Enter the Immersive Arcade: The Showcase in Museum of Other Realities for Free

Immersive Arcade: The Showcase header

The Museum of Other Realities has been used for several events of the past year including Cannes XR Virtual and fashion exhibition The Fabric of Reality. The latest is a showcase of British virtual reality (VR) experiences ‘Immersive Arcade: The Showcase’, put together by Digital Catapult and UKRI in partnership with Kaleidoscope its completely free to enjoy.

Museum of Other Realities
Common Ground by Darren Emerson, East City Films

Normally, the Museum of Other Realities is a paid app but for the couple of weeks the showcase is running you can download it for free. Supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, Immersive Arcade: The Showcase brings you Volume One: Realities & Dimensions, four works themed around the exploration of the human mind.

  • Common Ground by Darren Emerson, East City Films
    • “A VR documentary narrative exploring the history, politics and human face of the current crisis in the UK housing system. Through the brutalist concrete blocks of the notorious Aylesbury Estate, the biggest social housing estate in Europe, audiences will enter its world from its construction to its controversial redevelopment today.”
  • The Invisible by Darkfield
    • “Imagine you could make yourself invisible. What would you do with this remarkable talent? Could you resist the temptation to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting? If you cannot be seen, how can you be held responsible for anything? Meet the invisible man and choose your path.”
  • Fly by Charlotte Mikkelborg, Novelab
    • “From a multiple award-winning VR team and Oscar-winning special effects team, Fly enables you to become a time-travelling pilot – from the earliest imaginings of Leonardo da Vinci and his ornithopter, to the Wright Brothers’ success on Kitty Hawk Beach and, ultimately, into one potential future of flight.”
  • Notes on Blindness by ARTE, Atlas V, Archer’s Mark, Novelab
    • “In 1983, after decades of steady deterioration, John Hull became totally blind. To help him make sense of the upheaval in his life, he began documenting his experiences on audio cassettes. These original diary recordings create the basis of this interactive non-fictional narrative which is a cognitive and emotional experience of blindness.”
Fly - Novelab
Fly by Charlotte Mikkelborg, Novelab

The Immersive Arcade: The Showcase is available until 26th March 2021 for those interested in these types of VR experiences. As this is the first volume when further additions are announced VRFocus will let you know.

Cannes XR Virtual Will Showcase 55 Immersive Works

Cannes XR - Marche du Film Festival de Cannes

In a couple of weeks the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes’ will be holding its online, five-day event. As part it will be Cannes XR Virtual, a three-day celebration of the virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) industry. Today, Marché du Film has announced that 55 works will be showcased.

MOR 1 Photo courtesy of Museum of Other Realities

As previously announced last month, Cannes XR Virtual will take place within the Museum of Other Realities in a dedicated area, teaming up with the Tribeca Film Festival, Kaleidoscope, Positron and VeeR VR to help present works as well as several awards.

For example, the Tribeca Virtual Arcade will present a lineup of 12 VR and MR experiences, 5 of which are world, international or European premieres. While Kaleidoscope has teamed up with Cannes XR to promote 23 projects from 14 countries in development, covering genres such as Documentary, Games, Animation and Arts installation.

“During this very peculiar time, the Marché du Film is more than determined to highlight the XR industry and to foster links between artists and potential investors to support creation in all its richness and diversity. We are very proud to partner with these leading partners in the XR sector,” said Jérôme Paillard, Executive director of the Marché du Film in a statement.

Cannes XR Virtual - MOR

To be part of the Cannes XR experience you’ll need to download the Museum of Other Realities app which can be found on SteamViveport, or Oculus stores. The app retails for around £15 GBP but the actual event itself offers free and live access. If you don’t have a VR headset then Cannes XR Virtual will provide a 2D live video stream via Marché du Film Online platform as well as Kaleidoscope and Tribeca Film Festival websites.

Most big events like to have an opening night and Cannes XR Virtual is no different. Miro Shot in collaboration with Overview Ark and New-York DJ, Neil Armstrong will present a virtual concert allowing visitors to meet, network and simply enjoy the virtual experience.

The Cannes XR Virtual event takes place between 24th – 26th June 2020, with all the content available to watch until 3rd July. For further updates on the latest online events using VR, keep reading VRFocus.

Inaugural Impact Reality Summit Taking Place in Seattle Next Week

While all eyes might be on Las Vegas next week for the annual CES technology event there’s plenty of other shows going on. Vulcan Productions and Kaleidoscope their inaugural Impact Reality Summit in Seattle, WA, focused on promoting immersive storytelling with a powerful impact. 

Impact Reality Summit

Featuring panels, workshops, and an exhibition of the best in “XR for good” storytelling, the two-day event will focus on four categories: Climate Change, Community & Social Justice, Ocean Health and Conservation. Projects chosen to feature include The Key, Traveling While Black, Drop in the Ocean, Tree, Storyfile, 4 Feet: Blind Date, Bonfire, Daughters of Chibok and My Africa: Elephant Keeper.

All those chosen will be in the running for four awards, helping to fund further development. Best in Community & Social Justice, Best in Sustainability and Best in Climate Change will each award $10,000 USD, while the Grand Prix winner will receive $20,000.

“Vulcan Productions has put together an amazing and diverse lineup of some of the most cutting edge XR projects in the industry,” said Matt Milios, Creative Director, Emerging Media at Vulcan Productions. “We’re couldn’t be more thrilled to be hosting such an eclectic mix of panels, events, and workshops.”

Traveling While Black

“The lineup at the inaugural Impact Reality Summit will not only inspire people but really represent the best in “XR for good” storytelling,” said René Pinnell, CEO at Kaleidoscope. “We are proud to share these wide-ranging filmmakers’ stories with the leading creators, technology leaders and funders in the XR industry.”

Some of the panels being held include Animating the Future, hosted by Baobab Studios’ CEO Maureen Fan and Chief Creative Officer Eric Darnell, and Ethics of Time Travel, looking at how the rising generation will access historical moments. Then there’s the Impact Reality Pitch, a chance for 10 creators to seek funding for in-development projects, led by Kaleidoscope CEO René J. Pinnell.

The Impact Reality Summit runs from 9th-10th January, designated a ‘Pros-Only’ event, For further updates from Vulcan Productions and Kaleidoscope, keep reading VRFocus.

Funding Network Kaleidoscope Relaunches at Sundance Film Festival

The Sundance Film Festival isn’t purely a place to see the latest independent films and immersive content. The event is also used as a key opportunity for creators to sell their works, or find publishing deals to help distribute content to a wider audience. One great example of this came from last year’s festival, with virtual reality (VR) series Spheres managing to secure a seven-figure deal from distribution company CityLights, helped in part by funding network Kaleidoscope. For 2019,  Kaleidoscope has announced a relaunch of its platform to help connect XR creators with investors, festival programmers, museum curators, and industry leaders.

SPHERES: Songs of Spacetime screenshot

Kaleidoscope has spent the last year redesigning itself from the ground up to include robust messaging, a directory of thousands of XR artists and innovators, and the ability for members to directly add projects seeking investment, distribution, festival and museum curation, and other opportunities.

And probably most helpful for indie creatives, the platform has now dropped its $199 USD per month membership, making it completely free to join.

The biggest change to how Kaleidoscope is run comes from its new review and approval system. Previous decision-making was handled by a few executives. This has now been altered so that all curatorial control will be overseen by an independent Review Committee made up of 25 members from the community. The body will approve new members, curate projects for special programmes like DevLab, and manage the community at large.

“When selecting projects or approving new members, it’s incredibly important to me that curatorial decisions are made by a diverse and representative committee of your peers,” said René Pinnell, founder and CEO of Kaleidoscope in a statement. “Our mission at Kaleidoscope has always been to empower independent artists. Handing over curatorial control is just our latest effort to put XR creators in the driver’s seat.”


“The biggest challenge independent artists face is fundraising,” said Pinnell. “And the current system for financing projects is hopelessly broken. Just look at Orson Welles, one of greatest filmmakers of all time, who struggled for most of his career to raise money. But at Kaleidoscope, we’re inventing a new future where artists are in control, where talent is rewarded, and where fundraising is open and accessible. The launch of Kaleidoscope’s new platform is an important step toward achieving this dream, but just one of many. Expect more announcements in the coming months.”

As Kaleidoscope continues to help more creative projects get off the ground VRFocus will keep you updated.

RYOT, Kaleidoscope and Oculus Announces DevLab 2018

Several prominent companies in the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) industry, including immersive media company RYOT, VR platform Kaleidoscope and Oculus have teamed up to product DevLab 2018, an incubator for VR and AR artists and creators that has previously produced cutting-edge immersive content.

The first DevLab program took place in 2016, and the 2018 will be the second time the event will take place, which is intended to bring together emerging VR and AR artists to explore new ideas and cultivate new work in the immersive space.

Ten participants will be selected to work alongside advisors from various backgrounds, including architecture, videogame design, immersive theatre, magic and storytelling. Participants will be able to take advantages of hands-on workshops, live performances and round-table discussions.

Creators who take part in the DevLab will be able to use the resources and education provided to develop a working version of their project, which will subsequently be presented to 250 industry leaders at a ‘first look’ event in 2019.

“DevLab is a unique way to support independent artists, and we’re proud to support and provide mentorship opportunities for the next generation of content creators as they refine their craft, and use their art to change the world,” said Bryn Mooser, CEO and co-founder of RYOT.

“DevLab has provided an essential creative playground for the new guard of storytellers to ideate and explore,” says Jake Sally, RYOT’s Sr. Director of Immersive Development. “RYOT is excited to partner with Kaleidoscope and Oculus, pillars of the XR ecosystem, to support DevLab.”

“Members of the DevLab program include some of the most promising, sought-after talent in the industry,” said René Pinnell, CEO and Founder of Kaleidoscope. “DevLab artists are risk-takers that will ultimately move the industry forward.”

Further information, including instruction on how to apply to DevLab 2018 can be found on the Kaleidoscope website. Further coverage on DevLab 2018 will be here on VRFocus.

Life in 360°: Tsékooh Hatsoh

Here we are again, beginning another week on VRFocus and with the promise/threat of this year’s E3 now lingering in the distance. The whole mess is over three weeks away, there on the horizon. So, I’m going to try and keep away from videogames and so forth on Life in 360° as much as I can, on the way in to what is sure to be an overload of news and updates. Which as always you can follow across the site during the week (or so) where we’ll be working hammer and tongs in order to bring you all the very latest.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoWe are however in America, at least, for our first example of 360 degree video this week – and it’s a pretty recent one as well. We’re back with the creative team from 360 Labs and Kaleidoscope who are looking at one of the geological marvels of the world – and one we’ve visited at least once before. But when something’s this great, one look is never enough. In the seventeen minute documentary as it is, we look at the Grand Canyon in Arizona – home of one of the United States of America’s most popular national parks.

It remains a marvel for all who go there, but it is not without its threats. Conservationists are concerned about man’s activities tampering with the ecosystem there. And the indigenous peoples of the Navajo (whose reservation borders the national park) and others are also concerned, connected as they are by history and nature.

“Anything that lies in this canyon – The Grand Canyon – is all sacred.” One member of the Navajo explains in the opening. “Even the water. Water is life and so water made that life to make that canyon. The natural beauty of it right now is still alive, it’s still there – and that’s where our prayers are going.” 

It is, as always, a question of balance. Something that was also touched on in a recent Life in 360° where we looked at jaguars in Brazil. In this instance the documentary focuses on the attempts to create an escalade at the Grand Canyon and how efforts are made to protect it.  You can watch the video below.

VRFocus will be back on Wednesday morning for another Li360.

Inception and Kaleidoscope Collaborate on Joint Online VR Film Festival

Today, virtual reality (VR) content platform Inception and immersive financing company Kaleidoscope have announced a new collaboration which will see the creation of an Online VR Film Festival to help nurture and rewarded VR content creators with cash and avenues to showcase their work.

Kaleidoscope FIRST LOOK event

For creators submissions are now open, with the festival accepting submissions throughout May until 1st June. Inception and Kaleidoscope will be awarding a prize pool of $15,000 USD plus distribution and marketing deals to the films selected for the festival. Winners will then be announced on 14th June. Creators looking to submit can apply for free here.

“We’ve been working with Inception for quite some time now, and we believe they are the right partner to work with on getting our content distributed,” said René Pinnell, Kaleidoscope CEO in a statement. “Together, we will be looking for innovative content that we can award and celebrate on the Inception app and within the Kaleidoscope community.”

“Kaleidoscope was responsible for producing the first virtual reality festival in 2015, they are pioneers in the field and an amazing partner to have,” said Benny Arbel, Inception CEO. “We hope this festival can become an annual event.”

Kaleidoscope runs an invite-only community to help secure financing, distribution and exposure for premium VR content creating events like FIRST LOOK in 2017, and a VR FundInception launched in 2016, becoming a popular cross-platform app for premium VR content as well as creating content itself. Available for download across Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, PlayStation VR, iOS and Android. Additionally, the app has now arrived for standalone headset Oculus Go which launched last week during the Facebook developer conference (F8).

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Inception and Kaliedoscope, reporting back with the latest updates including the successful VR film projects.

Life In 360°: A Grand Tour

When you book a holiday what do you look for? Long sandy beaches with crystal clear blue waters to relax in, maybe somewhere with a bit of history and beautiful architecture, or how about an exciting adventure going on a jungle trek, climbing a mountain, or exploring strange new lands. For those heading to America who are after beautiful landscapes then one iconic place to visit is the Grand Canyon, carved by the Colorado River in Arizona.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree Video

At 277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) at its widest point and reaching depths of over a mile (6,093 feet), the Grand Canyon is a natural spectacle that winds through Grand Canyon National Park, the Kaibab National Forest, Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, the Hualapai Indian Reservation, the Havasupai Indian Reservation and the Navajo Nation.

Today’s 360-degree video comes from Kaleidoscope’s YouTube channel, an immersive documentary created by 360 Labs dropping viewers into the heart of the Grand Canyon. You’ll be able to take in the expansive views from the top of the canyon, enjoying Arizona’s endless blue skies before heading down to the Colorado river for a spot rafting and the roller coaster rapids on certain sections.

The film, called as it is, isn’t just some fancy travel brochure video showing you all the best bits. 360 Labs also look at the local people fighting against modern development, with Arizona developers looking to build a major tourist attraction in the Confluence, one of the most sacred sites in the Canyon, that would stretch all the way down into the valley below.

Check out the video below and VRFocus will be back with another example of 360-degree video on Friday at the usual time.

VR Series SPHERES Secures 7-Figure Deal at Sundance

Kaleidoscope has announced that a funding deal, secured via the platform, sees virtual reality (VR) series SPHERES become a record-breaking Sundance Film Festival reveal. The seven-figure deal, which neither distribution company CityLights nor Jess Engel, producer of SPHERES, are revealing the exact amount of, has set a new standard not just for VR, but for all film projects at the festival.

SPHERES: Songs of Spacetime

SPHERES is a three-part series in which users can explore space, and is set to debut on Oculus Rift later this year. Starring Jessica Chastain, SPHERES has been executive produced by Darren Aronofsky, Ari Handel, and René Pinnell, produced by Jess Engel, Arnaud Colinart, and Dylan Golden, and co-produced by Jill Klekas Basmajian. The first episode, Songs of Spacetime, premiered last weekend as part of Sundance’s New Frontier programming.

“A little more than three years ago we started Kaleidoscope in order to help artists secure funding for original VR experiences,” states an official communication from Kaleidoscope. “At the time only a handful of brave souls like Arnaud Colinart, Aaron Bradbury, and Arjan van Meerten were venturing into this new medium. But their work showed us the potential of virtual reality and made us believe in the power of immersive art and entertainment.

“Virtual reality is still in its infancy, and while this deal marks an important milestone for our burgeoning industry, there is much work yet to be done. We need an order-of-magnitude increase in funding for innovative projects like SPHERES. And, over the next few years, this is the future we want to help create.”

“This is a historic moment for the VR industry; it signifies that a viable storytelling medium has emerged,” stated Engel to WIRED. “Deals like this establish VR as its own marketplace for independent creators, producers, and investors.”

SPHERES: Songs of Spacetime screenshot

As stated above, SPHERES is expected to debut on Oculus Rift later this year. After that, CityLights has plans to expand to other platforms. No details on what these platforms – nor the price that SPHERES will be offered to consumers at – are currently available. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on SPHERES and other VR projects acquired by CityLights.

Kaleidoscope’s FIRST LOOK Event Reveals Line Up

An exclusive two-day event designed to bring together a selected audience of virtual reality content creators with publishers, distributors and other entertainment industry personnel, FIRST LOOK will be showcasing premiers of VR content with the goal of fostering new relationships and partnerships between industry figures.

Presented by Intel and with attendance limited to 200 people, FIRST LOOK will see representatives from Google Oculus, HTC, Samsung, Paramount, Hulu, Sundance, Tribeca, Baobab and Felix & Paul among others, gathered to see the latest in innovative VR content.

The line-up of content for FIRST LOOK 2017 has now been revealed as follows:


    STUDIO Flight School Studio

    FORMAT Videogame



    FORMAT: Augmented Reality Documentary


    STUDIO Blueprint Reality

    FORMAT: Real-Time Interactive Game


    STUDIO 1stAveMachine

    FORMAT: Real-Time Animated Film


    STUDIO Theremin Studio

    FORMAT: Real-Time Interacitve Experience


    STUDIO Monochrome

    FORMAT: Real-Time Interacitve Experience


    STUDIO Buffalo Vision

    FORMAT: Real-Time Interacitve Experience


    STUDIO Impossible Things

    FORMAT: Augmented Reality Application



    FORMAT Real-Time Interactive Game


    STUDIO apelab

    FORMAT: Augmented Reality Story


    STUDIO Beard and Glasses

    FORMAT 360-degree live action video


    STUDIO Cinehackers

    FORMAT 360-degree live action video


    STUDIO Kaleidoscope

    FORMAT: Real-Time Interacitve Experience


    STUDIO Jiva VR

    FORMAT 360-degree live action video


    STUDIO Kaleidoscope

    FORMAT: Real-Time Interacitve Experience


    STUDIO INVAR Studios

    FORMAT 360-degree live action video


    STUDIO Funktronic Labs

    FORMAT Volumetric Video


    STUDIO NSC Creative

    FORMAT Volumetric Video


    STUDIO Innerspace

    FORMAT: Real-Time Interacitve Experience


    STUDIO Flag

    FORMAT: Real-Time Animated Experience


    STUDIO Third Rail

    Format Immersive Theatre


    STUDIO Secret Location

    FORMAT: Real-Time Animated Film



    FORMAT 360-degree live action video


    STUDIO Tender Claws

    FORMAT: Real-Time Interacitve Experience


    STUDIO Marshmallow Laser Feast

    FORMAT: Real-Time Interacitve Experience


    STUDIO Secret Location

    FORMAT VR Videogame


    STUDIO ApeLab

    FORMAT: Real-Time Interactive Experience


    STUDIO Michael Catalano

    FORMAT: Real-Time Animated Film


    STUDIO Polyhedron

    FORMAT: Real-Time Animated Film

  • CORAL & I

    STUDIO Electric Lens

    FORMAT: Real-Time Animated Film


    STUDIO Monochrome

    FORMAT Experimental


    STUDIO National Sawdust

    FORMAT: Real-Time Animated Film



    FORMAT: Real-Time Interactive Experience


    STUDIO Tender Claws

    FORMAT: Real-Time Interactive Experience


    STUDIO Secret Location

    FORMAT: Real-Time Interactive Experience



    FORMAT: Real-Time Animated Film


    STUDIO Marshmallow Laser Feast

    FORMAT: Real-Time Interactive Experience


    STUDIO Flight School Studio

    FORMAT: Real-Time Interactive Experience



    FORMAT Interactive CGI


    STUDIO Master of Shapes

    FORMAT Mixed Reality


    STUDIO Impossible Things

    FORMAT Augmented Reality


    STUDIO Mbryonic

    FORMAT Experimental


    STUDIO Beard and Glasses

    FORMAT 360-degree live action video


    STUDIO Marshmallow Laser Feast

    FORMAT: Real-Time Interactive Experience


    STUDIO Novelab

    FORMAT: Real-Time Interactive Experience


    STUDIO Tender Claws

    FORMAT: Real-Time Interactive Experience

FIRST LOOK will take place on 20th-21st September, 2017. Further information can be found on the website. A trailer video is available to view below.

VRFocus will continue to report on upcoming VR-related events.