The VR Drop: Survival of the Smartest

It might be 1st April and all the fun this day brings but here at gmw3 we don’t subscribe to such things when it comes to game launches. These are all real, albeit a little thin on the ground next week as our usual roster of five is cut down to three. Nevertheless, they’re still worth a look.

The Living Remain

The Living Remain – Five Finger Studios

Let’s start April with some old fashioned zombie slaying. An Early access title from indie team Five Finger Studios, The Living Remain has all the hallmarks of a classic undead adventure, lots of guns assault rifles, shot guns, pistols), crafting to make ammo and upgrade those guns, a story-driven campaign, and, of course, hordes of ravenous undead to cut down with a hail of bullets.

Demeo: PC Edition – Resolution Games

Okay, so technically this isn’t a VR videogame but it does support cross-play with VR headsets. Plus it’s Demeo, an awesome tabletop strategy title from Resolution Games. Demeo features three adventures to complete either solo or with up to four players in co-op, where you choose your hero (hunter, sorcerer, assassin, guardian, or bard) before stepping into monster-filled dungeons. Once inside, Demeo is a turn-based videogame where you can utilise specific character cards to battle enemies or help comrades.

  • Supported platform(s): PC
  • Launch date: 7th April

Green Hell VR: Quest Edition – Incuvo

If you own a Meta Quest 2 and love the idea of trying to survive in the Amazonian rainforest, then Green Hell VR is for you. A port of the PC game Green Hell, you find yourself alone in the jungle, learning how to survive by foraging for materials, crafting useful tools and weapons whilst trying to uncover a great mystery. Oh, and you’re not exactly alone, jaguars, crocodiles, scorpions, and indigenous tribesmen are all there, hidden in the dense undergrowth about to jump out on you; have fun!

  • Supported platform(s): Meta Quest 2
  • Launch date: 7th April