Gritty Survival Horror Into the Radius Coming to Meta Quest 2 in 2022

With the likes of Resident Evil 4, Song in the Smoke and most recently Green Hell VR, Meta Quest 2 owners are being treated to some truly excellent survival adventure videogames. Later this year that list could be growing with CM Games announcing that its title Into the Radius will arrive for the standalone headset.

Into the Radius

Originally released as an early access PC VR title before seeing an official launch in the summer of 2020, Into the Radius drops you into a dark, mysterious world that’s been designed for virtual reality (VR) veterans. Set within an area called the Pechorsk Radius zone, this post-apocalyptic landscape is a hellish nightmare filled with dangerous anomalies and abandoned settlements.

Offering an open world to explore with miles of forests, swamps, and crumbling industrial areas to scavenge for valuable resources, you’ll need to defend against (or avoid) the shadowy anomalies, toxic gas and other dangers. Into the Radius is built around realistic physics, so classic firearms like the SKS Carbine, M9 Beretta, and PPsh all require manual reloading whilst bullets drop and ricochet accordingly.

The Meta Quest 2 version of Into the Radius will be a completely separate version from the PC VR edition notes CM Games to gmw3. However, the team does say: “we plan to make it content and feature identical with the PC version.” Into the Radius is a good looking title on PC so naturally, the Quest 2 version will be taking a graphical hit to work; as you can see in the trailer below.

Into the Radius

The developer will be using the optimisation lessons learnt to make the PC VR version even better, remarking: “Many of the internal optimizations done for the Meta version will be used later in PC version in some form. PC version graphics or features are not going to be affected, do not worry.”

Into the Radius for Meta Quest 2 is currently slated to arrive in September 2022 but some of you will be able to grab an early sneak peek. CM Games will be running a closed beta test soon, if you want to take part then sign up here. As further details arise regarding this new Into the Radius edition, keep reading gmw3.