Competition: Win Your Own Bar (Well, A Virtual One) With A Copy Of Flairtender

Do you know your Manhattan from your Mojito – and if nmot would you like to? VRFocus has teamed up with the developers behind the game drink crafting game Flairender to bring you the chance to win one of five codes for the game.

Flairtender, a Steam Early Access title by DigitalBadger Design LLC with virtual reality (VR) support for Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch and HTC Vive. Let’s you channel your inner Tom Cruise in the film Cocktail and learn how to mix a selection of drinks in a bar environment, all the while earning enough cash to upgrade your drinks selection. And more importantly not having to fork out for large amounts of alcohol, or spilling vodka all over your house.

Flairtender ScreenshotYou can read all about it in our preview, here.

You have just over a week, with the competition Time is relatively short on this one so we’re running up until midnight (UK time) on Friday, 26th May 2017. The competition is open to everyone, though naturally you’ll need a Steam account and an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift with Touch in order to enjoy the title. To enter all you have to do to is use the app below and be either a follower of VRFocus on Twitter, be a subscriber to our YouTube channel or visit our Facebook or Google+ pages. That’s it. You get an entry for any of those so make sure you check everything out. You can also tweet about the competition for another entry.

Win Flairtender on HTC Vive or Oculus Rift (Steam)

We’ll let winners know as soon as possible after the competition ends. Normal terms apply. Good luck!

Competition: Win A Pair Of Tickets To Next Week’s ARVR Innovate Conference

Whether you are a virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) professional or a keen fan of the technology we have an opportunity for you – particularly if you’re able to get to Dublin, Ireland next week.

VRFocus has teamed up with the organisers of the 4th annual international ARVR Innovate Conference to give you the chance to get a pair of tickets to the event worth over €400 (EUR).

Speakers attending the show include: Dean Johnson, Head of Innovation at Brandwidth, who’ll be giving a keynote address; Natalie Whittle, associate editor of the FT Weekend Magazine; Mark Castle, founder at VRtize; Nikki Lannen, CEO of VR studio WarDucks; Paul Sweeney, Vice President and General Manager of DAQRI International: Andy Gower, Head of the Interactive Media Research Group at BT’s Global Research & Innovation and many more.

Time is relatively short on this one so we’re running the competition up to midnight on Monday. To enter all you have to do to is use the app below and be a follower of VRFocus on Twitter. That’s it! We’ll let winners know as soon as possible. Normal competition terms apply, however please remember that you need to be able to get to Dublin for the event on May 11th 2017. If you are going to be unable to attend please do not enter and prevent someone who can go from going.

Win a pair of tickets for ARVR Innovate

You can find out more about ARVR Innovate in the video below or on their website:

Competition: Win One Of 6 Copies Of Daydream Space Shooter POLARIS

You can never get enough of space or shooters as far as virtual reality (VR) is concerned, but each head mounted display (HMD) presents both in a slightly different way. And if you have a Google Daydream View, then we have some good news for you.

We’ve partnered up with The Awesome Enterprises, developers of space shooter POLARIS for a competition where you could win one of six codes for the game.

Using your head to look around and aiming and shooting with your Daydream controller it’s up to you to do battle with a hostile alien battlefleet and guide yourself to safety. The only problem is the enemy could come from quite literally anywhere. Comprising fourteen levels of increasing skill, you’re going to need all your wits and skill to survive. Or alternatively you can just blast the heck out of everything in view.

All you have to do to enter is check out VRFocus on social media. Either be a follower of us on Twitter or visit our Google+ and Facebook pages – which you should definitely follow when you go there! Use the Gleam app below to enter the competition which ends at the stroke of midnight (UK) on Wednesday, 3rd May 2017. We will then be drawing the prizes shortly thereafter. You can see a trailer for the game below the competition app.

Win POLARIS on Google Daydream With VRFocus

Competition: Win A Copy Of Korix, Command Legions & Save Your People

It may have started out life as an experiment on the Oculus Rift DK2, but now of course it is out as a full blown title for the PlayStation VR.

A virtual reality (VR) based real-time strategy (RTS) videogame with elements of tower defence mechanics anda a retro isometric styling. As the commander of what remains of the military following the destruction of your home world, it is up to you to unite your surviving troops and survive. All whilst taking the fight back to the enemy.

We’ve teamed up with Korix developer StellarVR to give away two codes from the US PlayStation Store (you will require a US account in order to play), all you have to do to enter is check out VRFocus on social media. Either be a follower of us on Twitter or visit our Google+ and Facebook pages – which you should definitely follow when you go there! Use the Gleam app below to enter the competition which ends at the stroke of midnight (UK) on Tuesday, 18th April 2017. We will then be drawing the prizes shortly thereafter.

Win Korix On PSVR

For more on the latest PlayStation VR releases, as well as news and features from anything and everything to do with VR,check back regularly with VRFocus.

Competition: Defend Against The Hordes Of… Good? Win 1 of 5 copies of Underworld Overlord

Are you the sort of person who wouldn’t mind hanging round a virtual dungeon or two? Does the prospect of joining a band of heroes at a castle gate and ‘dealing with’ not only hordes of monsters but the undead that lay within fill you with excitement? Are you longing to play the hero and defend the land?

If so, this game… isn’t for you. Because here it is the pesky invading heroes you need to deal with. Pesky, do-good, heroes with their stupid sense of honour, their pointy stabby swords and their annoyingly white teeth. It’s enough to make a respectable fiend gag.

Underworld Overlord is an action/strategy game for the Google Daydream where you defend your very own virtual reality (VR) dungeon against an onslaught of righteous goody-goods by any means necessary. Got traps? Set them! Have spells? Cast them! Command monsters? Send them off to battle. You are the leader. So lead them to victory or death! (Preferably the former.)

We’ve teamed up with developers OtherSide Entertainment for a competition where you can win one of five codes for Underworld Overlord. There’s no questions to answer, all you need to do is be a follower of ours, or theirs, on social media. Click the competition app below to follow, or declare that you are a follower of VRFocus or OtherSide Entertainment on our various channels. (The app will check, if you are signed in.) Every follow gets you a vote, and some are even worth extra votes.

The competition will end on Saturday, April 1st 2017 at 00:00 UK Time with winners being chosen at random during the week after. You can find our Competition Terms here:

Good luck!

Win 1 of 5 copies of Underworld Overlord for Google Daydream with VRFocus

Competition: Win A Pair Of VRWC 2017 Tickets With VRFocus

February is almost at an end already and the virtual reality (VR) calendar shows no signs of slowing down. In the UK, VR World Congress (VRWC) is rapidly approaching, bringing over 2000 attendees from across the globe representing all fields of VR and its related industries to Bristol. Running from April 11th to the 13th, VRWC 17 is set to once again be another landmark VR expo crammed full of talks, experience, software and hardware. With representatives from Microsoft, Leap Motion, IBM, AMD, the Royal Opera House, Samsung, Ultrahaptics, Oculus Story Studio, the BBC and many more already confirmed.

It sounds like it will be quite an event – which is why we at VRFocus have teamed up VRWC to offer our followers the opportunity for one lucky winner to win a pair of full conference and expo passes for VR World Congress 2017, worth £600!

thumbnail_Win Tickets for VRWC
These tickets grant the holders access to the vast majority of events at VRWC:

  • An open pass to the huge VRWC expo for the entirety of the 12th and 13th of April

  • Access to all VR World Congress talks across all three days

  • Opportunity to attend official after party – and organise meetings if so desired

VR World Congress has been designed to cater for a wide audience. From those looking to simply try out the latest VR software and hardware to game developers looking for tips, tricks and investment. The event is also focusing on individuals from fields such as healthcare, marketing, education, entertainment and property looking to learn how VR is shaking things up, and how it can be used practically moving forward.

Whatever your interest in VR, be sure to enter the competition via the Gleam tool below. There’s a host of ways you can enter and if you’re a follower of ourselves or VRWC on social media you’re already well on your way. You can even visit the VRWC webpage for an additional entry each day! The competition ends at 11:59:59 PM (GMT) on March 4th 2017.

Win A Pair Of Tickets To VRC 2017 With VRFocus

VRFocus will, of course, be bringing you more updates and stories of all things VR, and indeed VRWC related but you can also sign up for the VR World Congress mailing list, to get updates on the event straight to your inbox.

Competition: Win A Pair Of Tickets To The PC Gamer Weekender

February is here, but what to do? February is so… February. Especially after Valentines Day is over, what is there to do for the virtual reality (VR) and games enthusiast? Well, if you live in the UK we’ve got something just for you to fill the gap.

VRFocus has teamed up with The PC Gamer Weekender to give you a chance to win one of two pairs of ‘Weekender+’ tickets to their event at Olympia London on the 18th to 19th of February 2017. The Weekender+ gets you access to the venue from 9:30AM enabling you to get prime position for the game or talk of your choice or be the first in to grab a deal on PC hardware.

The PC Gamer Weekender

It’s not just PC and VR gaming (such as Killing Floor: Incursion) that you can find at the event either. There’s a Tabletop Gaming area and a Fireside Bar where you can chill out and play some Hearthstone on your mobile whilst you relax. That’s not to say there isn’t plenty of hardcore tournament play to get stuck into as well.

You can find out more details on the website at

If you want to be in with a chance of winning the tickets all you have to be doing is following VRFocus on social media – and the more you follow us the more chances you have of winning. Enter via the Gleam app below.

Best of luck!

The PC Gamer Weekender Ticket Competition

Competition: Five Chances To Win Balloon Chair Death Match

The year is rapidly approaching its climax. So it is somewhat appropriate that we are bringing you a new competition in this, the week running up to Christmas, in partnership with UK virtual reality (VR) developer Climax Studios.

Balloon Chair Death Match screenshot

We are offering you the chance to win a copy of Climax’s recently revealed title Balloon Chair Death Match, which was the cause of much discussion around the VR water cooler last week. A multiplayer-orientated arena shooter, Balloon Chair Death Match sees you take to the skies courtesy (as the title might suggest) of a highly modified chair attached to a number of helium filled balloons. You have a gun. Your opponents have a gun. Balloons are vulnerable to gunfire.

I think you can see where this is going…

We’ve got five codes to giveaway for the game which is compatible with both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift all you need to do to enter is use the widget below and enter via one (or more) of the various methods. Be it being a follower of ourselves or of Climax Studios on Twitter, watching the trailer or even finding out about another game from Climax Studios – Gun Sight.

The contest ends as Friday ends at midnight UK time. You can enter the competition via the widget below.

Win Balloon Chair Death Match with VRFocus


Competition: Five Chances To Win BlazeRush On Oculus Rift

Earlier today we brought you news of new DLC for BlazeRush, an ‘arcade racing survival game’ that supports four-player local multiplayer and eight-player online with a total of sixteen different cars available for players to use. It originally added Oculus Rift support way back in December 2014 and now has the addition which sees the title from Targem Games add some Rocket League-style action courtesy of the BlazeBowl.


We’ve teamed up with Targem Games to give you the chance to add the ever developing game to your Oculus Rift library. We’ve five codes to giveaway for BlazeRush and all you need to do to enter is follow us on one of our social media channels. Couldn’t be simpler right? Many of you are already following us via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or are subscribed to our YouTube channel. The best part is you get more entries per channel you’re following us on so you’ve up to four chances to enter.

The contest ends as Friday ends at midnight UK time. You can enter the competition via the widget below.

Win BlazeRush On Oculus Rift With VRFocus

Competition: Win A Copy Of Waddle Home For PlayStation VR With VRFocus

If you’re a fan of saving cute animals, we may very well have a competition just for you. October of course saw the launch of the PlayStation VR, which brought the second generation of virtual reality (VR) back to console gamers. The launch line-up was impressive and varied, we at VRFocus even produced a guide that you may want to look at to see just what types of experiences are out there.


One game that is out is Waddle Home. Waddle Home sees players set out to save a group of trapped penguins. The title is played from a third-person isometric view from which players guide penguins down a path to safety while also collecting eggs. Obstacles include traps and patrolling guards that the penguins must avoid in order to get off out of the area safely. Players will be scored based on their completion times and the amount of eggs that they collect in each level.

Originally a 2015 Samsung Gear VR title, it made the leap from mobile VR to PC with a HTC Vive edition back in July. It’s now available for Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE’s) headset and we’ve teamed up with Waddle Home‘s creators Archiact Interactive to offer you the chance to take some VR penguins into your home.

We’re giving away PlayStation VR codes to three VRFocus readers in North America and Europe. All you have to do is enter via one or more of the ways included in the app below. You have until November midnight (UK time) on November 8th to enter. Winners will be notified within 7 days and asked to nominate their PlayStation Store region, North America or Europe.

Win Waddle Home On PlayStation VR with VRFocus

VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest updates and releases for the PlayStation VR HMD as they’re announced.