Take a Look Inside Link, Engage’s Pro Metaverse

There seems to be a new metaverse-related project popping up each week with the latest to make an appearance being Link. Created by the enterprise-focused platform Engage, Link will be aimed at the more professional end of the market, covering educational, entertainment and enterprise users.

Engage Link

Originally codenamed ‘Oasis’ when Engage unveiled the platform in 2021, Link is essentially an extension of the company’s original social platform, the main difference now being persistent virtual worlds. Described as a: “collection of linked persistent spaces designed specifically for enterprise, educational and creative entities to have their presence on the metaverse,” the newly released trailer gives a first look at the social space.

Full of beautifully wide open spaces for users to congregate in, the first area on show is Central Plaza, which as the name suggests is the “jumping-off point” for Engage Link users. A glass-domed circular location, the Central Plaza is surrounded by portals to take users to the various other ‘Metaworlds’ if they so choose. The Central Plaza has been designed for social meetups as well as business meetings, with the area also functioning as an entertainment space.

The next area shown is the Enterprise Plaza, with a revolving stock ticker just in case you’re not sure where you’ve ended up. It’s from here that companies can link their own Metaworlds built by themselves or Engage, completely tailored to that business’s values and aesthetic. Education Plaza connects users to institutions from around the world – or Metaversities as they’re being called – where students can access course content or even attend a lecture.

Engage Link

The last stop of the tour heads to the Apartment Plaza which is far more open to the public. Here you can have your own virtual penthouse apartment: “an opportunity to have friends and family over, to socialize, hangout, watch movies and have a great time,” the video presenter notes. Customisable to your own style, you can add portals to your most visited areas of the Link metaverse for quick and easy access.

Engage Link doesn’t have a release window at the moment but when it does, gmw3 will let you know.