The VR Drop: An Action-Packed VR Summer

Even with the absence of E3 this year, virtual reality (VR) developers haven’t shied away from announcing plenty of exciting new projects and updates that are on the horizon. For now, though, let’s look at some of the videogames coming to VR headsets over the course of next week.

Groove Island Fit

Groove Fit Island!! – Ima Create Co.

Having previously released Groove Fit Kingdom! a couple of years ago for SteamVR headsets, Ima Create returns next week with a follow-up, Groove Fit Island!! Just like before, Groove Fit Island!! is all about mashing together fitness with rhythm action gameplay. It’ll feature sports such as tennis, boxing, and baseball as well as more unusual options like pizza delivery, fishing, and kendama.

MotherGunship: Forge – Terrible Posture Games

If you’re looking for some all-out action with big guns and an even bigger array of customisation options then Mothergunship: Forge is the place to be. Originally a PC and consol roguelite, Mothergunship: Forge gets the VR treatment, offering an endlessly replayable experience firmly geared around mixing and matching an assortment of components to make all manner of weaponry. And you don’t need to go it alone, there’s a co-op mode so a friend can join in the carnage.

Mothergunship: Forge

Monster Showdown: Prologue – Virtual Uppercut Studios

This initial release of Monster Showdown aims to give players a taste of this action-packed VR shooter. The prologue provides the first three maps – the final version will have 10 – where you can slaughter monstrous enemies with over 60 weapons for a randomised dispenser. You’ll then be able to upgrade them with Perk donuts or cash collected from fallen enemies.

Bocce Time! – Deep Dive Interactive

For something a little more chilled there’s Bocce Time! Here, you and up to three friends can play the ancient game of Bocce in tranquil surroundings. With half a dozen different bocce courts, each will provide its own unique challenge for players, or when no one is around practice against a bot or go 1v1 a random opponent online.

Bocce Time

Shadowgate VR: The Mines of Mythrok – Azure Drop Studios

Originally released for Meta Quest last year, now it’s the turn of PC VR players to step into Shadowgate VR: The Mines of Mythrok. A dungeon explorer able about fighting giant monsters, players will have to wield elemental magic, solve devious puzzles and unlock ancient secrets as they delve ever deeper into the mountain and its cavernous locations filled with trap-laden corridors.