Blaston’s Latest Update Begins Move Towards VR eSports

There are certain virtual reality (VR) titles that seem like an easy fit for pro esports events, with Resolution Games’ Blaston certainly being one of them. Today, the studio has announced the release of the Blaston: Reloaded adding new weapons, attachments and the videogame’s upcoming inclusion in the VR Master League.


Blaston: Reloaded gives you even more choice during combat by offering weapon customisation options prior to each match. Initially, there will be 30 unique modifications across 10 different weapons, providing the ability to speed up projectiles or curve them into your opponent. You’ll also want to make use of the new Luma Bow with its ‘Cyber Bow’ skin. The bow offers archer-like accuracy and spectacular damage at the cost of duel wielding while the skin is thanks to a collaboration with Fast Travel Games’ Apex Construct. More customisation options will arrive in future updates.

Then there’s the new seasonal game mode, Street Brawl. Rather than on elevated podiums, you’re now street level and further apart, armed only with a Cyber Bow and a modified Nova

“There’s always been a layer of strategy in Blaston specifically tied to the game’s weapon choices,” said Tommy Palm, founder and CEO of Resolution Games in a statement. “Being able to customize weapons is something our players have continually told us they’d like to see, letting them equip attachments that change the way they play. Today’s update answers that call while also positioning Blaston for professional esports competition, where weapon attachments will help to establish the unique play styles of Blaston‘s professional competitors, amping up the excitement for spectators.”


Lastly, there’s Blaston’s addition to the VR Master League. Resolution Games has partnered with the organisation to launch the first officially-sanctioned Blaston esports competition in May. If interested you can signup now with the season commencing on 16th May. The studio notes that “future updates will focus on ensuring fair and balanced play” to help grow Blaston’s new esports focus. To that end, a free Blaston Spectator app for PC will be available from 5th May.

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