The Best Meta Quest Games for Mind, Body & Soul

Virtual reality (VR) gaming is pure escapism. That ability to put on a headset and be transported to any number of virtual worlds, going on quests, meeting friends, competing for leaderboards positions and much more. VR’s also a great way to warm up those muscles in the morning or destress at the end of the day with some virtual meditation. Here are some of the best ways on Meta Quest to keep your mind and body healthy.

Synth Riders: Adrenaline

The following apps are a mixture of fitness games to really get the blood pumping alongside those designed to help you unwind. So they’re listed in no particular order, simply some of the ones the gmw3 team like.

Synth Riders

Everyone needs a bit of get-up and go in the morning so why not start the day with a rhythm action game. Meta Quest has some excellent ones in the store and one that’s definitely worth a look is Synth Riders.

Originally released with loads of Synthwave, Dubstep and other electronic beats, the videogame has greatly expanded to artists such as Lindsey Stirling, Muse, and Caravan Palace. Equally, Synth Riders has added plenty of new functionality, tracking calories, multiplayer, a 360-degree spin mode and much more. Thus you can always wake up in the morning knowing there’s something different to try.

Les Mills Bodycombat

If you’re after a more tailored workout experience then why not try one of the latest titles to arrive for Meta Quest, Les Mills Bodycombat. Bringing the world-famous workout into VR, you’ll find a perfect blend of fitness and martial arts all in one spot.

Featuring personal trainers that keep you motivated throughout each session, Les Mills Bodycombat has workout plans designed for those just starting their fitness journey and those looking for a more advanced workout. Utilising a full-body workout style, you’ll go from a few light jabs and hooks to squats, hammer fists and uppercuts, pushing that intensity with each session.

If you’re after a more fitness-focused approach to VR rather than a hectic rhythm game then this is a good place to start, and there’s no monthly subscription.

Les Mills Bodycombat


Now let’s switch to a far more chilled VR experience, Tripp. Winner of Best VR Meditation App by Men’s Health, Tripp has over 75 immersive mindfulness techniques to help relax and lift your mood.

Sit down and get comfy as Tripp takes you on an almost psychedelic journey through amazing environments, immersing you in waves of sound whilst encouraging breathing techniques to help enhance that sense of calm. Try the demo and you’ll feel like jelly.

Tripp is one of the few apps to offer a free trial followed by either a one-off purchase of $34.99 for lifetime access or a monthly subscription of $4.99, making access as stress-free as possible.

Tripp image1

Guided Meditation VR

As an alternate to Tripp there’s always Guided Meditation VR. The name kind of says it all, enjoy a selection of over 30 hours of guided meditation experiences focused on Anxiety, Depression, Maternity, Resilience, Sleep, and Zen.

Set within 40+ beautiful environments, the meditation experience is enhanced with over 200 relaxing audio tracks as well as customisations options. Turn off the music for example or activate a timer for a more regulated experience. Or how about switching on the “Float On” mode, gently floating automatically through the peaceful environments.

Ahh, starting to feel super relaxed already, plus Guided Meditation VR is a one-off purchase.

Guided Meditation VR


Time to get back in shape and for that you’ll need the aptly named FitXR. Originally starting out as a boxing-themed experience the videogame has grown to include Dance and HIIT workout studios.

There are a range of classes depending on whether you’re after a 10-minute warm-up or a far more intensive 30-minute sweat fest. All the workouts are designed in-house by professional fitness instructors for a variety of music genres, so you can work out to rock, dance, RnB and more. Plus there’s a multiplayer so six friends can join in, adding a competitive edge as everyone strives for the best score.

Much like a gym membership, FitXR has an initial 7-day trial followed by a monthly membership of $9.99 (£7.99 GBP).

(Note: There’s a similar game called Supernatural which is subscription-based but its region locked to North America so gmw3 hasn’t included it in the main list.)


The Thrill of the Fight

How about an oldie but a goldie. Available since 2019, Thrill of the Fight puts you slap bang in the middle of the ring. This is one of those titles which doesn’t offer lots of flashy extras, just you and an opponent to punch it out. There are training areas with a speedball, punching bag and more to fine-tune your skills. The fights themselves are some of the best you’ll get in VR, no arms flailing here, you need to be accurate and punch with intention.

Which means one hell of an arm workout. Plus it relies on a lot of room-scale movement and footwork to really get the best out of it so make sure to clear some space.

YUR - Thrill of the Fight


One of the most unique fitness games available in VR, let alone on Meta Quest, VZfit was originally a cycling experience. And it still is, sort of.

VZfit employs the power of Google Maps so you can cycle the roads of the world, all without leaving your living room. Create your own routes or cycle pre-made ones, switching between radio stations for some tunes or listening to the optional personal trainer. VZfit has really benefited from its addition of a feature called the Exerboard, doing away with the exercise bike so you can step, lunge, squat and wave those arms with no additional equipment.

Again, this is another 7-day trial followed by a monthly membership scheme of $9.99. While the Exerboard portion of VZfit doesn’t require an exercise bike, to really get the most out of the experience you will need one plus a cadence sensor (about £30/$30). Not exactly cheap but if you’ve already got most of the kit then it makes more sense.


Guided Tai Chi

From the same team behind Guided Meditation VR is the ancient art of Tai Chi. Rather than sitting on your ass trying to relax why not employ this Chinese martial art that’s been practised for centuries for defence training and meditation. Guided Tai Chi has over 200 Tai Chi inspired workouts to help you find inner peace ranging from 3-minute to 60-minute sessions.

Feel that tension and stress float away with sessions set within scenic natural environments featuring calming music. Tai Chi has plenty of health benefits, strengthening and toning your body whilst aiding mindfulness. Plus, Guided Tai Chi has a few customisation options to suit most players needs.

Guided Tai Chi

REAKT Performance Trainer

When it comes to achieving your fitness goals stats can really help keep you motivated and focused, giving you info on where you’re doing well and where improvements can be made. REAKT Performance Trainer is one of those VR fitness apps designed to help in that endeavour, combining fast-paced training with real-time feedback to help monitor your progress.

After completing an exercise designed to improve your reaction time and hand to eye coordination you’ll get a wealth of information that’ll show your exact hand position, your reaction vs your field of view and more.

REAKT Performance Trainer

Oh, and don’t forget about Oculus Move, the built-in app on Quest that provides additional fitness tracking aids.