Bullet Hell Roguelite Mothergunship Shoots for a June Launch

A few years ago Terrible Posture Games released an FPS roguelite called MotherGunship for PC and console, where players could construct ludicrous weaponry to fight even more absurdly powerful bosses. Today, the studio has announced plans to bring the franchise to virtual reality (VR) in the form of Mothergunship: Forge.

Mothergunship: Forge

This bullet-hell wave shooter is all about its gun permutations giving players an almost limitless amount of choice. Whether you love chainguns, railguns, pizza launchers, or sawblades; guns that fire nuts and bolts or attaching an electrical component to your arsenal, it’s all there. It’s not all there at once, of course, you’ve got to battle your way through hordes of enemies and die a few times to unlock the good stuff.

As the trailer clearly indicates, Mothergunship: Forge is wall to wall action, there’s no tactile strategy here just mixing and matching those components until you find a combination that works for you. Plus you don’t even have to fight alone, there’s an online co-op mode to bring a mate along.

MOTHERGUNSHIP was our team’s love letter to the FPS genre and the thrilling nights with friends we loved growing up, but with our own twist,” said Joe Mirabello, Terrible Posture Games, in a statement. “With VR, we can now connect with those same friends in a very physical way—even from afar—by waving, dodging incoming fire together, or simply admiring each other’s amazing gun creations, cradled lovingly in our arms.”

Mothergunship: Forge

Terrible Posture Games has also made sure Mothergunship: Forge will be accessible to most players, supporting seated, standing and roomscale modes. The latter will ensure maximum physical gameplay being able to duck and dodge incoming clouds of bullets.

Mothergunship: Forge is scheduled to arrive for Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR headsets on 16th June 2022. Check out the first trailer for the upcoming VR title and for further updates, keep reading gmw3.