Curse of the Serpent Lord Expands Demeo’s Adventures Today

As Resolution Games continue to release new adventures for tabletop experience Demeo, the videogame goes from strength to strength. Today sees the latest instalment arrive in the form of Curse of the Serpent Lord, adding not only a new environment but also new enemies and gameplay mechanics.

Demeo Curse of the Serpent Lord

In Curse of the Serpent Lord players are able to venture into a new Demeo region, Ronth, a desert land under the gaze of a scorching sun. All adventures need a bit of backstory and this new addition is no different. “In the desolate wastelands of Ronth Desert, the village of Izteria was built to be a shielded sanctuary to protect the followers of Iztir so they could worship in peace and solitude. But with the arrival of their serpent god, that peace broke — turning the townsfolk into monsters clad in the skin of reptiles,” the synopsis explains.

As you may already suspect, with its sandy domain Curse of the Serpent Lord is filled with scorpions, scarabs and more unusually shockwave-summoning Brutes. Oh, and snakes, big, red-eyed monstrous reptiles that cause havoc. In addition to those beasts are corruption tiles. This new environmental hazard can poison the minds of players and cause them to turn on their teammates.

There are new perks to make the challenge a little easier. First up are the merchants who can be found in-game to trade rare items with for valuable cards. Then there’s the new potion stand where you can pick up random potions for everyone in your party, with some new concoctions added in the update.

Demeo Curse of the Serpent Lord

Key to it all are the characters you choose and now there’s another, the Warlock Oana. Always accompanied by her Astacat, Cána, she’s a mighty warrior who can cast portals, fire magic missiles, and deploy magical barriers. Resolution Games has also taken player feedback on board regarding the Sorcerer. Zedokar’s new skill Overcharge fills him with electrical energy to stun any attacker whilst his Zap power is now a powerful Lightning Bolt.

“Our players may have started their journeys in the depth of the Elven Necropolis, but they’ve long since ventured beyond its crypt walls,” said Tommy Palm, founder and CEO of Resolution Games. “The world of Demeo is vast and varied, and we’ve revealed just a sliver of it so far. With today’s update players can explore the harsh desert environment for the first time — and there’s plenty more to come.”

Curse of the Serpent Lord is freely available to Demeo owners today. It won’t be the final adventure of 2022 either, with Resolution Games planning the fifth instalment for later in the year. For further updates keep reading gmw3.