the world’s most popular racket games, such as Tennis, Padel, Pickleball, and Squash, the new trailer released today shows off what Resolution Games calls “the first real look at how Racket Club is played.”

Here’s how the describes the action:

When players step onto the court, they’ll find the play area for their matches surrounded by four clear walls — each providing a surface for the ball to bounce off to keep it in play and provide a new dimension for strategic gameplay. The more times players can hit the ball back and forth during each rally, the higher the points value for the player that takes it. This “points rally” mechanic introduces a unique blend of risk and reward that’s not typically found in racket sports. Players will need to read their opponent’s behavior to determine just the right time to break their reluctant cooperation on any given rally and win the points for themselves.

The court size in Racket Club has been designed with living rooms in mind, giving players the ability to fully immerse themselves in racket sport VR play while keeping their footwork within a safe boundary. This allows for natural movement in all its forms, from traversing the court to taking big swings at just the right angles.

The built-for-VR racket sport is set to include both single player and online multiplayer, which at launch will include singles (1v1) and doubles (2v2) multiplayer in addition to single player career mode. You can wishlist the game today on the Quest Store.