Synth Riders Team Reveal VR Arcade Fighter Final Fury

E3 might not be taking place this year but that isn’t stopping virtual reality (VR) developers from making a few summer announcements. The latest comes from Synth Riders developer Kluge Interactive, unveiling an arcade-style fighting title called Final Fury.

Final Fury

Unlike consoles where you have the likes of Street Fighter and Tekken, VR doesn’t really have many fighting videogames, with the odd exceptions being titles such as Ironlights. This is mainly due to input methods as those console fighters are renowned for combos and split-second button pressing, something that doesn’t work in VR. Final Fury looks to break ground in this field with a range of mechanics to create some epic fights.

You won’t directly punch your opponent by the look of it, instead, activating special moves and combos by quickly hitting in-game prompts – sort of like hitting buttons on a fitness reaction wall. Interestingly, Kluge states that players can view each round from first-person and third-person perspectives. How immersive this will feel switching between the two remains to be seen.

Like any fighting videogame Final Fury will have a selection of characters to choose from, with Tempest and Glitch named so far. They’ll have their own backstory, home stage environment, and music track to suit their personality. 

Final Fury

“We grew up playing games like Street Fighter and Killer Instinct and wanted to be the first to bring this genre to VR in order to fully immerse ourselves in the fights,” says Abraham Aguero, Creative Director at Kluge.

Kluge Interactive hasn’t specified which VR headsets Final Fury will be coming to, just that it’ll be “all major VR platforms” in 2023, so that’s likely to include PlayStation VR2 and Meta Quest 2. As further updates are released, gmw3 will keep you updated.