Lynx R1’s Summer Launch is a “Moving Target” Due to Component Sourcing

There are a bunch of virtual reality (VR) headsets due for release later this year, with the Lynx R1 expected to arrive first for early backers. When that’ll happen though remains fluid, with Lynx founder Stan Larroque recently confirming the launch is a “moving target” due to external factors. On the plus side, he revealed new details regarding the headsets’ controllers.


Larroque holds a live, unscripted, update/Q&A stream on YouTube each month where he’s open and honest about the headsets’ progress and issues the team is currently facing. It makes for a far different approach than most other VR hardware manufacturers but also highlights the problems a smaller startup can face. That includes having to adjust a launch window which has been stencilled in for June/July.

When asked about the shipping date during the Q&A portion, he said: “It’s a moving target. As I told you, sometime during the summer. I know that’s not a good answer but that’s all I can tell you. We still need answers for some of the components. We’ve secured all of the components on the main board which was a pain but we still have some things to figure between Taiwan and China; which is a complicated matter.”

So for the time being, backers will still need to be patient for one of the most interesting mixed reality (MR) headsets coming to market.


As for the controller news, Larroque said he had “very good news”. In collaboration with Finch, the Lynx R1 will get optically tracked controllers much like the Meta Quest, with a ring the headset can see. This will mean the Lynx R1 will be able to support a far wider array of VR games on platforms like Steam. Out the box, the headset will still be focused on hand tracking as the primary input method as there’s no release timing or pricing for the controller at the moment.

Lastly, there’s been a bit of confusion around the previously announced SideQuest integration. In the stream Larroque mentions a cancelled contract without mentioning specifics but he followed this up with a statement via Twitter, clarifying that work was still ongoing.

Watch the full Lynx update for May below, and when further details arise, gmw3 will let you know.