Among Us VR Brings Space Sleuthing to Headsets Holiday 2022

Among Us was a huge hit for developer Innersloth when the videogame launched in 2018, eventually arriving on most platforms. In December it was revealed that virtual reality (VR) headsets wouldn’t miss out either, with an immersive version being built by I Expect You to Die studio Schell Games. As part of the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase today, Among Us VR has been given a “Holiday 2022” launch window.

Among Us VR

Innersloth, Schell Games, and Robot Teddy are collaborating on the project which won’t simply be a port of the original version. Among Us VR is being rebuilt from the ground up for VR and described as a “stand-alone experience” so it won’t be compatible with any other version of the videogame.

However, thanks to Schell Games’ VR experience, it’ll still stay true to the original’s aesthetic and gameplay style whilst ensuring plenty of immersive action. So there will be plenty of teamwork and betrayal for the 4 – 10 players Among Us VR will support, complete with voice and text chat capabilities.

“We are so excited that our community will be able to experience Among Us VR later this year,” said Victoria Tran, Community Director for Innersloth in a statement. “Crewmates across the world will feel right at home in the VR version of the Skeld and are sure to enjoy the tension and thrills an immersive experience offers. Our team has had fun testing Among Us VR throughout the development process, and we can’t wait for the community to put on their headsets and play.”

Among Us VR

“Our team works closely with Innersloth and Robot Teddy to stay true to the characteristics the community loves about Among Us,” said CEO Jesse Schell. “Adapting this title to the virtual reality space presents interesting challenges, like not making the game too scary, and wonderful opportunities, like modifying voice chat capabilities, to create an engaging experience that holds true to the original vision of the game.”

That Holiday 2022 launch window is for Meta Quest 1 & 2 and PC VR headsets. A PlayStation VR2 version is also in the works, slated to land at the same time as the headset. For continued updates from the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, keep reading gmw3.