Pre-orders Begin for Manus’ $9000 Quantum Metagloves

During the Game Developers Conference (GDC) back in March data glove specialist, Manus showcased its next-generation of finger tracking gloves, the Quantum Metagloves. Today, the company has announced that pre-orders for the new gloves have begun, with a pair setting customers back an eye-opening $9000 USD (€7500 EUR).

Manus Quantum Metagloves
Quantum Metagloves – Image credit: Manus

Just like Manus’ previous models, the Quantum Metagloves are focused on enterprise use but even so, these are the company’s most expensive gloves to date. They utilise what Manus calls its new Quantum Tracking technology to provide millimetre accurate finger tracking, thus creating precise hand data and recreation of a user’s hand.

In combination with Manus Core software, the Quantum Metagloves can stream hand and finger data directly into Unreal or Unity or record it to export into animation software like Blender and Maya. As you’d expect from $9k gloves, the sensors are adaptable depending on the situation. The stretchable finger caps are designed for quick, comfortable use or use Manus Finger Tape for those action scenes.

“The new Quantum Tracking technology has enabled us to achieve a new level of detail in finger tracking. As part of the detailed and lifelike finger tracking, we’ve also added tracking of the flexion of the palm of the hand,” says Bart Loosman, CEO of Manus in a statement. “As such, this generation of gloves takes the detail of capture to a new level, allowing creators to convey more emotion and intent through their performance than before. In addition, this level of detail will save significant time in cleanup and post-processing, enabling creators to reach their desired results quicker and easier.”

Manus Quantum Metagloves
Quantum Metagloves – Image credit: Manus

Manus Quantum Metagloves Technical Spec

  • Signal Latency – ≤ 5ms
  • Finger Sensors – Absolute position, 3 axis rotation
  • Sensor sample rate – 120Hz
  • Battery life4 hours (swappable)
  • Weight – 70 grams
  • Wireless communication – High Performance 2.4 Ghz Protocol
  • Wireless range – Up to 15 meters
  • Wired communication – USB Type-C
  • Finger attachments – Finger caps, finger tapes, liner gloves
  • Glove Textiles – One size fits all (washable)

The Manus Quantum Metagloves will come in three flavours, the standard model followed by versions compatible with Xsens and OptiTrack systems. They’ll all retail for the same $9000, which includes a perpetual license and a 2-year warranty. Shipping is expected to begin in September.

There’s good news if you’re already a Manus customer as a trade-in offer is available. Should you happen to own the Prime II, Prime II Haptic, Prime II Xsens, Prime X, Xsens Gloves by Manus, or OptiTrack Gloves by Manus then you’ll be eligible for a $3000/€2500 discount.

For the rest of us who don’t have a spare nine grand for VR gloves available then there’s always the new 2.0 hand tracking update for Meta Quest. For all the latest Manus updates, keep reading gmw3.