BigBox VR Pull out all the Stops for Population: One’s Metropolis Map

If you’re looking for a battle royale shooter in virtual reality (VR) BigBox VR’s Population: One is tough to beat. The studio has continually reiterated upon the map design by adding new locations such as the wild west-themed Frontier and the medieval Kingdom Age, giving players new tactical possibilities. Tomorrow sees the arrival of Metropolis, a cyberpunk corner of the map that’s surely going to be a favourite among players thanks to its verticality and rabbit warren streets.

Population: One - Metropolis

Given a chance to explore these streets early, gmw3 was presented with Population: One’s biggest map update to date, a huge sprawling complex that dwarves the other areas. From nightclubs to slums and giant skyscrapers, BigBox VR has packed an absurd amount of stuff into this one corner of the Pop: One map. Make no mistake, you’ll head here and want to spend the entire match frantically exploring.

It was clear for the outset that Metropolis isn’t the sort of map where you can instantly find a good spot to ambush other players, there are just too many little cut-throughs and random alleyways to do that. There are plenty of high vantage points if you love sniping but areas like the slums see building tightly nestled together so there’s plenty of cover to work with.

Or then there’s the kill box that is the weapons shop. Whilst it wasn’t littered with loot during the demo, BigBox VR assured me that the full version will feature enough kit to fully equip two squads. A really tempting proposition early on in a match although you can imagine what sort of chaos that’ll cause. Another building that caught gmw3’s eye was a tall hollow skyscraper that was inspired by the building from Dredd. Tight, winding stairwells that are great for shotguns or shooting down at other unwary opponents.

Population: One - Metropolis
(Left) new Metropolis map and (Right) the old map. Image credit BigBox VR

Talking of giant buildings it would be remiss of me not to mention the colossal skyscraper that’s at the very north end of the map. The same height as the infamous “The Tower” at the very centre of the Population: One map, this new beast can easily be scaled with a nice shoulder workout. It is so high that you’re unlikely to snipe anyone from up there but it offers a wonderful view plus you could in theory glide most of the map from up there.

BigBox VR has made it even easier to ascend these structures or simply provide an escape route with the new jump pads. These glowing yellow areas give you a nice boost into the sky and the motion isn’t jarring in the slightest. Granted, most people playing Population: One aren’t going to be novices but even so, the studio has done a superb job in delivering a smooth shot straight into the sky.

There is, of course, lots more going on in the map than that so gmw3 won’t spoil all of it. Even getting slaughtered playing against some Population: One experts didn’t dampen the feeling that Metropolis has a lot of potential depending on your team like to play, and certainly enough hiding spots to be easily revived again and again.

Population: One – Metropolis arrives 17th March for all supported VR platforms.