Terra-Based Play-to-Earn AR Game Expedition Hits 65k Signups in 24hrs

Pokémon GO has been a phenomenally successful videogame that put augmented reality (AR) technology on the map even if you didn’t really need the AR component for most of it. So what happens when you create an AR videogame inspired by Pokémon GO and combine it with a play-to-earn crypto component? You get Expedition, which has already seen its waitlist signups soar to 65,000 after the first day.

Teasing that the first 10,000 signups might see something special, due to the initial signup success Exhibition will now be closing the waitlist today, so you might want to add your interest soon. Apart from the Pokémon GO inspiration mentioned, details regarding Expedition‘s gameplay, design and other features remain very vague.

Simply stating that: “Expedition combines AR technology with crypto all into a mobile game,” the only other details to go on relate to the fact that “Expedition will launch on Terra to harness the power of $LUNA and $UST.”

Using some educated guessing, gmw3 would assume that you’re going to be able to walk around real-world locations to catch some sort of digital creature, earning $LUNA along the way. These creatures will likely be NFTs that you can sell or maybe trade, possibly even upgrade or alter in some way. Plus, other Web3 features such as staking to help increase earns.

Pokemon Go Trainer Battles

How and when this will happen is another mystery, Expedition has yet to reveal a roadmap or even a Discord server at this point – its Twitter account was only open in April. So there’s more than likely a little while to wait until something materialises.

However, Expedition isn’t the first title to go down this play-to-earn/AR route, several others do exist most notably DogemonGO which is already available for iOS and Android.

As further details regarding Expedition are released, gmw3 will keep you updated.