Dick Wilde 2 Review: Same Dick, Different Stream

Dick Wilde 2 Review: Same Dick, Different Stream

Sequels are a rare thing in this industry. You’re lucky if you get to make a second game, let alone something that warrants a follow-up. Truthfully, there’s a lot of other VR games more deserving of a second shot than Dick Wilde. The first game was a decent shooter with a less-than-decent tone. But, to my surprise, you get all you could ask for with Dick Wilde 2.

Bolverk Games does a competent job ticking the boxes in this downstream shooter. In single-player at least the first-person fish shooting action is as mechanically sound as it was before. Blast away incoming enemies, lean out of the way of attacks, rinse and repeat. It’s one of the cleaner, more concise takes on the genre. There’s no spinning you around in circles or tying you up in needless plot.

Additions are expected but appreciated all the same. This is longer, more balanced and more approachable than the first. It’s not brutally punishing like the first nor is it toned down too much. I still felt myself working up a sweat, though not as often as I did last time around.

Not every change is for the better, though. The original game’s inventive arsenal, one of its few claims to fame, has largely been traded in in favor of more pedestrian weaponry. Highlights are here but, for the most part, you’ll be using more standard-issue instruments of death this time. They still pack a certain clumsy charm. That’s especially true on PSVR where Aim controller support sees knives stuck into barrels as makeshift handles. Overall, though, it’s definitely on the blander side.

Co-op is the big inclusion, though it’s a bit of a mixed bag too. As we said in our co-op-focused preview, the game is unavoidably easier with a second player, sometimes to the point of making it redundant. Sharing the shooting doesn’t fill the void the reduced difficulty creates. Ultimately I preferred to tackle levels by myself with the added challenge.

For all the flashy extras, though, Dick Wilde 2 can’t hide the fact it’s merely polishing a fairly simple shooter. This has the same frills and spills we’ve been having since the launch of the Gear VR, let alone the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. You’ve played this before and, frankly, you’ll know if you want more of it. VR gaming has come way since the launch of even the first game and this feels faintly archaic as a result.

Perhaps the most notable (and my personal favorite) change is that the game is just a little less, well, cruel. There’s still a lot of animal murder going on here but some of the character designs give it a little more justification. Humanoid rats surf the backs of crocodiles as they spit attacks at you, and beavers glide in on ridiculous wooden flying machines. Special mention has to go to the reduced number of irritating and frequently disturbing lines of dialogue from Dick himself. It’s been toned down a lot since last time around and, heck, I even laughed at some of the one-liners he quips between rounds.

Final Score: 6.5/10 – Decent

Dick Wilde 2 is inarguably an improvement on the first, for what it’s worth. This by-the-numbers sequel remains a decent wave shooter with a rock solid foundation that never elevates itself beyond the limitations of its genre. It’s just a little more balanced, a little less creepy and there’s a lot more of it. Co-op support may be underwhelming, but if you’re still craving the core thrill of simple VR shooting, you could do a lot worse than Dick Wilde 2.

Dick Wilde 2 is available now on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR for $19.99Check out these official review guidelines to find out more about our process. 

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Review: Dick Wilde 2

When it comes to shooting stuff in virtual reality (VR) gamers have got no end of choice, with an array of first-person shooters (FPS) on offer. The older titles tended to be fairly stationary, with enemies coming to you while more modern VR shooters tend to employ a variety of movement systems. One of the main reasons the early wave shooters kept you still was for comfort, developers wanted to encourage consumers to the technology not make them barf. Bolverk Games’ Dick Wilde was a good example of a simple yet effective wave shooter. Now with Dick Wilde 2 out this week, can the studio still find a niche for this style of FPS in 2019?

Dick Wilde 2There’s plenty to like about Dick Wilde 2, with its cheeky demeanour and light-hearted comedy stylings. The title doesn’t take itself seriously with the southern drawl of Mr Wilde sometimes serious yet never boring or grating to hear.

Right from the start, you can tell Bolverk Games aimed higher and further than the previous outing, with three stages split down into 11 levels apiece. Six are for the main single-player campaign while four are gun trials which you need to complete to unlock Dick’s arsenal of weapons. Lastly, there’s a singular boss level, to take on the might of the swamp creatures.

Thankfully, in Dick Wilde 2 you’re no longer stationary. You’re now stuck to a raft instead! This is certainly a happy middle ground between the original title and more modern FPS experiences. You’ve got no direct control of the raft so this is an on-rails shooter, meaning most players should find the videogame a very comfortable experience. It’s not very dynamic, but Bolverk Games has tried to mix things up by including multiple routes across a lot of the levels, unlocked by attaining keys – normally from the golden fish that occasionally leap from the water.

Dick Wilde 2The selection of weapons has now vastly improved over the original, with the selection split between four options: pistol, automatic, shotgun and energy. Unlike the first title where the guns had dual settings, all the weapons here don’t, but you can mix and match depending on which ones you’ve unlocked in the trials and how much money you’ve collected during the levels.

The multiple routes aside, most of the levels tend to be fairly similar with enemies either trying to shoot you or bite your face off. Whilst trying to stay alive killing all these lively swamp critters you’ll also need to destroy various debris littering the river which can damage your raft. This is where you can rack up the cash needed to buy the guns and additional upgrades for your character and the raft.

The only trouble is that while Dick Wilde 2 can be entertaining it still feels very much like it’s going through the motions. More content doesn’t necessarily mean better content. There are plenty of hours to kill in the single-player campaign, and the addition of a multiplayer co-op feature definitely helps to improve things by bringing a mate along. Actually, because of that feature, Dick Wilde 2 seems like it would be far more suited to an arcade, rather than at home. Each individual level is short enough that you could get several in during a 15-minute window.

Dick Wilde 2 was never going to be a standout experience but for fans of the original, there’s enough new content to be worth a look. Those new to VR will also enjoy the title, as the gameplay is kept to purely shooting stuff. But for those VR gamers who have owned their headset for a good couple of years, Dick Wilde 2 won’t suffice, only scratching the surface of what VR can do.

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Dick Wilde 2 May Finally Signal The End Of VR’s Wave Shooter Era

Dick Wilde 2 May Finally Signal The End Of VR’s Wave Shooter Era

I’ll tell you a guilty secret; I kept playing Dick Wilde for quite a while after I gave it 6/10. Not because I thought I’d maybe misjudged it as a merely decent wave shooter, but because it was actually a pretty good workout. Its feverish difficulty could make it a chore to play for some but also an excellent way to burn calories.

I’m not sure Dick Wilde 2 will have even that going for it, though.

It’s not that this sequel is notably ‘bad’ in any one area, more that it insists on retreading ground covered a hundred times over as this exhausted genre finally runs out of steam. The past six or seven months have been good to VR; we’ve had Astro Bot, Firewall, A Fisherman’s Tale and many others. Returning to a wave shooter now is simply an ugly reminder that this used to be the extent of VR gaming. That’s not something that throwing multiplayer into can fix.

Tellingly, myself and VR gaming wizard David Jagneaux didn’t have much to say about the game as we shot our way through four levels. We’ve seen this all before and often in better games; 10 minute missions in which you shoot everything in sight and not much else. Rarely did it amount to anything more than simple background noise to our conversations. We mindlessly raised our arms in the general direction of bad guys. Then we thoughtlessly held down triggers until everyone was dead. Just as soon as it happened, everything was forgotten. If that’s not a sign of another uninspiring addition to an overly-saturated genre, I’m not sure what is.

Co-op is an appreciated effort, but I fear it just makes the game too easy. From what I could tell there wasn’t much different between playing the game in single or multiplayer, making the latter somewhat unbalanced. You can choose between easier and harder paths in this one, though it didn’t seem to make much difference in co-op. Without the “refreshing” challenge of the first, Dick Wilde 2 looses what little edge the series already had.

Single player does fare a little better. Choosing the harder path by myself felt like I was playing the old Dick Wilde, complete with weaving out of the way of enemy projectiles. If you do die you go back to the very start of the level and it’s tough to muster the enthusiasm for another round.

But, even at its most grueling, it’s hard to shake the feeling that Dick Wilde 2 is behind the times. It’s not loathsome, but it’s unremarkable to the point of irrelevance. It certainly didn’t help that the preview build’s arsenal was locked out lackluster pistols, shotguns and uzis. One of the first game’s better features was its makeshift arsenal of nail guns and razor-blade spouting death machines. Screenshots and trailers suggest that that kind of fun is hidden away for later levels, though.

Not a great first impression, then. This seems to be a sequel that cruises downstream without much to say or see. But not all’s said and done; if later levels inject a more emergent pace and the high-end weapons get back to the core of the original, Bolverk may yet salvage Dick Wilde 2. As it stands, this is looking like a last whimper for a tired genre.

Dick Wilde 2 releases later this month on Rift, Vive and PSVR. Check back later for a full review.

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Preview: Dick Wilde 2 – Big and Bolder, but is it Better?

In 2017 Bolverk Games released its second virtual reality (VR) title in the form of first-person shooter (FPS) Dick Wilde. Placing you in the American Deep South with good old Mr Wilde coming out with some comedy one-liners and a bunch of handmade weapons to shoot some out of control critters, the first instalment was an amusing, yet slightly shallow experience. Now the studio is bringing Dick back for another round of gun slinging, just will it be enough?

Dick Wilde 2The VR FPS space is very different now to what it was a couple of years ago. Wave-based stationary shooters are almost all but long gone, replaced by titles such as Borderlands 2 VR or In Death, where you have movement that can cater for all users and more dynamic enemies. Dick Wilde 2 on the other hand almost feels like a nostalgic look back at what VR once was, whilst at the same time expanding upon the originals gameplay design.

As mentioned Bolverk Games is certainly going bigger and better in a number of ways regarding Dick Wilde 2. Firstly levels and movement. You’re still fixed to a wooden raft stuck on a river, just this time it is moving, meaning all the enemies you need to kill don’t always have to come to you, you’ll float to them. And to make this aquatic journey that bit more troublesome the waterways are filled with cars, barrels, wooden panels and other junk which needs to be blasted out the way or else you’ll take damage.

There are six main levels, each featuring multiple routes. So depending on the guns you’ve acquired as well as the cash to buy upgrades, one route will be harder than the other, with the greater difficulty offering more rewards. Before choosing a path, another big inclusion is Dick Wilde’s store, full of weapons, and items to increase your health, critical shot chance and raft durability.

Dick Wilde 2Gun wise the selection must be at least double the originals, with a selection of pistols, shotguns, automatics and energy weapons. They still retain that authentic Dick Wilde charm of looking like they were made in a barn, but they no longer have a secondary function. This means careful selection before you go into each stage, although they can be swapped if the stage is completed.

As for the action, things are relatively on par with before. Fish jump out the water at you or try to spitballs of nasty noxious gas. There are a few new enemy types such as rats on the backs of crocodiles and squid looking things which can protect themselves with energy shields. There certainly seems to be enough variety in the main levels that Dick Wilde 2 should provide a few decent hours of gameplay.

The studio hasn’t stopped there, however. To unlock some of the better guns there are four challenge levels to complete, each one offering a much more difficult and intense task than the main stages. These are much more confined shooting galleries on water, designed to not be easily completed on the first attempt.

Dick Wilde 2Additionally, Dick Wilde 2 will also include an online co-op multiplayer, so you can bring a mate along to team up with on the more difficult levels. At this stage of the build, this option wasn’t available for VRFocus to try, when we do we’ll let you know.

Bolverk Games certainly seem to be cramming as much content as possible into this sequel, aiming to give fans of the first videogame that same core essence, just with more of everything. It’s a good tactic to go for, and most players should find the gameplay very comfortable. The real difficulty lays in tempting those who love their free-roaming shooters to go for a far more restricted style of FPS.

Arcade Shooter Dick Wilde Returns With Cross-Platform and Online Co-Op Gameplay

In early 2017 developer Bolverk Games launched a comedic wave shooter called Dick Wildefor Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and eventually PlayStation VR. Today, the studio has announced a follow-up, Dick Wilde 2, adding new fan-requested features to expand on the original’s gameplay.

Dick Wilde 2

Much like the first instalment, you’ll be shooting all sorts of nasty critters with a range of homemade – and slightly mad – weaponry. In Dick Wilde 2 however, there’s been a massive outbreak of toxic spillage, creating a foul sludge that has mutated the local wildlife making them even meaner than ever.

With new locations to clear exterminator extraordinaire Dick Wilde has decided he needs help, so he’s enlisted two apprentices to help in the task. This means players will be treated to cross-platform VR online co-op for the first time. To aid the challenge players will now have use of gravity guns and arrows infused with divine lightning, or how about some mortar strikes and AI assassin drones.

“Our fans made Dick Wilde a success and we’re doing everything we can to give them all that they want in the sequel,” said Bo Bennekov at Bolvërk Games. “We are so proud that Dick Wilde 2 features online VR co-op – it was our most requested feature and a lot of hard work, but we know players are going to love shooting mutated piranhas with a buddy by their side.”

Dick Wilde 2

“Dick Wilde has felt like a member of the family from when we first met him.” said Harvey Elliott, CEO at PlayStack. “We are so glad to be teaming up again with Bolvërk Games for Dick Wilde 2 and are excited for another high-action and rewarding coop experience”.

Other fan-requested features that have made it into Dick Wilde 2, include a wider range of difficulty settings, more power-ups and screen-filling boss fights.

Dick Wilde 2 will launch on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive worldwide in February 2019. PlayStation VR owners will be pleased to know that Bolvërk Games has implemented support for both PlayStation Aim and PlayStation Move, giving them maximum choice for controller options. For any further updates about the title ahead of launch, keep reading VRFocus.

Dick Wilde 2 Brings Co-Op And More To PSVR And PC VR Next Month

Dick Wilde 2 Brings Co-Op And More To PSVR And PC VR Next Month

Well here’s a surprise; Dick Wilde 2 is in the works and it’s coming next month.

Developer Bolvërk Games announced the sequel to its popular wave shooter today. The original Dick Wilde cast you as a hillbilly that cleared swamps of vicious wildlife using home-made weaponry. For the sequel, Bolvërk is adding in a literal raft of requested features. Check out the trailer below.

For starters, there’s now co-op play. Two friends can team up as Dick’s apprentices to tackle a new range of levels together. Crucially, this feature is cross-platform across all headsets so you should be able to find friends to play with ease.

It also looks like levels in Dick Wilde 2 will have linear progression, whereas players were stationary in the original. As you fight your way through the hordes you’ll also be able to buy new weapons. Elsewhere the game is adding new difficulty settings (the original was pretty brutal), more power-ups and varied boss fights.

The original game was a polished wave shooter, though we took issue with its tone and humor. In a press release, Bolvërk touted the game as a ‘fantastic commercial success’ so we were probably alone in that one. It was a great workout, though! We’re looking forward to seeing how the sequel holds up.

Dick Wilde 2 will launch on PSVR, Rift and Vive in February. The PSVR version will support both the Move controllers and the snazzy PlayStation Aim controller. No word yet on other versions but this sure looks like a good fit for Oculus Quest, no?

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‘Dick Wilde 2’ to Bring Cross-platform Co-op to PSVR, Rift & Vive Next Month

Bolvërk Games and PlayStack released word today that a new sequel to their VR shooting gallery Dick Wilde (2017) is slated to launch sometime in February.

The sequel, dubbed Dick Wilde 2, promises to bring cross-platform online co-op, more boss fights, levels, and a wider range of difficulty levels for all supported headsets, which include PSVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.

Image courtesy Bolvërk Games, PlayStack

Game publisher PlayStack says that Dick Wilde 2 takes users to “a host of new locales which have been infected by the massive outbreak of toxic spillage, creating a foul sludge that has mutated the local wildlife into the most darn-tootin’ vicious critters ever seen by the river folk.”

New weapons include gravity guns, arrows infused with divine lightning, mortar strikes, AI assassin drones, and hopefully some of the fan favorites too such as the revolvers, the shotgun and shield, and paintball guns.

Image courtesy Bolvërk Games, PlayStack

Unlike the previous Dick Wilde, the sequel is said to feature cross-platform VR online co-op, letting PSVR and PC VR users play together. PSVR users may have a leg-up in the aiming department though, as the sequel is confirmed to support both PlayStation Aim in addition to PlayStation Move.

“Our fans made Dick Wilde a success and we’re doing everything we can to give them all that they want in the sequel,” said Bo Bennekov at Bolvërk Games. “We are so proud that Dick Wilde 2 features online VR co-op – it was our most requested feature and a lot of hard work, but we know players are going to love shooting mutated piranhas with a buddy by their side.”

Dick Wilde 2 is also said to include other fan-requested features including a wider range of difficulty settings, more power-ups and “screen-filling” boss fights.

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