The VR Drop: A Colourful Character Masterclass

March has been a great month for virtual reality (VR) gaming and this final week is no different, with highly anticipated sequels and big IPs making an appearance. So if you’re looking for videogames to spend that hard-earned money on, look no further.

Now There Be Goblins

Now There Be Goblins – Shocktopus Games

First up is the Early Access tower defense videogame Now There Be Goblins, where you have to, unsurprisingly, deal with a few rampaging goblins. Build up your defenses with a selection of powerful structures, place traps and utilise the interactive environment to your advantage. Then there’s always your hammer, allowing you to unleash some melee carnage upon your enemies. Developer Shocktopus Games expects Now There Be Goblins to be in EA for up to a year, adding more levels, enemies and more in that time.

Transformers Beyond Reality – Meta4 Interactive

The big IP of the week comes from Meta4 Interactive in the form of Transformers Beyond Reality, letting PS VR and PlayStation VR players jump into the Hasbro universe. An arcade-style first-person shooter (FPS), in Transformers Beyond Reality you play an Autobot fighting the Decepticons to help save both Earth and Cybertron. And in a nod to the franchise’s history, the character designs are in keeping with the original toy and cartoon aesthetics.

  • Supported platform(s): PlayStation VR and SteamVR
  • Launch date: 31st March
Cosmonious High

Cosmonious High – Owlchemy Lab

Owlchemy Labs, the studio behind some of the most well known VR titles including Job Simulator, returns with another outrageous experience, Cosmonious High. With all the hands-on, zany gameplay you’d expect from the team, this time around you’re the new kid at a colourful intergalactic high school. Here you can learn, paint, make new friends and cause a little chaos, whilst unlocking new abilities such as firing water from your hands to help fix and clean the school.

Moss: Book II – Polyarc

If most PlayStation VR owners don’t buy this next week gmw3 will be surprised, as the eagerly awaited sequel to 2018’s Moss arrives as a platform exclusive. The little mouse that can, Quill, is back out on another adventure aided by you, her ghostly companion. This time around she’s got new puzzles to solve, enemies to fight and tricks up her sleeve including a new hammer. There are also new mechanics to get you more involved in the world, grabbing vines to create new paths for example. You don’t even need to have played the original, the story does continue but it’s all recapped for players new to the series.

  • Supported platform(s): PlayStation VR
  • Launch date: 31st March
Moss Book II

Mythic Defender – Hexware Studio

It’s been a while since gmw3 featured a VR tower defense game on The VR Drop and this week there are two! The second is from Hexware Studio with Mythic Defender – it does arrive on the worst date possible – where you battle mythological creatures by placing those all-important towers and then grabbing your trusty bow to ensure your kingdom remains safe.