République: Anniversary Edition Finally Sneaks Onto PlayStation VR Next Week

PlayStation VR is now in its twilight years in comparison to other virtual reality (VR) headsets – it has been 6 years after all! – yet it’s still managing to offer owners new content. The latest comes from Camouflaj in the form of République: Anniversary Edition, a stealth experience due for release on 10th March.

Republique VR

République isn’t a new title, in fact, it’s a fairly old videogame hence the “Anniversary Edition” addition. It was originally released as République Episode 1 for mobile devices back in 2013 before its subsequent VR version arrived a few years later for Gear VR, Oculus Go and Oculus Quest – gmw3 reviewed the Go version in 2018.

République: Anniversary Edition was unveiled last summer during E3 week, with Camouflaj’s development partners Skymap Games reworking the title for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. If you’ve played any of the previous editions then there’s not much change content-wise for 2022, what has been included is commentary from the developers, talking about their design decisions and what goes into making a videogame like this.

If you’re new to the République franchise the stealth-action gameplay puts the fate of Hope, a hacker, in your hands. With a narrative that explores the perils of government surveillance in the internet age, République offers 10-hours of gameplay where you have to escape a mysterious totalitarian state.


Alongside her hacking abilities, Hope has a bunch of cool gadgets and tricks up her sleeve to evade capture. Utilising the environment to hide from guards all the action is viewed from the position of security cameras, so you have to switch between them to get the best viewpoint of the danger ahead.

You can pick up République: Anniversary Edition for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR on 10th March 2022. For further updates on Camouflaj’s latest VR titles, keep reading gmw3.