Making Reality Virtual Just Got Easier With Epic Games’ RealityScan

Creating realistic 3D models used to be time-intensive work that only big-budget studios could afford to invest time and money in. That process is getting ever easier thanks to modern technology, the latest of which comes from Epic Games in the form of a new free 3D scanning app called RealityScan.


A collaborative effort between Capturing Reality (RealityCapture) and Quixel (Megascans), RealityScan is a mobile app that allows you to quickly and easily 3D scan an object. So if you’re a digital creator, artist or developer, you can use the power of photogrammetry to make ultra-detailed, digital models of real-world objects that can then be uploaded to 3D model library Sketchfab.

RealityScan (which is currently in beta) provides a user guide to scanning an item, how the augmented reality (AR) system works as well as data quality checks prior to upload. Once on Sketchfab you can then share and sell your 3D model, which can be used in Epic Games’ Unreal Engine on your VR or AR experience.

“AR-powered 3D scanning of the real world is the future of virtual content creation. For years it was just a dream that many of us held, but today it’s a dream that we can begin to realize,” said Martin Bujnak, co-founder Capturing Reality in a statement


“RealityScan is the first step on our journey to make 3D scanning available to all creators. We believe that this tool will greatly help people of all skill sets to better understand basic scanning principles, bridging the gap between beginners and professionals. We’re excited to develop the app with feedback from the community and to introduce new features as we approach the full release,” Michal Jancosek, co-founder Capturing Reality adds.

Epic Games has made a number of notable advancements when it comes to simplifying content creation. In addition to RealityScan – and its compatibility with Sketchfab which Epic Games bought last year – the company also released its cloud-based app Metahuman Creator.

You can test RealityScan as Capturing Reality is running a limited beta via TestFlight on iOS. Running on a first-come first-served basis to 10,000 users, later this Spring RealityScan will see a wider Early Access release for iOS devices followed by an Android release later in 2022.