Adventure Into the World of Moss: Book II This Summer on Meta Quest 2

PlayStation VR hasn’t exactly had a stellar lineup of videogames this year but one that certainly did was Polyarc’s Moss: Book II. The developer has been coy regarding the other platforms it would eventually bring support to but it was always assumed Meta Quest 2 would be on the roster. The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase has confirmed that today, earmarking this summer for launch.

Moss: Book II

Quill, the central character in the Moss franchise has always been one of the most beloved in VR. A plucky little hero fighting against small and giant monsters alike, she’s a mouse with personality, forming a bond with you – called The Reader – through high fives and other non-verbal actions.

Moss: Book II directly continues on from the storyline of the original, with Quill just having saved her uncle Argus but now facing an even bigger threat. So you’ll have to venture deep into the hexed castle of the Arcane to fight new enemies, solve clever environmental puzzles and unlock secrets hidden just out of sight.

Gorgeous to look at thanks to each area serving as a buzzing diorama filled with life, Quill not only has her sword for this adventure, she’ll also be able to wield a colossal hammer – big for her anyway – to smash open armoured enemies or utilise Chakrams to hit them from afar. Polyarc has also employed new mechanics to further immerse players in the world of Moss, pulling out vines so Quill can reach new areas or helping bring the hammer down on giant switches.

Moss Book II

In gmw3’s PlayStation VR review of Moss: Book II we said: “Whilst not particularly difficult, stepping into Moss and teaming up with Quill is a delight once again, with polished gameplay, more interactivity and visuals you can’t help but soak in. The main problem really is that Moss: Book II ends a bit too soon, as you won’t want it to be over.”

Having won multiple awards from organisations including The Game Awards, Bafta, and GDC, Moss: Book II is an exciting addition to Meta Quest 2’s summer launch lineup, when a date is revealed gmw3 will let you know.