Team17’s First VR Game is Original IP Killer Frequency

Of all the new virtual reality (VR) titles announced this week probably the most surprising was Killer Frequency. Coming from the same studio behind the Worms franchise, this is the first VR project from Team17 and it’s a comedy-horror of all things.

Killer Frequency

Killer Frequency centres around a local radio station set in a 1980s mid-American town where a serial killer is on the loose. You work the night shift night and have to help listeners as they’re stalked by the mysterious masked killer who’s looking to up their kill count. 

As the evening DJ, you’ll be playing tunes and answering calls from listeners, engaging in conversations to carefully uncover clues and useful information. Killer Frequency will feature branching dialogue so you’ll have a variety of conversation options to interact with callers. You’ll be able to decide whether to help them or not, with multiple unlockable endings available depending on those choices.

When not making life or death decisions you’ll still have puzzles to solve, potential suspects to investigate and a charismatic producer to chat to, all while enjoying a jukebox of 1980s-inspired tunes.

Killer Frequency

But you’re not stuck in a DJ booth 24/7, you can get up and explore over 1 km² of an authentically detailed 1980s radio station featuring plenty of physics-based objects. That includes era-specific tech like a working turntable and a cassette player.

While Killer Frequency is Team17’s own in-house VR game, the studio has dipped its toes in the technology before. It helped publish Lethal VR by Three Fields Entertainment, and then there was the promising horror Allison Road that was cancelled.

Killer Frequency will be coming to Meta Quest 2 as well as Steam – non-VR, only flat screen – later this year. As Team17 release further details on its first original VR IP, gmw3 will keep you updated.