IVO – Interactive Virtual Object Engine For Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Environments

IVO Demo Screenshot

We’ve just released a new 3D camera engine for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality environments called IVO. IVO stands for Interactive Virtual Object engine.  In the IVO demo, you can grab, position, scale, rotate and animate various 3D virtual objects using gestures. Specific gestural interactions with the various virtual 3D objects include:

  • Select and scale 3D virtual object
  • Hold and rotate 3D virtual object
  • Select and view digital overlay information for the 3D virtual object
  • Place 3D virtual objects into predefined animation sequence
  • Move and scale animation sequence with 3D virtual objects animated

We have embedded a short IVO intro video below.  We also have a longer video with more detailed IVO information that can be viewed here.

As shown in the IVO demo video, 3D virtual objects can be placed and interacted with within your physical space and in relation to your position.  This allows you to see different 3D virtual objects in front, near or behind you.  Animated effects can be added to the 3D virtual objects and you can also use a scene animation to see how all the 3D virtual objects will animate around you.  Though not shown in the video, 3D virtual objects can be sized in relation to your physical dimensions to give accurate sizing and dimensions to the 3D virtual objects in the defined physical space. IVO was designed for multiple use cases including interactive educational experiences for the classroom to visual presentations in the boardroom. IVO could also be used in various environments that utilize a 3D camera such as a museum display, event or storefront window.

Working within other Augmented Reality environments such as HoloLens and Virtual Reality environments like Oculus, it’s easy to see how important gestural commands will be when interacting with 3D virtual objects. In the past we have shown how shared Augmented Reality (and certain Virtual Reality platforms) will open up a new era of virtual object collaboration through our patent pending ZugSTAR technology (video embedded below).

The IVO engine is currently available for Kinect v2.  We are working to extend and expand support for AR and VR devices and platforms and offer access to our SDK for other developers.  If would like to discuss customization of the current IVO engine for a project, please contact us.

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Software Market Projections

Statista recently posted a chart outlining Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Software Market Projections. The chart is based on data from Goldman Sachs and is one of the first Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality market projections to solely focus on AR/VR software.  You can view the chart below.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Software Market Projections

Over the last few months, there have been numerous Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality market projections coming out from Goldman Sachs, Digi-Capital, and ABI Research.  These market projections tend to range from the Goldman Sachs low end of $80 Billion to the Digi-Capital high end of $120 Billion.  You can read more detail here.

We tend to agree with the high end of Digi-Capital’s Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality market projections.  As objective as we can be in this matter (as an Augmented Reality company), we think most analysts aren’t seeing the ‘forest for the trees’ with respect to all the different areas that will be impacted and disrupted by both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Taking retail as example, the chart above projects a best case scenario of a $1.6 Billion market for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality software for retail by 2025.  In comparison, Digi-Capital projects an approximate $10-$20 Billion market alone for Augmented Reality Commerce by 2020.  The reason we agree with Digi-Capital’s projections is due to all the areas that Augmented Reality (and to a lesser extent Virtual Reality) will impact for the retail purchase funnel.

At the recent SAP Augmented Reality for the Enterprise event, we presented a slide showing key areas in the retail purchase funnel that will be impacted by Augmented Reality.  The slide is below with more detail on the purchase funnel and where different types of Augmented Reality technology will enhance or disrupt areas such as product discovery, trial and retention.

Augmented Reality Commerce Purchase Funnel

The 4 key areas we highlighted include:

  • Product Discovery & Drive to Retail – Augmented Reality utilized on mobile devices will help expose potential shoppers to virtual retail items.  While also leveraging geolocation, you can activate AR content in a geofenced area and geofence those areas specific to a store (driving people in-store in the process.)
  • Virtual Product Trial & Personalization – Virtual Dressing Room technology will be a key area here where mobile to display synchronization can turn a display into a personal shopping assistant for a shopper – anywhere and at anytime.
  • Advanced Biometric & AR Content Data – This is one area we feel the analysts are grossly underestimating or overlooking when it comes to Augmented Reality and Retail.  Kinect and other 3D cameras can capture biometric data and physical attributes of a shopper such as skin tone, hair color, body shape, etc.  This data can then be used twofold.  For the shopper, they can now get personalized recommendations based on how they react to a certain item or receive recommended items based on similar physical characteristics.  For the retailer, they can now get real-time feedback on products based on biometric data.
  • AR Object & Shopper Persona Profile – With Virtual Product Trial & Personalization combined with Advanced Biometric & AR Content Data, retailers can now offer a more advanced AR-based social shopping experience.  Friends can connect from anywhere to virtually shop together and have personalized recommendations. Retailers can also further enhance the Augmented Reality ecommerce experience with stylists that connect with shoppers and view or suggest virtual items in real time.

We only covered 4 specific areas of the retail purchase funnel that pertains mostly to apparel and accessories.  But there are other retail areas you could dive deeper into such as using AR for placement of retail display stands or even using mobile augmented reality with 3D cameras to plan and purchase items in a grocery store.

Regardless of the variance in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality software market projections, we believe that Augmented Reality will have a significant impact on multiple areas in retail.  Some of these areas are closer than others to retail adoption, but by 2020-2025, it would be a shock not to see all of these Augmented Reality for Retail areas fundamentally changing the retail shopping experience.

A modified version of this blog post was featured as a recent VentureBeat Op-Ed entitled, “Analysts are overlooking how much AR and VR are about to change our lives.”

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Facebook Augmented Reality Community – 10,000 Members Milestone

Facebook Augmented Reality Community Image

Our Facebook Augmented Reality Community has reached it’s latest milestone – 10,000 Members!  The Facebook Augmented Reality Community features latest Augmented Reality News and Virtual Reality News.  We also share latest news with the Natural User Interface, Computer Vision and other areas that pertain to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality worlds.  Kickstarter campaigns and latest Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality projects are also often posted and promoted by community members.

To give you an idea of the different types of news members of the Facebook Augmented Reality Community find interesting, we’ve included the top 5 news items from the last 30 days that members interacted with below:

  • HoloLens vs. Meta 2 (Link)
  • Magic Leap’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed (Link)
  • British Patient To Undergo World’s First Virtual Reality Cancer Operation (Link)
  • Google’s Secret VR Weapon Is Project Tango (Link)
  • Virtual Reality Desk Claims Another Victim (Link)

If you’re interested in joining the Facebook Augmented Reality Community, you can join here.


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ARmedia Dealer 2.0 for Tablets and Smartglasses

Many vendors in the Augmented Reality space today provide platforms that promise to support technicians with AR enabled procedures for service and maintenance also in the automotive sector. But few do really offer the technical features that are required to deal with real world scenarios.

The majority of the platforms employ planar images to trigger the AR contents. On the other hand, one of the key requirements of any enterprise class AR maintenance solution is the capability to deal with real equipment and parts. Indeed, not always real engines or mechanical parts can be identified or tracked by means of 2D images. Thanks to ARmedia powerful tracking methods, the ARmedia Dealer 2.0 solution provides the features that are required to identify and track 3D parts with the required flexibility, while at the same time enabling the access to step-by-step instructions and information relevant for diagnostics.

The solution is the outcome of the joint effort of Inglobe Technologies, a leading Augmented Reality Developer, and Lynx International, Inglobe’s sister company that provides leading services for the automotive sector. The platform that enables AR information for diagnostic and maintenance purposes is thought for Tablets and Smartglasses (Epson Moverio) and has the flexibility to extend the support to other devices as well. Thanks to a unique Mixed Reality feature, the platform can be used in association also with Virtual Reality glasses, like Samsung Gear, in low-cost blended AR/VR Training experiences.

The videos below show the solution in action:

For more information about Inglobe’s Smart Maintenance solutions please read also this:


About Inglobe Technologies

Inglobe Technologies is a computer vision company based in Italy that specializes in the development of mixed reality software and solutions. Best known for the ARmedia platform, Inglobe Technologies supports more than 50.000 registered users worldwide in creating augmented reality contents by means of powerful and easy to use AR content creation tools. More information on the company website http://www.inglobetechnologies.com

About Lynx International

Lynx International is a leading Service Provider for the Automotive sector. The company develops and implements solutions to improve productivity and efficiency, providing innovative systems especially suited for the NSC and Dealer Network. Thanks to its long lasting expertise, Lynx serves some of the most important Motor Companies worldwide. More information about Lynx: www.lynx-international.com

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Augmented World Expo 2013: It’s a wrap!

Augmented World Expo 2013 was really an amazing experience. I’m co-founder and co-organizer of the conference, along with Ori Inbar, so it has meant a lot to me to see our event grow over the last four years, and thrilling to make such a big splash this year.  There were 1,163 attendees, and the expo show cased an ecosystem of emerging technologies – augmented reality, gesture interaction, eyewear, wearables, and connected hardware of  many stripes, that mark the beginning of natural computing entering the mainstream. It was a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with what it feels like to be an augmented human in an augmented world!

Videos of AWE 2013′s 35 hours of educational sessions and inspirational keynotes are now available on our YouTube channel. I am sharing my own talk (my slides are also up on slideshare here), and a few of my favorites in this post, but there are far to many to post here, so please browse further on the Augmented World Expo youtube channel.

One notable high point of AWE2013, for me, was the showcase sponsored by Meta, a startup developing the first device allowing visualization and interaction with 3D virtual objects in the real world using your hands. It was made possible by the generous contribution from the private collections of Paul Travers, Dan Cui, Steven Feiner, Steve Mann, and Chris Grayson, and passionate volunteers who are helping advance the industry. Sean Hollister of The Verge did this excellent report on the eyewear showcase 35 years of wearable computing history at Augmented World Expo 2013
Also for more on Meta see this article by Dan Farber.

My colleagues at Syntertainment, Will Wright, Avi Bar-Zeev, Jason Shankel, and LaurenElliott all gave great talks. Ironically, we’re not building augmented reality apps or H/W. We all just happen to continue to be very interested in the field.  

Thank you to everyone for supporting the event!

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