PSVR Videos Can Be Improved, All Thanks To VR Porn?

The virtual realtiy (VR) porn streaming site SexLikeReal (SLR) – link NSFW, obviously – has discovered that the PS4 and PlayStation VR are actually capable of viewing far better quality VR videos than was previously believed. As the company’s David Chapman explains.

XXX Adult Entertainment SignWhy the PSVR currently lags behind at VR video

When it comes to VR videos, so far the PSVR has been the poor relation when compared to high-end headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and even the Gear VR. Playstation have a closed ecosystem, meaning the only way of viewing downloaded videos using the PSVR headset is by sideloading through the Littlestar app. The information given to Littlstar by Playstation was that VR videos should be restricted to a maximum width of 2560 pixels – far less than the 5000 pixels which we are starting to see on other VR platforms. When it comes to VR porn (the most popular use of VR video) producers have been supplying videos for the PSVR with a width of only 1080 pixels at 30 FPS for PS4 Original and 1600p at 60FPS for PS4 Pro. Obviously, this leads to a poor image – much more blurry and fuzzy than that of other VR headsets.

What has been discovered?

Adult entertainment site SLR has revealed that the PS4 Pro can actually display 4080 x 2040px resolution videos at 60FPS, while users of the original PS4 can enjoy VR videos at 3200x1600px at 60 FPS. This is far superior to the 2160 x 1080px at 30 FPS that was previously understood to be the maximum resolution for both models of PS4.

Also, it should be noted that there is some confusion in that people believe the 1080p PSVR screen is only capable of that actual resolution. This is not the case – screen and video resolution are not the same thing. Video is projected onto a sphere and the 1080p visuals you see are part of this sphere. This means the better the total video resolution the better
detail you get for the footage you see in your headset.

Why did technicians look into this?

The SLR tech team decided to figure out the capabilities of both versions of the PS4 console. Based on the controller specs, they soon realised that the PSVR was in fact capable of displaying much higher quality video – meaning a vastly improved experience for their PSVR-owning customers.

Slider: PlayStation VRWhat does this mean for PSVR users?

Two words: better immersion. This means the PSVR is a much more viable method of viewing VR porn than was previously assumed. The image is sharper and more crisp, while the footage is smoother and more fluid thanks to the improved framerate. PSVR users can finally experience VR porn and VR videos how they were meant to be seen.

In response to these findings, SLR have started trans-encoding their entire library of 5,000 videos. There are currently over 400 PSVR-friendly videos already available on the site, enhanced using the highest-quality original files directly from the studios themselves.

How the experience now compares to other VR headsets

The PSVR experience is now vastly superior to using a Cardboard headset and compares well to the Gear VR. However, it isn’t perfect. Unlike the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, it isn’t capable of displaying 5K footage and above, which is becoming more and more popular. Plus, the PlayStation closed ecosystem means all videos need to be viewed through the Littlestar app rather than dedicated apps such as SLR app.

Hopefully, the next generation of Playstation will be able to support more advanced video codecs than h264, which limits the system to 4K videos only. Another drawback is that the current Playstation browser is not compatible with WebVR videos, which would otherwise allow seamless streaming from any website.

A ​step-by-step guide​ for viewing external video on the PSVR

  1. Set up your Playstation VR system using the official video from Sony.
  2. Install the Littlestar VR Cinema Player app (free download from the Playstation Store)
  3. Prepare your storage device by formatting a hard drive or USB flash drive using exFAT or FAT32 (Windows video / Mac video) then create a folder named Littlstar ​in the top level of your device. (Note: FAT32 is restricted to 4GB file sizes so exFAT is recommended)
  4. Download some VR videos – whatever that may be. (Note: the original PS4 is limited to 1600p files while the PS4 Pro can play 2040p files)
  5. Place your VR video in your Littlstar ​folder and rename them according to the type of video.

    VR Video Naming Conventions
    (Via:’s PSVR Guide.)
  6. Now play your videos. On the Littlstar ​homepage press O to bring up the menu. Choose the library, find your videos and then play them!

Adult VR World ‘Fantasy’ Announces Partnership With Leading Adult VR Platform Velvet Reality

FantasyCoin (FXXX), a digital currency supporting the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) adult entertainment virtual worlds has announced a new partnership with leading VR adult content platform, Velvet Reality. Powered by Gaze Coin, a smart contract blockchain solution that measures and monetizes viewer attention, FantasyCoin is offering virtual real estate in a fantasy VR world for sale to investors who can earn revenue from engagement occurring on their property. This new partnership will see hundreds of hours of premium VR adult content fully integrated into FantasyCoin as a payment method for the platform.

Velvet Reality

Velvet Reality delivers fully immersive 4K content from the world’s biggest adult VR producers to all VR headsets and smartphones. Once the Fantasy land sale is complete, the integration of FantasyCoin will take place and allow landowners on the Fantasy platform to instantly distribute content to anyone with a mobile phone via a CDN solution using its pre-existing platform. Creators, performers, amateurs or simply those wishing to have fun can offer their own content on their Fantasy property via the fully-functional platform.

“Virtual reality, cryptocurrency and Gaze Coin’s technology are the perfect synergy for the future of adult entertainment,” said Miranda Burnet, President of Velvet Reality. “Seamless, based on eye tracking and where the user pays for actual engagement, this technology has a run-on effect for advertisers, too. We are looking forward to integrating Fantasy Coin into our platform and ours into theirs.”

Gaze Coin

In addition to providing the delivery platform and starting content for Fantasy, Velvet Reality will as owners of a number of VR cinemas and ‘star’ apartments in Fantasy zones, including an ‘Alter Ego Hotel’ in the Alter Ego sector, one of the nineteen themed entertainment sectors within the VR world. Fueled by its own cryptocurrency, and modeled on the real-life Amsterdam, Fantasy is a fully-functional, adult narrative-driven mixed reality (MR) experience.

FantasyCoin is launching with a Fantasy virtual real estate sale on October 20th, 2018 with the sale establishing a fully functional virtual ‘Amsterdam’ on Mars – complete with a red light district. For more information and to pre-register, head over to the official website (NSFW) and keep reading VRFocus for all the latest.

Nutaku Release New Adult VR Offering For Women And The LGBTQ+ Community

The adult entertainment sector has been adopted virtual reality (VR) technology for sometime now, with numerous sites and services leveraging the technology for their users. Back in May of this year it was revealed that the 18+ gaming portal, Nutaku, was expanding into VR and now, the website is launching their first offering which is designed for women and the LGBTQ+ community.

Nutaku are looking to offer more inclusive adult games on their platform so allow users a wider selection of experiences. This began earlier this year with the launch of Elven Love: Naughty Rituals by Rev Vibe Studios and Candy Valley Network’s SexBot: Quality Assurance Simulator. Since then, Nutaku have been working with the team at Candy Valley Network to develop a new update that will offer more features that focus on women and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Do to this, the update to SexBot: Quality Assurance Simulator brings a variety of inclusive features and content, along with more options to customize the look of the character by changing hair colour, skin tone, and much more. Candy Valley Network express that these upgrades ensure that the VR title includes content for everyone, regardless of the users’ gender or sexual preferences.

“The goal of our small, but dedicated team of professionals, is to create adult games for everyone who wants to explore sexuality through a high quality, Virtual Reality experience, no matter your preferences.” said Nutaku Game Developer, Candy Valley Network. “It’s important to us that we provide content that suits all of our users. Not only do we want to enable our users to express themselves, we want our game to provide options so that users feel acknowledged, comfortable and welcome, overall.”

Some of the new options included in the update along players to select the sex and gender of both the player and the SexBot independently of one another. This means that players will be able to tailor the experience to fit their preferences more than before.

“This is an exciting advancement for us. We’ve been working to host more inclusive games for a while now, and finally we’re able to start offering these titles to our community, appealing to a larger demographic of adult gamers than before. There will be more and more inclusive titles landing on Nutaku as we grow this area of our product.” says Nutaku Communications Manager, Julie Hall.

SexBot: Quality Assurance Simulator is available now Nutaku (NSFW) to purchase for £20.00 (GBP). For more on adult VR experiences in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

MyARGirls Launching AR Porn Video Platform Compatible With Mobile Devices

With the continuing raise in popularity of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology there is one industry that continues to see numerous releases. That is the adult entertainment industry where leveraging the immersive technology has become a popular means to share the latest experiences with consumers. Now, a new platform has been revealed that aims to bring AR adult entertainment to users.


As reported by ARporn  the company and website of the same name, MyARGirls has been in development for some time now and will soon become available to the public. The platform provides hosts over 30 different actresses for users to select from, each offering a different experience for them to enjoy within the virtual space. Aiming to deliver top quality content to their users, the platform will leverage mobile devices and AR technology to bring the actresses to life right in front of the users wherever they may be.

Each of the videos are “marker” free meaning they are able to be used anywhere and thanks to the freedom of being able to pick the setting. This also means that users can position themselves however they want to be able to have a comfortable time. Each of the video experiences are also compatible for use in mobile headsets which further enhances the immersive potential of the videos being offered by MyARGirls.

MyARGirls also take advantage of the newly release AR player application, 123Merge. This allows users to position more than one video within a virtual space, offering new opportunities for adult entertainment. With support for YouTube videos or any media via a URL, users need only select the video or videos they want to bring into virtual space and then enjoy the experience. Thanks to MyARGirls offering videos ready for use with the 123Merge application, the backgrounds are all removed making them suitable for placement within in a full 360-degree environment. Though the content is not 3D just yet, users will still be able to have an immersive experiences with the high quality videos on offer.

The platform is still in development and will be launching very soon but users who are interested can sign up for a membership now. For more on immersive adult entertainment and all things VR and AR in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

Adult Web Virtual Reality Launches Indiegogo Campaign For Customizable Adult Avatars

With virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) continuing to be adopted into the adult entertainment industry, Adult Web Virtual Reality (AWVR) have revealed plans to that the experience to a whole new level. They plan to release a customizable adult entertainment platform and to do so AWVR have launched an Indiegogo campaign to gain support from users.

Adult Web Virtual Reality

The platform will allow a user to create their ideal virtual avatar before entering one of many virtual clubs and interacting with them at their own pace. Users will have control over a wide range of features to create their partner ranging from changing basic changes such as height, weight, hair colour down to small details such as the shape and size of the avatars lips, nose, breast/chest, with some options available to customize the genitalia of the avatar also.

“Not everyone can experience a personalized fantasy on an everyday basis, but within AWV Reality you can. Build your ultimate avatar, take him or her to our clubs and create your own customizable experience. Most importantly, based on our proprietary algorithm, you can convert them to full flesh, online interactions. This means your fantasies become Virtual Reality!” The team writes on their Indiegogo page.

AWVR note as well that their platform can be used in conjunction with a number of other products including toys, wearables, and VR headsets to offer the ultimate adult entertainment experience. They note however that the platform is not just about personal desire but also about the opportunity to allow for sexual empowerment. “This is a platform meant for everyone.” They write on the Indiegogo page: “This is for those who want to explore, educate, and experience, with complete anonymity. We are looking for those joining our campaign to help us shape the platform, establish interest in new clubs, create new ideas and make the interaction as custom to the end-user as possible.”

Adult Web Virtual Reality

AWVR are looking for $500,000 (USD) to help fund the development and launch of this new adult entertainment platform, with a number of backer tiers and rewards available. The lowest amount to back is $25 and is for a three month unlimited access to the product, along with a 5% discount in the store. Those feeling very supportive can go up to $750 for a lifetime membership with 20% discount in the store or jump to $2,500 for the ‘Red Carpet Access’. Which allows unlimited lifetime membership and plenty of other bonuses. You can find the Indiegogo campaign here but take note, it is not safe for work.

That is not all though, as a spokesperson from AWVR revealed to virtual reality reporter in an interview, as the company plans to leverage the product for education: “This platform will not only support respectful adult entertainment but will also give the user an opportunity to experience a social and sexual environment that they are never excluded from,” the spokesperson comments: “Additionally, the platform will be set up for sexual education based on an algorithm, so that the content is directed at the correct audience. This platform is meant to make porn personal and sex less taboo.”

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on AWVR in the future and more on the adult entertainment industry uses of VR technology.

Watch A Lifelike Striptease In Augmented Reality With Newly Released Demo

As the industry continues to integrate augmented reality (AR) into our daily life, there are some areas where the technology is being used for more entertainment focused purposes. AR pioneers have teamed up with virtual reality (VR) adult entertainment studio BaDoinkVR to create a new AR demo that is being used to showcase some of the capabilities of the technology.

Susy Gala AR

The adult entertainment industry has been one of the main adopters for new AR and VR technology as it continues to find new breakthroughs in bringing immersive entertainment to its users. The latest development from BaDoinkVR and sees users able to bring the well known adult star Susy Gala into their own home and enjoy a virtual striptease with impressive, lifelike visuals.

The demo can be enjoyed with a head-mounted display (HMD) such as the Microsoft HoloLens, or a compatible smart device that is then used to view a placed AR marker which functions as an anchor point to then start the experience. By using ARJs and WebGL Polyfill stereo rendering, the lifelike experience can be achieved on mobile devices at a stable framerate. The current demo is only being rendered in a 2D sense which means that users can walk around and view Susy Gala dancing from multiple viewpoints but it is ultimately a flat video at this point. The team are looking to build additional demo clips that would use volumetric video to create depth.

Susy Gala AR

“We see augmented reality as a real game changer for the adult entertainment industry. I’m not just talking about typical pornography either, but AR stripteases, or AR cam shows, as well. They bring the image of real performers into viewers’ homes for the ultimate in interactivity. That will pave the way for AI hologram relationships. We are all very excited!” Said Scott Camball of

For those who would like to sample the demo, head over to and print out the AR marker, or display it on the screen of a phone or tablet, and then use an Android Smartphone to view the demo. The complete step-by-step guide on how to enjoy the demo can be found on the website.

This is of course not the first time that AR technology has been used to create an immersive experience and 3D Hologroup earlier this year released adult-oriented AR content for the Microsoft HoloLens.

For more stories like this and others on immersive AR and VR content, keep reading VRFocus.

Adult Gaming Portal Nutaku Expands Into VR

It’s not often talked about openly, but adult entertainment played a significant role in the growth of VHS and, more recently, of DVDs. With its focus on the sense of presence and empathy, its not surprising that companies involved in the adult entertainment sector, such as 18+ Gaming Portal Nutaku, are looking to expand into the virtual reality (VR) space.

Nutaku have stated its intention to become the largest adult online gaming platform and expanding into the VR area is part of this strategy.

The first two VR titles to come to the platform are SexBot: Quality Assurance Simulator and Elven Love: Naughty Rituals and mark the beginning of Nutaku’s intention to allow users to have a deeper experience with adult videogames.

“Expanding into different realms of gaming and meeting the demands of our diverse community are Nutaku’s primary goals,” says Ben Faccio, Product Manager at Nutaku. “We’re excited to partner with innovative and creative studios to bring hot projects to Nutaku while offering our users top-quality content where they can feel like part of the action. We’re watching our future unfold with VR and can’t wait to share these great experiences with our community.”

Elven Love: Naughty Rituals puts the player in a fantasy world of magic and and the ancient elven cultures of Wood and Moon Elves, whose sacred rituals will be witnessed by the player in a way that lets them feel they are present in this magical world.

SexBot: Quality Assurance Simulator takes a more cyberpunk approach involving the intimate testing of robots who were designed for a distinctly adult purpose.

Nutaku’s expansion into VR comes shortly after it announced that users will be able to pay for products with Verge cryptocurrency, and the company believes this underlines its commitment to innovation and cutting edge technology.

For other news from the VR sector, keep checking back with VRFocus.

3D Hologroup Release First Adult-Oriented AR Content For Hololens

The U.S based computer software company that develop augmented reality (AR) applications have released 3D Holo Girlfriend, the first adult-oriented AR content for Hololens.

3D Holo Girlfriend Amy

The application allows users a chance to bring a 3D model into the real world thanks to the use of AR technology found in the likes of Microsoft’s Hololens and Meta Vision’s Meta2. Being the first adult-oriented AR content for the platforms is an exciting chance to tap into an ever growing market. Currently 3D Holo Girlfriend is in beta and is offering three models for users to play with and provide 3D Hologroup with feedback.

3D Holo Girlfriend Nicole

Once a users is set up and loads the application they will be able to bring one of the three models into their home and interact with them in a number of ways. The experiences are said to be very realistic and will be sure to give users a memorable time. 3D Hologroup is aiming to take advantage of being an early pioneer in the field of AR porn and work with their audience to develop the best product it can. With virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video already a widely adopted technology within the adult entertainment industry, the step to AR is the next logical move.

Working with AR porn news site,, to promote the release of 3D Holo Girlfriend, Scott Camball of commented: “VR porn has already opened a lot of doors in terms of bringing immersive porn experiences to viewers. It’s been a great way to enjoy enhanced adult experiences, and I expect AR porn will follow in its footsteps, and will eventually surpass VR in the adult entertainment market. Augmented reality gives the adult entertainment industry a way to create many more different and creative interactive experiences. It’s an exciting time for augmented reality and the adult entertainment industry alike.”

The company also have long-term plans to build AI into the software as well allowing for the girls to become even more interactive in both sexual and non-sexual ways. New girls will be added to the application as time passes and there will even be a feature that allows user to customize the existing models or work with the content team to request a custom model, built to the users liking. They even have plans to bring 3D Holo Girlfriend to the Magic Leap platform later this year.

For more on 3D Holo Girlfriend in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

Will VR Porn Be A Success Or A Potential Failure?

In 2014, Ella Darling changed the world of adult film by taking virtual reality (VR) technology and putting it to work in an erotic setting – a VR pornographic movie.  This marked a sort of beginning for VR’s involvement in adult films. A few years down the road and VR porn is revolutionising the porn industry with the immersive, interactive experiences it can provide, but with all the hype surrounding the technology, has it lived up to expectations?

After researching the topic, I’ve come up with the only true answer I could find – “It depends on who you ask.”

My basic experiences with VR porn have been mainly through using my Samsung Gear VR (which works seamlessly with my Galaxy smartphone) and VR porn tube sites to stream free vids.  It should be known that I am by no means a VR porn expert.  I’ve watched perhaps ten movies, and only sampled the higher end VR headsets such as HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.  My knowledge is more theoretical and research based.  I did notice however that the experience is quite good and could easily become addictive.  One thing that my experience taught me is that I like VR porn more than I do regular 2D porn.  You find yourself alone, with a sexy porn star and they’re, you know, going about their business – you can’t help becoming immersed in the scene.

“VR is the biggest (porn) niche since MILF,” according to Ian Paul, Naughty America’s CIO.  “It’s a niche that’s on fire.  So, it’s a force to be reckoned with, and it can easily go from being the biggest niche to the mainstream, to the dominant force in the industry.”

Naughty America VR logoVR porn is already on its way to a potential industry take over, with PornHub receiving over 500,000 views daily of their 2600+ VR video library.  Those are incredible numbers and the wave doesn’t look like breaking any time soon.  The porn industry has also been known as a major driving force when it comes to adoption of new technology and it, along with the video game industry, is the biggest driver for VR.

VR porn has found support for headsets through third-party applications, and even though the catalogue of available videos is still dwarfed by regular pornography, it’s growing larger every day.

VR porn naysayers are also not difficult to find.  Talk to video game execs and they’ll tell you that gaming is the future of VR.  This type of attitude made Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus VR, feel inclined to take a pot shot at some of the major VR companies, bemoaning the fact that “they pretend that adult VR doesn’t exist.”  He also claimed that if he were to jump back into a major VR company, he would, “secretly fund adult VR content because pornography has been an important driver for every recent form of media.”

There are also plenty of industry insiders that claim augmented reality (AR) will be the future and render VR obsolete.  I myself am more of the opinion that there will always be space for both technologies and that their uses can overlap quite easily.

Adult Entertainment

An issue that seems to be holding the adoption of VR back is the lack of standardization within the industry.  VR headsets are all using differing technology – from varying displays to tracking techniques.  This makes software more difficult to develop and keeps production costs high.  From a pornographic perspective, peripherals such as the Kiiroo or Lush teledildonic sex toys cannot be released fast enough.  These bring the much-needed element of touch and haptic response into the equation, making the technology that much more appealing and useful.

Speaking with Mike Hartman of VRSmash about his vision for the future of VR, he was very positive. He said, “Imagine how quickly VR – not just porn specifically, but in general – would be adopted by the masses if touch was added to the visuals.  Couples in long-distance relationships could have a “physical” connection to each other no matter where they are.  Dating or friendship could become truly global and relationships as we know them could change forever.  Once this side of the technology catches up, there’s no telling how large the snowball can grow.”

For now, there are valid opinions on both sides of the fence and it remains to be seen if VR and VR porn will not only survive, but also prosper like many think it will.

A XXX Reality: The True Future of VR for Adult Entertainment

The virtual reality (VR) we’ve dreamed about and eagerly craved from popular movies and TV isn’t quite available, but it’s not far off. The adult industry has been a driving force behind many innovations over the past 20 years, influencing the development and implementation of online systems like secure billing, streaming video and more. Fast forward to today and many of these same systems like quick, streamed video and social sharing actually work against the bottom line. Adult videos in VR help keep the content exclusive and fresh while providing a more stable platform for performers and a steady paycheck. We’re currently in a position in our industry to help shape how VR for years to come.

New and more sophisticated ways to interact in virtual environments are being developed all the time. Technologies like pressure-sensitive controllers with feedback capabilities, eye tracking and even products using teledildonics and related systems are already used to enhance a simulated experience and help people connect in a more intimate way. As wearable technology evolves and becomes more accessible, convenient and portable, developers like ours will continue to align user expectations with reality. Enriched social media, education and other interactive platforms like gaming will help drive the advancement of wearable technology as much as the adult industry will. Users will demand a consistent and seamless virtual experience no matter where their virtual journey takes them. In coming months we’ll most likely see a rise in adult VR supported brands focused on peripherals or networks that help deliver or connect people via VR.

VR has been a breath of fresh air for the online adult industry. In recent years, most premium adult content has been shot in vibrant HD and 4K quality video but the market is saturated with both professional and amateur content. VR porn isn’t as easy to produce or make available for free. The costs for entry into adult VR production is higher than with traditional adult video productions. Testing and perfecting the VR capture process, employing and training the right team for advanced editing and set design all takes time and money. The initial investment for shooting VR porn on a professional level is higher and naturally it takes longer to see a comfortable return on investment (ROI). This barrier may actually help ensure quality and consistency in these early days of VR porn.

Our team worked hard to find the best hardware and process for producing engaging VR sex. Our VR capture rig has undergone significant changes since the launch of WankzVR the exact setup is one of our most closely guarded secrets. Users look for realistic colour and natural curves without pixelation and our rig delivers this. We also provide a range playback options to accommodate the wide range of devices and internet speeds synonymous with online adult users.

Now that we’ve produced nearly 150 VR scenes across two different brands, we’ve learned quite a bit about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to shooting VR porn. It takes a special blend of performer talent, onset direction and skilled editing to deliver an engaging VR scene. We’ve been lucky enough to attract producers that maintain a very relaxed, fun and respectful atmosphere onset and behind the scenes.

Most performers really appreciate the inviting nature of our sets and tend to come back to be featured in more VR. This has made signing exclusive VR contract models an easy and natural next step as we’ve already secured stars like Gina Valentina and Adria Rae for further WankzVR productions. This level of exclusivity and starpower separates us from our competitors and we applied the same strategy as we developed WankzVR’s new sister brand, MILF VR. Productions naturally cost more but we’ve found success by balancing consistent updates, improved pixel density and 3D with competitive pricing, bundle options and accessibility across all leading VR platforms.