AR Platform Overly Integrates NFT Marketplace OpenSea

Everyone might not understand them but NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are cropping up everywhere, whether that’s celebrity chefs getting in on the buzz to major social platforms like Instagram. This week, augmented reality (AR) specialist Overly has decided to do the same, integrating NFT marketplace into its platform.

Overly - AR NFTs

Overly is all about do-it-yourself AR content creation, all without the need to learn any code. This new feature means that creators can now add NFTs to their AR projects quite quickly and simply by the looks of it. Head to OpenSea to find your NFT – or buy one – then copy the hyperlink and paste it into your Overly Creator project. Hit publish and then enjoy seeing the NFT in the real world.

Rather than creating its own trading platform, Overly went with as the easiest solution for NFT integration. This all came from the company’s collaboration with mural artist KIWIE for Spain’s “Be Baller” festival. KIWIE’s NFTs are geo-tagged to the artists’ works around the world. Using the Overly app, fans can see a digital representation of the art pieces when visiting them.

“The market has been focused on building semi-closed communities for those wishing to create or appreciate NFT content in augmented reality. So far, people could create, purchase and view AR NFTs through a specialist provider or not at all,” said Gatis Zvejnieks, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Overly in a statement. “People who buy 2D content on OpenSea may purchase a 3D object the next day. Just because an NFT wasn’t minted on an AR-powered platform doesn’t mean people can’t bring it to their environment through augmented reality.” 

Overly - AR NFTs

“People can use AR to take photos with their purchases or decorate homes with digital objects. NFTs no longer have to be reserved for our virtual expeditions and games nor be completely separate from our world,” adds Zvejnieks.

Currently, Overly can support OpenSea NFTs in file formats ranging from GLTF, GLB, FBX (3D files) to JPG, PNG and MP4 (2D assets). The company plans on supporting other NFT marketplaces in the future. Overly has also revealed plans to release WebAR functionality later this year.

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