GDC Day 4: ARVORE, Hyper Dash, Emerge Wave 1 Haptics & More

The fourth and final day of GDC 2022 has come and gone. Don’t be too sad though — we’ve got lots of interesting interviews with VR developers straight from the show floor to cheer you up.

It was a great week at GDC last week, with lots of interesting news over the course of the four days at the show. Alex and Skeeva from Between Realities were checking it all out for us as UploadVR Correspondents, pulling some fantastic developers aside for interviews each day.

On day one, they spoke to Walkabout Mini Golf developers Mighty Coconut, Zenith developer Ramen VR and more.

Day two saw them speak to Polyarc about Moss: Book 2, along with Fast Travel Games on Cities VR and Virtuoso. Day three brought some hardware into the mix, including demos and talks with the developers of the upcoming Lynx R1 mixed reality headset. They also caught up Tilt Five and Owlchemy Labs, developers of Cosmonious High (releasing later this week).

For the fourth and final day, Alex and Skeeva first checked in with ARVORE, developer of last year’s Yuki and the Pixel Ripped series. When questioned about any new Pixel Ripped content or releases in the near future, Rodrigo Terra from ARVORE was tight lipped but did mention an upcoming collaboration with Holoride (who make VR experiences designed to take place inside moving cars) that might satisfy fans of the series.

Rodrigo also said that the studio is working on a few new projects, which could release this year or next, so keep an eye out.

Alex and Skeeva also spoke to the developers of Hyper Dash, who revealed a new free game mode will release for the title on April 1, called ‘Ball’. Triangle Factory CEO and Co-Found Timothy Vanherbergen insisted it wasn’t a joke, despite the release date, and described the mode as “Rocket League but with guns.”

Last but not least, there were some interesting discussions with the developers of the Emerge Wave 1 haptic device, which uses sound and vibrations to provide a new kind of haptic feedback, and the developer of Finger Guns, an FPS shooter using hand tracking technology coming to Quest this year.

What was your favorite news or reveal from this year’s GDC? Let us know in the comments below.

GDC Day 3: Cosmonious High, Lynx Mixed Reality Headset & More

Another day, another round of GDC 2022 coverage. Today is day three and the Between Realities crew hit the show floor again to bring you more interviews with VR/AR developers.

If you missed the previous two days, it’s been pretty jam packed already. Day one saw Alex and Skeeva talk to the developers of Walkabout Mini Golf, Zenith VR and more, and day two brought us interviews with Polyarc (Moss Book 2) Fast Travel Games (Cities VR and Virtuoso) and others.

Alex and Skeeva kept up the incredible pace today, speaking first to Owlchemy Labs (Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator) about their new game Cosmonious High, which releases next week.

They also caught up with the teams behind Patchworld: Sound of the Metaverse, Altair Breaker and Snapdragon Spaces.

Last, but definitely not least, Alex and Skeeva gave the upcoming Lynx R1 mixed reality headset a try and spoke to Stan Larroque from Lynx about the hardware.

When asked how far along everything was, Larroque said that things were “pretty mature” on the software side and they were “in the process of manufacturing” the hardware at the moment. The headsets were meant to ship next month in April, but Lynx has been affected by the ongoing global supply chain issues, which will mean a short delay.

“We were supposed to deliver in April but we’re going to face some issues with the supply chain,” said Larroque. “I think you can expect the first headsets to come between June and July. It’s a matter of weeks, we have some weeks of delays here.”

Keep an eye out for our GDC wrap-up show tomorrow, where Skeeva and Alex from Between Realities will join Ian live in the UploadVR virtual studio to discuss their hands-on experiences over the last few days.

You can catch that live on our YouTube channel tomorrow at 4pm Pacific.

GDC Day 2: Moss 2 Updates, Cities VR Nears & More

The Beyond Realities team were up bright and early for the second day of GDC 2022, and we’ve got another first look at a new round of interviews straight from the show.

Yesterday Alex and Skeeva were talking to the developers of Zenith, Walkabout and more. Today, the pair caught up with Polyarc to talk about the imminent release of Moss Book 2, Fast Travel Games to discuss this spring’s launch of Cities VR and the recent arrival of Virtuoso.

Listen out for another few headlines, including hints about when we might see Moss 2 on other platforms, and possible launch windows for No More Rainbows and other indie VR titles.

Today sees the full GDC showfloor open and there will be plenty more people to talk to, so make sure to check back later this week for the latest interviews. If you missed yesterday’s coverage, check that out here.

GDC 2022 Day 1: Walkabout Mini Golf Content, Zenith Dungeons & More

Day 1 of GDC 2022 is done and dusted and we have interviews straight from the show floor, talking to developers about titles like Walkabout Mini Golf, Zenith VR and more.

This year, the team from Between Realities are our UploadVR Correspondents at GDC — Alex and Skeeva are on the show floor for us, talking to developers about the latest and greatest in VR titles.

Our Day 1 Wrap-Up video features talks with Mighty Coconut (Walkabout Mini Golf) creator Lucas Martell, CEO of Ramen VR (Zenith VR) Andy Tsen, CEO of MobX Games (Everslaught) Gihad Chbib, as well as Jonathan Ovadia and Albert Ovadia from AEXLAB (Vail VR).

A few spicy tidbits were dropped in the interviews. Most notably, Walkabout Mini Golf developers Mighty Coconut seem interested in going further with licensed content in the future, hinting that there might be more IP-themed content to come after the upcoming Labyrinth course.

Andy Tsen from Ramen VR also gave a bit of clarity on the schedule that Zenith players can expect for content releases. “We’re really excited about the next major content update. I can’t give you guys an exact launch date on that yet. What I can say is that we plan to push our major content updates roughly once a quarter, and minor updates monthly. So you should start to see some news coming out about that soon.”

He also spoke about the philosophy towards future dungeon designs, indicating the want the environment to be more of a focus compared to traditional MMO dungeons.

“We really want the dungeons that you guys encounter in the next major content update to really embody that same sense of open exploration that you felt when you’re seeing Zenith for the first time or gliding around. So more environmental puzzles, more parkour things, and we want it to feel different from what you might get in a traditional MMO.”

Keep an eye out for more GDC news over the following days.