The Beautiful Puzzle World of Mare is Coming to PC VR

2021 had some classic virtual reality (VR) videogames arrive including indie gems like Mare. The work of Visiontrick Media, a team based in Sweden and Japan, Mare offered a wonderfully imagined world and puzzles, even if it was a little short. Initially exclusive to Meta Quest, the studio has now confirmed Mare is coming to SteamVR later this month.


Since the Quest launch, Visiontrick Media has worked on making sure Mare fully utilises the extra power PC VR headsets can access. “The PC version will feature a whole new level of visual fidelity including real-time lightning among other improvements making it an even more engrossing experience to savour in virtual reality,” the studio notes in a statement.

Mare is set in a mysterious world that you view from overhead, controlling a mechanical bird from perch to perch. As you do so you encounter a young girl who’s seemingly lost and in need of your help. You then have to guide your new AI companion through a vast interlocking landscape, full of deadly traps and a few inhabitants.

Spanning eight chapters, Mare rolls from open puzzle to the next, slowly revealing its narrative as well as hidden secrets if you’re observant.


Reviewing the Meta Quest version of Mare, gmw3 said: “Mare is as an enchanting as it is bewildering. There’s nothing wrong with its vague narrative as that mystery is what keeps it interesting[…] but just because it is pretty doesn’t mean to say Mare forms a cohesive whole, feeling like it’s not quite reached its potential.”

Mare is scheduled to launch on SteamVR for PC VR headsets on 17th March 2022. Check out the new trailer below and for further updates on the latest VR games, keep reading gmw3.