New PS5 Controller Patent Has Larger Triggers But Is Missing Light Bar

A new patent filed to a Japanese patent office revealed some possible minor details about the next iteration of Sony’s DualShock controller, to be launched alongside the PlayStation 5 in the 2020 holiday season.

dualshock 5 playstation 5 controller

The new controller, which will be presumably called the DualShock 5, looks quite similar to the DualShock 4, with a few minor differences. The patent shows the controller using a USB-C connection for charging, alongside what appears to be a new microphone at the bottom of the front panel.

However, most importantly, the new DS5 patent is also missing the light bar from the DS4 controller. While perhaps not the most important feature for standard PlayStation games, some PSVR games like Astro Bot: Rescue Mission and Firewall Zero Hour, among others, use the light bar to track the gamepad itself. While this is just a patent and the final product could change, it will be interesting to see what solution is used to make these games backwards compatible if the final controller model is missing the light bar from the front.

The new patent also features slightly larger triggers when compared to the DualShock 4. Last month, we learned that these would be “adaptive” triggers and increased and improved haptic feedback. A hands-on from Wired noted that the adaptive triggers could “make shooting a bow and arrow feel like the real thing … or make a machine gun feel far different from a shotgun.”

It will certainly be interesting to see how any future or existing PlayStation VR games make use of the adaptive triggers and increased haptic capability. We already know that the PS5 will support PlayStation VR , however it’s unlikely that the next generation of PSVR launches alongside the PlayStation 5 in 2020. That being said, some other patents might have hinted at the future of PSVR hardware already.

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A Guide to Setting up Your PlayStation VR – Controllers

Everything should now be switched on and ready to go with the PlayStation VR comfortably nestled upon your head – or nearby whilst you read this. To get everything setup properly you have used the standard DualShock 4 controller that comes with every PlayStation 4. Whilst this can easily navigate menus as well as being the default input device for certain virtual reality (VR) experiences, the PlayStation VR does have more immersive options available.

DualShock 4 Controller

First let’s look at the DualShock 4 controller as this is the input device most of you will be familiar with. As the standard there are already many videogames that have been built with the DualShock 4 controller input in mind, especially those released around the launch of PlayStation VR. With a light on the back so it can be tracked, some titles like Statik expertly bring the controller into the virtual world to create an immersive experience. However, it’s hard to deny that VR is more immersive when your hands can actually become a part of the experience, and for this you’ll need PlayStation Move.

DualShock4 Controller

PlayStation Move

Originally launched as an accessory for the PlayStation 3, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) managed to breathe new life into the motion controllers with PlayStation VR. PlayStation Move had been all but abandoned in the consumer market with less and less titles being released. Now they’ve become an essential part of the PlayStation VR experience, giving players the opportunity to directly interact with virtual worlds.

Due to them being available for so many years SIE decided to launch PlayStation VR without the controllers, reducing the initial expense whilst giving players the option of purchasing them. In the 14 months since PlayStation VR arrived more and more videogames now require PlayStation Move as the default input, hence why more bundles are appearing with them and the PlayStation Camera included for one easy purchase.

PlayStation Move

PlayStation Aim Controller

The PlayStation Aim Controller was first introduced in May 2017 to coincide with the launch of Farpoint by Impulse Gear. Essentially a gun peripheral, the controller is again one of those additions that focuses on improving immersion for players, specifically for first-person shooters. Since launch plenty of titles have added support: Arizona Sunshine, Dick Wilde, The Brookhaven Experiment, ROM: Extraction and DOOM VFR to name a few, as well as upcoming videogames like Bravo Team.

A Guide to Setting up Your PlayStation VR

A Guide to Setting up Your PlayStation VR – Headset

A Guide to Setting up Your PlayStation VR – Accessories

Sony Reveal PlayStation Deals For Black Friday Week

We might be still some way from Christmas and the Holiday season but that doesn’t mean November is devoid of things to get interested in. Because the end of November, particularly in America means sales, bargains and perhaps some much needed retail therapy in the form of Black Friday. The day after American Thanksgiving has been a day of early openings, big discounts and bigger sales for some time with it marking the beginning of the Christmas shopping season since 1952. However, in the last decade or so it has picked up more international coverage, partly due to the rush for bargains causing more and more chaos. Retail outlets throughout the world are also joining in on Black Friday activities, particularly in Europe, although last year was rather muted for Europeans in comparison to their cousins across the Atlantic.

Black Friday this year is Friday, 24th November and it’s Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) who are first out of the gate with offers on their hardware – at least in the United States. As confirmed on the American version of the PlayStation Blog, SIE is kicking off their own celebrations even earlier than Black Friday itself – although you’ll likely still have to run the gauntlet of for non-digital purchases.

Discounts on both hardware and games are set to begin not a week next Friday but actually in seven days’ time on November 19th, with them winding up eight days later on November 27th – the online sales focused Cyber Monday.

Starting with hardware, “all” bundles featuring SIE’s PlayStation VR head mounted display (HMD) will be receiving sale prices. This will, SIE confirm, include the $299.99 (USD) bundle of the HMD along with Gran Turismo Sport which was announced last month. Included in that bundle is a physical copy of the standard edition of Gran Turismo Sport, the PlayStation VR HMD itself and a PlayStation Camera. With the bundle also including as standard a copy of popular videogame collection and PSVR ‘sampler’ PlayStation VR Worlds. Though whether the videogame is a physical or digital copy will depend upon the retailer involved.

Gran Turismo Sport PSVR bundleAlso included will be the yet to be released $349.99 (USD) bundle containing Bethesda Softworks’ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR. It is due to be released on 17th November 2017 at the same time as the videogame itself and it is one that many are looking forward to playing in a full VR setting. VRFocus last previewed Skyrim VR back at Gamescom earlier this year, and it was, to quote website editor Kevin Joyce one that “still looks set to deliver an engrossing VR experience unlike anything that’s been seen before. The massive world and potential for hundreds of hours of gameplay is simply light years ahead of the common VR offerings, and for that one could argue that Bethesda Softworks’ lack of generosity regarding the price point of the videogame might actually be justified.”

PlayStation VR Skyrim VR Bundle

Skyrim VR will have support for both the PlayStation Move controllers and the standard DualShock 4, and if you need an additional one those too are set to be up for grabs at $39.99 (USD) at retail, which SIE confirm, will also include newer styles.

Of course, if you are yet to own a PlayStation 4 at all or you are looking to buy one for someone as a present you’ll be more interested in the price of the base console, and the 1TB Jet Black model will be on sale for $199.99 (USD) according to SIE

In terms of the PlayStation Store itself, offers will open on November 17th with up to 40% off – but initially only for those who are members of PlayStation Plus. Non-members can still join in the sales fun but will have to wait until four days later (November 21st) in order to do so. Sales come to an end on November 28th at 8AM Pacific Time.

Presently there is no news relating to sales outside of the US PlayStation Store, nor any hardware sales for non-American retailers. This may change, however, during next week. If so VRFocus will update you as soon as we are able.


‘The Lost Bear’ Side-scrolling Platformer Coming Exclusively to PSVR This Month

Odd Bug Studio’s debut title The Lost Bear arrives exclusively on PlayStation VR this month. Described as a “2D cinematic platformer”, the player controls Walnut, a young girl who sets out to save her teddy bear from the Toy Snatcher

It’s a curious move to bring a ‘flat’ side-scrolling platforming game to VR, a medium which excels at first-person immersion, but we’ve definitely seen exceptions to that rule. In The Lost Bear players will see the game action on a sort of stage in front of them, and experience the story inside of a 3D diorama which changes to match what’s going on in the game. Using the motion-tracked PS4 controller, players will be able to interact in a number of different ways with the 2D game before them (more about that below).

Daniel Robinson, Game Director at Odd Bug Studio, posted an entry on the official PlayStation Blog to confirm the news of the game’s forthcoming release and to offer a few details about the title, which began as a side project while Robinson and two friends were students at Norwich University of the Arts. Robinson explains that the story was inspired by his little sister’s antics and bravery, who “always wandered off to the woodlands with her teddy bear by her side”.

Despite the game’s lengthy gestation period, The Lost Bear was only officially revealed on July 10th, following a six-month partnership with publisher Fabrik Games. The announcement trailer (above) showcases the ‘Eastern European puppet show’-styled environment, which evolves to the reflect the story, the charming, hand-drawn art, and some of the platforming mechanics. Towards the end of the trailer, Walnut is chased by one the Snatcher’s hounds, in a scene reminiscent of Playdead’s Limbo and Inside platformers. Robinson cites these games as inspiration, alongside classic franchise Oddworld, in this interview with

The Odd Bug team’s recent ‘AMA’ on Reddit revealed a few more details, including the game’s European pricing (€10) and its estimated length of “just over an hour,” with lead designer Jack Bennett explaining that they aimed for “a shorter polished experience.” Their second project, another 2D adventure, will be longer. They also confirmed that The Lost Bear will support PS4 Pro, providing a “higher framerate and better resolution”.

Sensibly, the basic platforming is controlled by the Dualshock 4 gamepad inputs, but also uses its motion tracking technology (and the PSVR headset tracking) for certain gameplay elements. “We wanted to create mechanics that didn’t intrude on Walnut’s story, but would give the player control of the 2D environment using the 3D space,” says Robinson.

Some of the mechanics are shown in this additional footage (above) released by Fabrik Games, with more to be revealed soon.

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