Quake 3 Arena Now Available As Meta Quest VR Mod

Yes, you read that correctly, id Software’s classic Quake 3 Arena now has a VR mod available for it. It seems as though virtual reality (VR) mods are dropping on a daily basis as the VR community refuses to be hampered by such problems as not being made for VR headsets. This latest one Quake3Quest comes from DrBeef and can be found via Sidequest.

Quake VR Arena

DrBeef is the modder behind such VR mods as Doom3Quest and Quake2Quest, so he’s very well acquainted with bringing this type of frantic flatscreen gameplay into VR. The mod allows Quest owners to enjoy fully online-multiplayer battles on VR-only servers even if they don’t own the videogame outright.

How does that work? Well, the game – which needs to be sideloaded from SideQuest – comes with the official id software demo so you can start playing right away on DEMO marked servers as well as the first tier of the Single Player bot tournament. Want more, you’ll need to purchase Quake III Arena from Steam or a similar online store.

Being a sideloaded videogame there is a bit of faff involved to install Quake3Quest but DrBeef has outlined the process with step-by-step instructions. Even so, that does mean you can download Quake3Quest and start playing now for free. If you want to see it mod in action check out Gamertag VR’s latest video.

Quake VR Arena

What’s great to see is the full VR support on offer. Unlike the recent Elden Ring VR mod which gives you 360-degree viewing but you still have to play using a controller, in Quake3Quest the weapons are fully tracked to make the experience as immersive and naturally VR intuitive as possible. Plus there are added extras like bHaptics vest support.

Also on its way from another VR modding master, PrayDog, is full 6DoF VR support for Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 8 Village. That’s due this week so keep an eye out.

For further updates on the latest VR mods, keep reading gmw3.