Tribeca Immersive Returns in June With 20+ XR Works

Film festivals have become important events for immersive artists to showcase their latest works and soon it’ll be time once again for Tribeca Immersive. Today, the festival has unveiled its official selection, with immersive works from around the world utilising virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and audience participation.

Green Eyed Monster
Iago, A Green-Eyed Monster. Image credit Tribeca Immersive

Being held in-person and virtually, Tribeca Immersive will be split into three categories; Main Competition, New Voices, and Best of Season. And for the first time, Tribeca’s selection has been thematically curated to: “address human beings’ relationship with nature and society through digital art and advanced technology.”

Tribeca Immersive 2022 Selection

  • Main Competition
    • Evolver
    • Intravene
    • Kubo Walks the City
    • Missing Pictures: Episodes 3 – 5
    • Mushroom Cloud NYC/ RISE
    • Please, Believe Me
    • ReachYou
    • Zanzibar: Trouble in Paradise
  • New Voices
    • Black Movement Library – Movement Portraits
    • Emerging Radiance: Honoring the Nikkei Farmers of Bellevue
    • Iago: The Green Eyed Monster
    • LGBTQ+ VR Museum
    • Limbotopia
    • Mescaform Hill: The Missing Five
    • Planet City VR
    • Plastisapiens
    • This is Not a Ceremony
  • Best of Season
    • Container
    • End of Night
    • Exhibition A
    • Glimpse

“Tribeca Festival’s immersive programming showcases creators using the latest in technology to tell their stories,” said Casey Baltes, Vice President Tribeca Games & Immersive in a statement. “The projects we’ve curated push the boundaries of XR in both physical and digital exhibitions for audiences in New York City and around the globe.”

Evolver. Image credit Tribeca Immersive

“Each experience presented at Tribeca’s immersive exhibition encompasses a standalone reality, represents a cause, or serves as an embassy to a world where users have agency — a chance to act: bear witness, make a statement, reach out, or simply play,” said Ana Brzezińska, Immersive Curator at Tribeca Festival. “We invite everyone to visit the virtual worlds created by artists, who take us on a meaningful journey of their vision, and tell evocative stories that demand to be told.”

Tribeca Immersive (10th – 19th June) will run alongside the main Tribeca Festival (8th – 19th June) at various destinations throughout New York City with the main immersive exhibition held at Spring Studios. The great thing about the immersive aspect of the festival is that you don’t need to physically attend to see most of it, so long as you have a PCVR headset. Simply download the free Museum of Other Realities app and purchase an Immersive Exhibition Online Ticket for $20 USD when they go live on 2nd May.

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