Meta Quest 2’s World of Mechs Delayed

Yesterday was supposed to be the launch of Studio 369’s first virtual reality (VR) title, the promising World of Mechs. But due to the US suffering from another school shooting, the World of Mechs team has decided to delay the launch out of respect.

World of Mechs

In a statement, the team said: “We are shocked and saddened at the shooting tragedy that occurred on Tuesday in Uvalde, TX. Out of respect during this sensitive time, Studio 369 will delay this week’s release of World of Mechs with a new release date to be determined shortly.”

This statement has been followed up with another over on World of Mechs’ Discord server, revealing that the new release date will be next Thursday, 2nd June. And for those that have been part of the beta testing the studio adds: “This weekend we are opening servers for you to test starting tomorrow 5pm PST through Monday 12pm PST.”

World of Mechs is one giant competitive squad-based brawler, where 10-ton machines fight one another over various terrains. With a rolling selection of multiplayer modes, from Team Deathmatch to Domination, the game supports up to 8-players at once (4v4). There’s a selection of 32 mechs to unlock, all offering their own load-outs and strategies. You’ve got hulking great Juggernauts that can take a beating or more nimble, lightly armoured mechs which can skit across the battlefield and outmanoeuvre bigger opponents.

World of Mechs

They can all be upgraded using cash and XP collected during battle, so players can upgrade their health, improve weapon reloading or increase their damage output. Plus there’s a single-player campaign mode to enjoy in between online matches.

Previewing World of Mechs earlier this month, gmw3 said of the title: “Worlds of Mechs has all the ingredients for what could be the essential mech game on Meta Quest 2, it is loud, brash and unashamedly entertaining.”

World of Mechs is a Meta Quest 2 exclusive, so you’ll have to wait another week to find out if it was worth the wait. For continued updates from Studio 369, keep reading gmw3.