Loco Dojo Unleashed’s Latest Update Adds a VIP Party Vibe

Make Real released Loco Dojo Unleashed in late 2021 as one of the definitive party titles for the Meta Quest platform. Today, the studio has revealed that a VIP Party Update is on its way, adding Quest party support, golden animal masks and more.

Loco Dojo Unleashed

With the addition of Meta Quest Part support players it’ll make getting into a game with friends far easier, allowing them to switch from other apps, or join invites from the Quest mobile or web apps. Country region restrictions have also been removed so you can match with anyone around the world.

Additionally, the quick match Four Round Fury multiplayer mode has been streamlined and you can now unlock VIP golden masks when obtaining a black belt in the Ten Trials Test.

“Following on from the success of the game on Meta Quest 1 & 2 since launch last year, we’ve been keen to ensure the game is updated and sees new content added to keep the competitive community engaged with the title,” said Sam Watts, Immersive Partnerships Director at Make Real Ltd in a statement.

Loco Dojo Unleashed

“As we look to add new features and content in further future updates, to ensure friends and family continue to be able to play together in many ways of their choosing, this first update was designed around removing some of the sticking points around getting into multiplayer games,” Watts continued. “The next update will add the much-requested Pass’n’Play mode to the game, letting local multiplayer mayhem continue when only one device is in the household.”

Reviewing Loco Dojo Unleashed for Meta Quest 2, gmw3 wrote: “In its newly refined form, Loco Dojo Unleashed continues to provide a superbly fun, party experience if you can get a few friends together.”

The VIP Party Update for Loco Dojo Unleashed goes live at 6pm BST (10am PST) on the Oculus Store today. For continued updates, keep reading gmw3.