Kat Walk C2 Kickstarter Nears $1m Funding as Initial Goal Achieved in 5 Mins

Two days ago Kat VR, the omnidirectional treadmill specialist, launched a new crowdfunding Kickstarter for its latest models; the Kat Walk C2 and C2+. Only looking to raise $250,000 USD, the campaign not only smashed that within minutes but it’s also just shy of $1 million with 27 days still to play with.

Kat Walk C2

That initial funding amount was hit within five minutes Kat VR notes in a blog post, with the overall current funding surpassing the first $500k stretch goal. That was for magnetic charging, swapping out the standard wires for some nice handy magnetic connectors. The campaign lists a total of 5 stretch goals with the next being the offer of 10+ demo games for customers to try on their shiny new treadmills.

To get to that funding figure 643 backers have pledged money to the campaign, most making use of the early bird specials. Offering some significant savings, those specials have all been bought up, with the Kat Walk C2 and C2+ now being sold at $998 and $1198 respectively. Which is probably still cheaper than either product will be once officially released on Kat VR’s website.

For the first time, Kat VR has created two omnidirectional treadmill models, the standard Kat Walk C2 and the slightly more advanced C2+. Whilst both offer the core functionality of being able to walk (or run) in VR utilising specialised shoes – supporting users between 1.55m – 2m (5’1″ – 6’7″) at a max weight of 130kg (286 lbs) – the C2+ also sports some additional features.

Kat Walk C2

The Kat Walk C2+ has integrated haptic feedback built into the base as well as a sitting posture module. So after a lot of running about or when stepping into a vehicle, players can pull down the in-built seat to rest or enjoy an immersive seated experience.

With a month still to go the Kat Walk C2 Kickstarter still has plenty of time to hit those stretch goals and customers won’t have too long to wait for their treadmills either. Kat VR expects to begin shipping in July 2022 which tends to mean the Kickstarter was mainly used for promotional purposes as well as gauging initial production numbers.

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