Virtex’ First Immersive eSports Stadium is for Echo VR

In 2021 the Virtex Stadium platform was unveiled, as a place where you and your friends could hang out and watch live esports matches. Staying quiet since that initial announcement, Virtex has now revealed some exciting news, it’ll launch a closed beta soon to test its first collaboration with none other than Echo VR.

Virtex Stadium

A spin-off from Ready At Dawn’s sci-fi adventure Lone Echo, Echo VR has been going for several years now as a premium multiplay sports experience, so it makes sense that Virtex Stadium would want to collaborate. Also, co-founder and CEO of Virtex, Tim McGuinness, is an Echo VR veteran. Part of Team Gravity, he competed in two world finals before joining ESL as a caster for VR League Season 3.

Creating this new virtual stadium in partnership with Ready At Dawn and Meta, when available you’ll be able to watch the best Echo VR players compete there inside the stadium itself. Or you can socialise in the lobby where the match will be displayed as a hologram, never missing the action.

“With Virtex Stadium we recreate that feeling of going to a real event. Esports communities can come together for their favourite events wherever they are in the world,” said McGuinness in a statement. “Even better, they can experience their favourite games in 3D, even as a spectator, for a completely new viewing experience.”

Echo VR

Applications for the Virtex Stadium closed beta are now open via the Virtex Discord server, only for PA VR users, however. Virtex has yet to earmark an official launch window for the new platform at the moment.

In other Echo VR news this week, Ready At Dawn has launched Season 5 of the Echo Pass until the end of May. During that time players can earn and equip new chassis, boosters, and bracers, some of which are available via the free pass whilst the rest fall under the Premium Echo Pass.

As the Virtex Stadium platform ebbs ever closer to launch, gmw3 will keep you updated.