Middle Ages Survival RPG Medieval Dynasty Coming to Quest 2 & PlayStation VR2

It’s been great to see an influx of survival role-playing games (RPG) like Green Hell VR and Song in the Smoke for virtual reality (VR) headsets recently. This week, it has been reported that Medieval Dynasty, a PC adventure that launched in 2021 is getting rebuilt with VR in mind.

Medieval Dynasty

Speaking to isbtech.pl (spotted by French website VRPlayer) Polish developers Render Cube and Spectral Games revealed that work is already underway on a VR version, with intentions to bring Medieval Dynasty to Meta Quest 2, PC VR and PlayStation VR2.

Released on Steam back in September, receiving a “Very Positive” rating from players, Medieval Dynasty drops you in the Middle Ages, where you’re tasked with building a settlement, hunting for food and crafting tools and weapons to survive. It features an open world to explore with realistic mechanics such as seasonal weather and day/night cycles.

VR specialist Spectral Games won’t port the original PC version, instead, it’s creating a whole new adventure based on the Medieval Dynasty IP. In doing so interactions will be tailored to VR, so you’ll have to physically cut down trees with an axe rather than pressing a button. Much in line with other VR editions of PC videogames.

Medieval Dynasty

“Medieval Dynasty VR is not a port, it is a completely new adventure, a new hero, new lands. The flat-screen version of the game is a model for us and the basis on which we build our interpretations of VR solutions. I would like to emphasize that we are working on preserving the spirit and essence of Medieval Dynasty in our production,” the developers noted in the interview (Google translated). “We do not cut off from the original foundations and assumptions of the game, on the contrary, we emphasize them even more to provide a VR and interactive model of medieval gameplay.”

Regarding how development is going the devs added: “We have already completed the concept and pre-production phases. We have also completed one of the four key stages of production, which includes the first part of the main game map, the basic playable mechanics needed to close the gameplay loop. We managed to optimize most of the graphics and create systems efficient enough to face the challenge of the “Open World” game on Meta Quest.”

Currently, Medieval Dynasty is slated to arrive for Meta Quest 2 in Q1 2023 with the PC VR version to follow. Once that’s been released the teams will then focus on the PlayStation VR2 edition. As further updates are released, gmw3 will keep you updated.