Sushi Ben VR Will be the Second Title from nDreams’ Publishing Arm

Next week will see nDreams publish its first third-party title in the form of Little Cities by Purple Yonder. Today though, the studio has revealed what’s next for its new publishing arm, a culinary adventure from Big Brane Studios currently under the working title of Sushi Ben VR.

Sushi Ben VR

With an anime-inspired art style Sushi Ben VR is all about saving your favourite sushi restaurant by convincing locals to come and eat there. That doesn’t mean slicing and dicing up some amazing sushi from the sound of it, you need to “help townspeople out of predicaments in order to earn their trust.”

Sushi Ben VR utilises 3D manga panels to tell its story with the game loosely based on a colleague of Kane Tyler, Head of Big Brane Studios, who used to work at a similar establishment.

“When we started looking for publishers nDreams was the first one we wanted to send our pitch deck to and, after speaking to just about every other VR publisher, nDreams wound up being the publisher we connected with the most!” said Tyler in a statement. “I’m thrilled to have nDreams’ support and I can’t wait to share more about the game in the coming months.” 

Sushi Ben VR

“When we first met Kane and the Big Brane team, we knew we had to work with them,” said David Corless, VP of Publishing at nDreams. “Sushi Ben VR is a captivating narrative adventure, and the imaginative use of Japanese-inspired narrative devices works brilliantly in VR. We’re excited to work with Big Brane to bring Sushi Ben to the world.” 

Sushi Ben VR doesn’t have a release date just yet, simply that it’s “coming to all major VR headsets” at some point. Check out the previously released trailer below and when gmw3 has further info we’ll let you know.