Musical Puzzler Eolia Debuts on Meta Quest 2 This Summer

Last year ROTU Entertainment released its first virtual reality (VR) title in the form of Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia to a rather muted reception. The studio’s next project continues the same universe, building upon the lore to offer a bigger, grander adventure, this time simply called Eolia.


Just like its predecessor, Eolia will contain musical puzzles where you can learn weird and wonderful instruments to solve all manner of brain teasers. The big difference with Eolia is that the title solely employs hand-tracking, from the puzzle-solving to the locomotion, no controllers are required.

So players will be able to flick and pinch magical stringed instruments to play them, keep an eye on their quests by leafing through their journal and utilize an innovative locomotion system by pinching the air.

“Catastrophe looms for Eolia—droughts plague once-verdant fields and extreme weather cuts open the skies. Climate change weighs heavily upon the land, and only an empathetic embrace of the world’s musical mythology can save it,” explains the synopsis. “As adventurer Conga Dholak, you set forth on a journey of healing to stop the storm. Physically climb, jump, ride, and play instruments, uncovering melodies to restore the rhythm of the universe.”


“Unlike the endless worlds we explore in gaming, in reality, we only have one planet to call our own,” said Jason Parks, ROTU CEO. “Through VR’s ability to truly transport us and instill a tangible sense of place, we hope to inspire people to see the beauty in our natural world and consider brave actions in their daily lives.”

Just like Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia, Eolia sales will be used to aid charitable causes. A portion of Eolia proceeds will be given to a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting climate change – previously it was Wildlife Warriors Worldwide.

Eolia will be a Meta Quest 2 exclusive when it launches this Summer. Take a look at the first trailer below and for further updates keep reading gmw3.