G’Audio Lab Makes 360 Video More Immersive with New Audio Streaming

Watching concerts, gigs and events with 360 degree video is the best way to go. So much more immersive and interesting than standard TV broadcasts or even the usual HD streams, 360 video makes you feel like you’re there in the moment. It’s the kind of experience that requires more than just stereo audio to be truly immersive, and G’Audio Lab are now moving forward with their spatial audio livestreaming solution, specifically built for 360 video.

G’Audio Lab’s new solution transcends the current limitations of audio streaming with 360 video, and allows true comprehension of the sounds of arenas and stadiums during live concerts and sports events.

“Livestreaming, high-fidelity spatial audio will bring a totally new level of presence to live events,” says CEO and Co-founder of G’Audio Lab, Henney Oh. “Through the magic of VR, you can now experience the sound of concerts, eSports and team sports as if you have the best seat in the house.”

Currently the best audio experience you can expect from 360 video are traditional stereo and surround formats. Surround sound is excellent for most cases, but in 360 video it leaves a little something to be desired. True spatial audio is a step above. That’s where G’Audio Lab steps in, with Sol Livestreaming which uses spatial audio technology to give users that complete, lifelike 3D audio experience.

Listeners will be able to pinpoint where sounds come from and truly understand what it’s like to be there in person. It truly is a transformative audio experience, as users who have already experienced 3D spatial audio will attest to. The technology will even respond to the movement of the user’s head, to give the most accurate possible experience.

Sol Livestreaming intergration will deliver users an Ambisonics audio signal which will give the listener accurate sound which will envelop them in the atmosphere of the environment for more immersive experiences. Ambisonics can now be rendered in the AAC codec, making it easy to adopt this technology to existing devices.

The future definitely sounds incredibly bright for 360 video thanks to spatial audio, though some of us may need to upgrade our headphones. For more on 360 video, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.