Tactical FPS Alvo Aims for Meta Quest 2 Launch Next Week

Almost a year ago indie team Mardonpol Inc. released Alvo exclusively for PlayStation VR. A team-based multiplayer shooter, the studio has now confirmed that a Meta Quest 2 launch is on the way, taking place next week.

Alvo - Quest 2

It’s no surprise that Alvo is coming to the standalone headset as the team had previously mentioned their intention to do so. But it has taken a little longer than initially planned with a summer 2021 release initially slated. Even so, Alvo will soon add its own particular blend of military action to Meta Quest 2, alongside the likes of Onward and Pavlov Shack.

Alvo is purely an online multiplayer featuring three gameplay modes: Free4All, Search & Destroy and Team Deathmatch. While its original release for PlayStation VR geared the gameplay around the PlayStation Aim controller, the Meta Quest 2 version will see the addition of dual-wielding and manual reloading to immerse players in the experience.

There will be one feature that won’t make it into the launch version next week, cross-platform multiplayer. While the feature is being worked on, for the time being, players will only be able to team up and fight others on the same platform.

That’s not all Mardonpol Inc. is working on in regards to fleshing out Alvo’s feature roster. As made popular by Call of Duty, a four-player co-op zombie mode is in the works which the team teased back in January and is currently undergoing beta testing.

Alvo for Meta Quest 2 is scheduled to release on the Oculus Store on 17th March priced at $24.99 USD. For further updates on the FPS, keep reading gmw3.