Kinerse Designs a Human-Powered Motion Simulator

Virtual reality (VR) fans want whatever title they’re playing to be as immersive as possible. And while that’s partially achieved in-game, having additional hardware accessories tends to come in handy. These can range from cheap gun stocks all the way up to expensive omnidirectional treadmills. But what if there was a cheaper, “build your own” option? Enter the human-powered motion simulator from Kinerse.

Kinerse Motion Platform

That’s right, Kinerse has designed a motion simulator that combines VR with what looks like a bedroom go-kart for kids. As you can see from the demo trailer below there are two arm controls on wooden rockers with a third rocker underneath the players’ seat. Designed to be used in conjunction with a Meta Quest 2, with controllers mounted on the arm and base of the unit, players can then lean and sway their way through a race for that enhanced feel of driving around a corner.

It does look like an ingenious setup, built more as a fun experiment to eventually play Kinerse’s Andromeda Sports. Here’s the best bit, it’s an open-source project that you can download from GitHub and build yourself. Looking at the control scheme there aren’t going to be many (if any) videogames available that would support the motion simulator but it’s a fun idea nonetheless.

What this human-powered motion simulator does showcase is the ingenuity within the VR community to come up with inventive solutions that are accessible to all; rather than locked behind an expensive price tag. The simulator doesn’t look particularly comfortable in its current form but add a cushion here and some padding there and you’ll have a safe VR accessory the kids can use without bumping into the wall.

Kinerse Motion Platform

Or, if you love the idea of the human-powered motion simulator but lack the necessary skills or tools to build the thing then Kinerse does have plans to sell them. Currently, you can register your pre-order interest with the company although no details have been released regarding price or a release date as development is still in the early stages.

If you do have the cash to splash then there’s always the new Kat Walk C2 Kickstarter which begins in four days, with early bird prices starting at $698 for the omnidirectional treadmill.

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