Ghostbusters VR Confirmed for PlayStation VR2 & VR Arcades

A couple of months back nDreams and Sony Pictures Virtual Reality (SPVR) dropped a surprise announcement that work had begun on Ghostbusters VR for Meta Quest 2. Today, SPVR has revealed that the franchise is expanding even further into VR, with Ghostbusters VR also coming to PlayStation VR2 whilst a new title, Ghostbusters VR Academy is being made specifically for Hologate location-based entertainment (LBE) venues.

Ghostbusters VR Academy

Ghostbuster VR (working title) is going to be a 4-player cooperative experience set in San Francisco rather than New York. It’ll be up to you and your mates to grab those proton packs and rid the city of manacing ghosts. Only a short teaser trailer has been shown so far. Considering nDreams is developing the title, its no surprise that Ghostbusters VR is coming to PlayStation VR2 as the studio has previously released the likes of Fracked for PlayStation VR.

As for Ghostbusters VR Academy, this will utilise Hologate’s unique LBE setup to offer fans a unique experience where players take on the role of ghostbusters in training. There will be two versions, one for Hologate Arena and one for Hologate Blitz. In Arena players work as a team to complete high-risk ghost encounter scenarios whilst Blitz puts them in a flying prototype ECTO vehicle.

Ghostbusters VR Academy, the new location-based VR training experience, will continue to expand the world of Ghostbusters in a way that honours the legacy of the franchise and offers something entirely new,” says Jake Zim, Senior Vice President, Virtual Reality, Sony Pictures Entertainment. “For the first time ever, players will be able to train to be a real Ghostbuster in an amazing academy setting and race a new flying version of the ECTO using HOLOGATE’s vehicle motion simulator.”

Ghostbusters VR Academy

“Sony Pictures VR is doing incredible things for virtual reality, and we’re thrilled to collaborate for this new experience,” adds Leif Petersen, CEO and HOLOGATE founder. “Ghostbusters VR Academy is a natural fit for HOLOGATE’s ARENA and BLITZ platforms. It transcends reality so players can create memorable moments while fulfilling longtime wishes to operate iconic Ghostbusters equipment. We can’t wait for players to step inside this world.”

Ghostbusters VR Academy will be coming to 400 Hologate locations by the end of 2022. The PlayStation VR2 version of Ghostbusters VR will, of course, depend on when the headset launches, currently unknown at this point. It’ll join a growing selection of titles Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) revealed during its recent State of Play event.

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